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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dismembered Remains of 3 Reporters Found in Veracruz-Total of 6 This Year

by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

PGJ Veracruz confirms the murder of journalists.  Dismembered remains found in trash bags. Latest information is that all four worked for newspapers...
Boca del Rio. - The bodies of Notiver photojournalists Gabriel Huge and Guillermo Luna were found Thursday morning in the river channel of The Zamorano, said the Attorney General of the State (PGJE).

Including these a total of eight murders against journalists during the administration of Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte de Ochoa, six of the murders were from this past year.

The total of seven murders also includes the killing of Proceso journalist Regina Martinez which occurred on April 28, when her dead body was discovered in her home. Ms Martinez often reported crimes and actions of cartels, and misconduct of Veracruz politicians and the corruption of same. In fact her last two articles  were of those two subjects.

According to early police reports, the bodies of the the Notiver reporters were found along with two other bodies this morning in the vicinity of Las Vegas II. The remains were inside black bags only the two reporters were identified at this time, however some publications are reporting that in fact three of the four killed** were reporters. Reports have been published that the bodies reflected signs of torture and were dismembered.
Journalists March
Relatives of Huge and Luna reported them missing to Veracruz authorities last Thursday April 27th, (The day before Martinez’ murder) after calls to their cell phones failed. Multiple calls to their their cell phones received no answer and no return calls. That their calls would go unanswered or replied to, was extremely unusual.

Notiver became concerned after the two men failed to meet at the Notiver office on Wednesday at 3PM as scheduled to meet associates and go out on the filed to cover a report.

Authorities were discreetly conducting an investigation and search operation.

Huge had just arrived in Veracruz, after self-exile subsequent to the killing of another Notiver reporter Yolanda Ordaz last July. The remains of Ordaz were dumped outside the  Rotativo Imagen del Golfo, a local Newpaper.

In June 2011 the Notiver reporter and columnist Miguel Angel Lopez Velasco was executed along with his son, Ismael Lopez. Lopez was a photographer for Notiver. Miguel’s wife was also killed.

Last week forty Veracruz journalists have created a group that has demanded an investigation of the killings and that those responsible be brought to justice.

On last Sunday following the killing of Martinez, members of the journalists union, academic and social groups gathered at the state capital Xalapa marched through the city’s main streets crying out for a successful investigation and justice in the Martinez murder, and security for all journalists, as attack and killing of journalists is an attack and death to the freedom of expression.

Previously national and international groups have also raised the demand for justice, but so far the Veracruz attorney general’s office has failed to resolve any of the murders.
Sources used to create this post: AFP, Notimex-El Economista AP
Gabriel Huge as masked police arrest him in 2008  (Notiver photo)
A look at the employment history of the reporters killed..They had received threats

      Gabriel Huge
GABRIEL HUGE: Worked as photojournalist for more than decade at Veracruz newspaper Notiver until last August, when he and at least 12 other news people left state after July slaying of Notiver reporter Yolanda Ordaz de la Cruz. Had recently returned to work.

 In 2008, filed complaint against group of federal police officers who detained him and beat him to stop him from photographing car accident involving federal police

ESTEBAN RODRIGUEZ: Worked as photojournalist for Veracruz newspaper AZ. Resigned last August and left state. Had returned, but also went to work as welder.
        Guillermo Luna
GUILLERMO LUNA: Was Huge's nephew, according to local media. Local journalists last saw him Wednesday afternoon covering car accident for news website

Like Huge and Rodriguez, had left Veracruz state in August 2011 after receiving threats.
The body of Irasema Becerra, described by authorities as Luna's girlfriend, was discovered with the three photographers. Becerra was a secretary in the advertising department of a Veracruz newspaper

**Update: The Attorney-General of the State of Veracruz on the identification of the other two bodies being Irasema Becerra and Esteban Rodriguez.
According to the information provided by the family members, Irasema was in a romantic relationship with Luna.  
Esteban Rodríguez, according to the data obtained, was working in a mechanical workshop as welder. However since  August of 2011, he served as a photographer for a local newspaper.  Proceso is reporting that the female worked at another newspaper; el diario El Dictamen, de Veracruz.
Read Buggs' post of Regina Martinez investigation HERE


  1. Kill the journalists and then kill the ruling elite.

  2. I thought you meant Buggs was investigating you Chivis Martinez and I wanted to know what he found out.

    Anyway, these poor photographers were just doing their jobs so the country of Mexico and other parts of the world can understand what is going on in Mexico. Now I'll feel guilty looking at pictures too.

    My heart really goes out to their heartbroken families, and I hope they know many people around the world respected their efforts. Their lives ended early, but it was not a waste because by conveying their information maybe lives were saved by people remembering and avoiding those areas etc.

    Chivis, where are there foundations raising money to help the families of some of these unfortunate dead 76 journalists and photojournalists in Mexico who lost their lives and family income. Seems being the humanitarian that you are you could answer that off the top of your head. Borderland Beat should start a fund just for that. Maybe Buggs should be investigating that instead of Chivis Martinez, oh yea, Regina Martinez.

