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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Federales bag 6 bad guys in Zacatecas state

By Chris Covert

A Policia Federal (PF) road patrol killed six armed suspects in a firefight in Zacatecas state Saturday afternoon, according to Mexican news sources.

According to a news item posted in the website of El Sol de Zacatecas news daily Sunday, a Policia Federal detachment was on patrol on Mexico Federal Highway 54 near Concepcion del Oro municipality, when suspects travelling aboard three vehicles were signalled at around 1530 hrs by the unit to stop. Instead armed suspects opened fire on the unit.  PF return fire killed six armed suspects.

A news item posted on the website of Vangardia news daily said the dead were members of Los Zetas criminal gang.  Six guns characterised in reports as heavy weapons, which usually means assault rifles were seized in the aftermath along with ammunition and the three vehicles.

Reports also said the a unit of the Mexican 52 Infantry Battalion along with an undisclosed number of Zacatecas state police agents were subsequently dispatched to the area to add security.

Mexico Highway 54 is a direct route between Zacatecas city, the capital of Zacatecas state and Saltillo, Coahuila the capital of Coahuila state. The site of the armed encounter was close to the extreme northeastern border of Zacatecas.

Meanwhile, the bodies of two transit police agents were found dead last Thursday in their abandoned vehicle in the village of Gualterio in Chalchihuites municipality, according to a news item posted on the website of El Sol de Zacatecas.

The two victims were identified as Transit police agent Eduardo Zapata Perez and an assistant, Polica Preventativa agent Faustino Flores Ayala.  Both men had been shot to death.

According to official reports related by the news post, the two officers had been dispatched to Sombrerete municipality to settle a dispute, but were instead attacked by a mob and shot to death.  The report also added that transit officers do not engage in any other state business but traffic matters.

Sombrerete and Chalchihuites municipalities are in the westernmost area of Zacatecas state.

Mexico Federal Highway 45, which connects Durango city with Fresnillo, Zacatecas, is one of the most dangerous stretches of road in Mexico, as several instances of armed robberies of travellers have been reported, including tow against local Catholic priests.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. These small towns have governed themselves for years with very little police presence. There is usually an upstanding resident that is appointed to represent the community. He settles disputes, distributes government subsidies to the farmers, picks up the mail and distributes it, etc. now that the cartels are claiming territory, that system of good neighbors can not work. The Mexican gov't should clamp down hard anytime police are attacked. Make the bad guys know not to do that. Enough heat and the cartels will either hand over the perps or end them.

  2. Been thinkin about a nice vacation hmm....does anyone know any nice places in Mexico THAT'S NOT FUCKING BUTCHERING COPS,REPORTERS,JUDGES,BUS PASSENGERS,FARMERS,STUDENTS,TOURISTS?????

  3. they bagged 6 "day" guys? why not "night" guys :-D

  4. PRI wins election Zs gain BLO gains NCJ/CDJ gains CAF/FSO gains any grupos aligned with them also benefit....losers would be CDS all around, CDG will be a split , because they have a lot of connections thru PRI officials but how much can they gain if pri wins is anyone's guess...

  5. What is a "day guy"?

  6. That's a great story,...that worked out good for the z's ,their gps must have told them to get on highway 54 and take it all the way to hell.

  7. I don't understand so please explain it. Why is it that i only read about zeta cartel members gettin killed or arrested? I dont care of course this just seems onesided. Ok except for the weirdo that is on the previous stories.


    The Army took over the investigation of the mutilated bodies dumped a week ago in the town of Cadereyta, reported yesterday by state security spokesman Jorge Domene.

    Asked about the statement issued Friday by the Department of Defense in which briefly reported to have "positive results" in their efforts to apprehend those responsible for the killing, Domene revealed that the Army told the state that the military will be the only treat the case.

    "Of the arrests we have no official knowledge," he said.

    "The Defense Secretariat asked us we give no information on the investigation," deepened, "they, in Mexico City, will be announced what they have."

    After reiterating that no information, Domene declined to discuss the versions in which is stated that soldiers captured in Guadeloupe the people responsible of the slaughter and that this would be the ringleader of the gang that committed the massacre.

    Meanwhile, a source from the State Attorney General yesterday reported that entity is investigating the eight alleged members of the Gulf Cartel arrested by soldiers on Thursday in China.

    The informant said that only investigate crimes related to his capture, not the case of Cadereyta.

  9. Good work,good job.

  10. How many times we see Mexican army bag bad guys?
    Don't get me wrong that is all good,but when are the main players going to get picked up?
    This shit is ALLOWED to happen,you trying to say that the Mexican government are reticent to go after the jefes because of the many bodyguards they may or may not have?Or whatever reason.We are talking about a government with armed forces,and these cartel chiefs are causing cain in Mexico.Of course they could get to them,this shit is allowed,that's what's scary.

  11. What the he'll is a "day guy"?

  12. yeah still confused, not very well written get some sleep chivis, u be busy! SO we are basically at where we were before

  13. I've been thinkin about takin a vacation hmm..... Is there any place in Mexico that is not BUTCHERING POLICE,REPORTERS,BUS PASSENGERS,GRANDMOTHERS AND BABYS if so let me know LOL


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