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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Officers Ambushed in Guerrero

An ambush against the Director of Public Safety in Teloloapan, Francisco Wilfrido Márquez Rodríguez, was perpetrated yesterday afternoon on Highway Teloloapan-Iguala that resulted in two officers getting killed. 

On Tuesday afternoon, May 8, the municipal police of Teloloapan, which is located in the Northern Region of Guerrero, sent a distress call via radio communication to officers of the Operativo Guerrero Seguro saying that they had been ambushed. 
The attack occurred about 2 pm on the main road Iguala-Teloloapan near the town of Xalostoc. 

Elements of different police forces, state and federal responded to the call for help and found the bodies of two dead policemen that had been killed. 

Police director Wilfrido Márquez Rodríguez confirmed that the officers killed were Eliel Chora Suástegui, 29 years of age, and Jorge Antonio Ramírez Prieto, 22 years. 

In addition to the Public Safety Director, also surviving the attack were Rosendo Martínez Alemán and Miguel Ángel Escobar del Pilar. 

The officers at the scene reported that around 1400 hours they were headed to Iguala to turn in their paperwork and upon reaching the kilometer 27+800 they noticed a blue late model blue pickup truck blocking the road. 

The officers stopped and Wilfrido Marquez ordered the policemen on the back of the bed of the truck to go see what was happening. As they made their approach to the suspicious vehicle, the police officers were met with gunfire from both sides of the road. 

Both of the officers were hit by a hail of bullets, while the driver in the truck along with the director decided to put the vehicle in reverse and withdrew from line of fire seeking assistance on the radio. The  police unit drove away from the ambush to a safe location and summoned help. 

Later on, members of Guerrero Seguro found the bodies of two of the officers in the middle of the road . 

The sicarios had been able to take the weapons of the fallen police officers, an M63 and an HK .223. On the road authorities found about 60 casing from 7.62x39, ammunition typically used on assault rifles AK-47 or "cuernos de chivo." 

Police later also located an abandoned blue Chevrolet SUV with license plates from the state of Guerrero. It was found on State Highway Pachivia-Ixcateopan. The authorities believe that the vehicle was the same was that was used to block the road and ambush the officers. 

Last March 18, 12 policemen, 6 of them from the Teloloapan Preventive Police, were killed in an ambush when they went to a call for help within the limits of the municipalities of Teloloapan and Canute A. Neri (Acapetlahuaya), the same exact day that ten severed heads appeared in a central street of the city of Teloloapan.

Source: Mexico Rojo


  1. Probably a couple of corrupt bastards that had it coming. Is there an honest cop in all of Mexico? I doubt it.

  2. Where there that many that made the other two flee? How these guys make the force? That ak ammo is a vicious bullet. They also chop your ass!

  3. To 10:29, it is better to remain silent and have others think that you are intelligent than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. These officers lost their lives in the line of duty. Give them the benefit of the doubt unless you have something on which to base your vile comment. We can all learn from this frantic incident. Reaction to an ambush should be swift, decisive and perhaps unpredictable. Punch through if unable to avoid. R.I.P. officers and condo lances to your families.

  4. May 10, 2012 8:33 AM .
    Ye dude,i agree,they were cops on duty,and they were attacked.Man,did they not realize this could have been an ambush?If i saw that,i would immediately think something shady was goin on,especially with the shit that's goin on.I wouldn't trust no situation at all.Maybe if they would have been a bit more careful?But,it was an ambush,that's why they continue to be used,they work.As for calling out names,as dude says,"benefit of doubt"who knows,maybe they were decent honest cops?


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