    What do you think Chivis? You have an opinion on just about everything. What do you say today O wise one?

  3. jajaja funny, Martinez is a very common surname.

    Your idea is a good one. Especially since the majority of reporters in Mexico get next to nothing for pay and most have a secondary job to suplement income. Have you heard of CJP? here is their write up on the murders..

    They probably would know of how to form a fund or if there is one, I know of none though I am sure the Journalist Union in Ver will help the families in at least a small way. Here is the problem of trying to help, those who assist "enemies" of cartels then become enemies themselves and are targeted. I do not believe Regina was married. Yes it is very sad and we are all losers as these actions are not only retribution but to terrorize other journalists. It is horrible that Huge just returned after a leave of absence after Ordaz was killed....your idea is a good one and I would think a fund could be organzied IN EU, it would be a worthy effort...If you are in a position to take on something like that I know you would get a lot of support from readers, including me, Martinez the blog contributor, not the journalist...and that's my Dos Centavos. Paz, Chivis

  4. that's just sad. im speechless...

  5. The only thing that bothers me in all of this,is the seeming difference between journalists and other working people.What is so shocking and upsetting when a journalist is killed as opposed to hundreds of other innocent people?In an ideal world,no one would be getting killed,but the outrage at these killings is somewhat puzzling.
    Journalists unfortunately like many other victims in this madness are not sacrosanct,and nor are they more important.

  6. To 12:14. They ARE different than many other victims because free press and access to information are the vestiges of civil society, and it is these people that are out there putting their necks out everyday to tell the people what is really happening. When these brave souls are killed/murdered, the information is tightly controlled and society is unable to grasp or effect change around them. Just ask the North Koreans or the Soviets about that one. That is why journalists being slain is extra-tragic. Not only as victims but for what it means to a civil society. Press in Mexico is already severely restricted. That is why we rely on the(equally brave) souls at Borderland Beat for news instead of official sources.

  7. well the info on the journalists was posted immediately afterwards on, so yes, that is the only real positing of information on a major US site. All of the other stuff that goes on is harldy ever reported. Also look at the comments that are posted on here, what 4. Versus the 30+ commenst already on the 9 people hanged in NL. So you do see where people "care" about, and its not on good reporting. Shame

  8. "That is why we rely on the(equally brave) souls at Borderland Beat for news instead of official sources"
    C,mon man,how do you know where any BB contributors come from?Don't try to portray any of this as being noble and brave.Most of the "reporters"on here will be in the US so please.
    They are journalists because that is their choice,and all in all it is not a bad job,they are a drop in the ocean of victims,they are different in that they have it easier than most Mexicans.Being a journalist is not an exalted position,to the lowest victim to a president they are the same,do we want to get into,"a doctor is more important than a journalist"rhetoric?They are no more important than anyone else.It is not"extra tragic"that is their job,but don't make them out to be heroic,is a war correspondent heroic?

  9. Up in arms over a journalistic death,yet there are hundreds all the time.People are talking about bravery?How ridiculous is that?Kill anyone else,but how dare you kill a journalist?Is there a ranking system so we know who is the more important individual in our society's?I wonder if a judge is more important than a police officer,security officer more important than a journalist,lawyer more important than a journalist?Maybe we should award points.

  10. 2:22 and 2:27...if either of you bozos bothered to read the article, or my comment at 1:10pm, then you would get that it is not that they are more important as human beings but what they represent for society. And YES, I DO think a war correspondent is heroic. What do you do for a living? I imagine it doesn't involve any bravery. And HEY MAN the main contributor Chivis IS based in Mexico. Why do you even bother to come to this blog or read anything when you clearly have no appreciation or concept of the risk or the work involved. They are not even being paid to do this work at BB. Now go make yourself scarce.

  11. May 4, 2012 9:14 PM .
    You clown,you just proved my point.
    As for bravery you idiot,you sit in an office?
    I do something else,which is why i say don't try and make yourself look brave or noble.
    When have you ever in your whole life,had to protect other human beings?Yet you sit on your ass and pontificate,while looking at a screen.
    I guess you are a so-called journalist?
    War correspondents can be a pain in the ass,its such a bad dangerous job,you couldn't become one if you fuckin tried,same as fire departments,so brave,so dangerous,yet try to get a job doing either.Stop talking out your ass.Journalists are brave heroic souls now?
    Lets get to that point system,soldier or journalist?Soldier,what do you think?Bullshit argument you make.How dare they kill a journalist.

  12. Journalists have a big impact in society, with out them you will lack information and detail on your news, people make a big deal because our source of info has been compromised and not because they are worth more than any other human being. A journalist that decides to cover any kind of war or social confrontations (cartels) knows that his life is five times more endangered than any police or military individuals, And a staggering 200 times more than any civilian living in the area of conflict! So every time a journalist is killed,a source of info gets turned off. As humans we are worth the same, but a journalist claims more attention because he or she sacrificed their lives just to bring you news. So next time a journalists gets killed don't give me your BS about other people getting killed! People die everyday, but A journalist leaves a big gap to be filled.


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