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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mexican Federales bag 2 bad guys in Zacatecas state

By Chris Covert

A Mexican Policia Federal (PF) patrol killed two armed suspects and wounded two others in an exchange of gunfire in Guadalupe municipality in Zacatecas state Tuesday evening.

According to accounts posted on the websites of El Sol de Zacatecas and El Sol de Mexico, the PF patrol observed armed suspects travelling aboard a Volkswagen Jetta sedan on calle Olvido in Margaritas colony near Unidad Academica de Odontologia at 1900 hrs, and signalled the driver to stop. 

Instead, the occupants opened fire on the unit, so police agents returned fire, killing two and wounding two.  Two PF agents were wounded in the encounter.  Police agents found metal stars in the vehicle which are used to puncture tires.

El Sol de Zacatecas also reported that a Ford Lobo (F-150) was found in San Ramón colony late Tuesday night with a dead suspect inside.

In other news, armed suspects attacked the police headquarters of Jerez municipality Wednesday morning.  Armed suspects aboard a pickup truck fired their weapons against the facade of the building.

El Sol de Zacatecas reported in that incident one municipal police agent was wounded in the attack and another individual was kidnapped.

A subsequent Policia Estatal Preventiva (PEP) operation encountered a nine vehicle convoy on the Jerez-Zacatecas road following the attack.  Apparently all but three vehicles of the convoy escaped, leaving one unidentified female detained.

In a possibly related incident, the Zacatecas state Secretaria de Seguridad Publica (SSP) and the director of the state Policia Estatal Preventiva were injured when the helicopter they were riding in crashed near Zacatecas city Wednesday morning.

Generals Jesus Pinto Ortiz (SSP) and Victor Manuel Bosque (PEP) are reportedly out of danger.  The helicopter was being dispatched to Jerez when a mechanical failure forced the bird down.

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  1. Pure and simple, it's a war of attrition and for Mexico's sake we can only pray that the good guys are the ones left standing.
    IMO if the next government goes back to letting the cartels do their thing then any ground that has been gained will be lost and the innocents will be even more at their mercy than they are now.
    Easy for me to say in safety I know, but this is a war that cannot be lost.
    Never in my life have I been more sad and revolted at reading on here of the suffering these animals cause to their own countrymen and anyone else who happens to take their fancy.
    This is not the fault of genuine Mexicans, it's the parasites who have infested them for far too long and slowly but surely I believe they can be eradicated if the leaders have the stomach keep at them.
    It's my first post, so apologies if it's long winded.

  2. Zacano lives in Zacatecas. I saw him once in a bar before all this crazy shit started. He likes taquila and live music. He stays up late. He traveled with his woman, but nowadays he probably can't even live his home. He checked into the smaller, more personal bars before this crazy crap escalated. The bar was right in downtown.

  3. Really that's all I have to say

  4. Mexican Federales bag 2 bad guys in Zacatecas state.


  5. One step at a time,one narco at a time, good job boys.

  6. Damn. 2 bad guys..... In mountains of Mexico 1000,s of bad guys running around in the open .... Openly armed easy to pick out in a crowd

  7. Tell me the nine vehicle convoy all but three cars got away but only one person was detained, was she driving all three cars? Another failed operation!

  8. México lindo y querido..arriva mi México

  9. They should go to any street corner in Zacatecas Mexico, there are at least 2 "BAD GUYS" with walkie talkies and guns .

  10. who gives a flying f@#$ about 2 bad guys arrested, always 20 bad guys, 10 bad guys ,etc, etc. give us good news dammit

  11. What happened to los forosdemexico anyone know lemme knwo please?

  12. El estupido que Dijo arriva Mexico es nada mas que un tarado. Mexico solia ser un gran pais y ahora no queda mas que un nido de ratas que hay que ser exterminadas. Mexicanos. UNO tras otro Esto depende de nosotros. El gobierno Mexicano es una escoria. Aniquilemoslos a todos UNO a uno de frente o por la espalda. Con pistola o con piedras. Muerte a toda ESA basura y recuperemos nuestro pais.


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