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Friday, May 11, 2012

6 die in intergang shootout in Durango state

By Chris Covert

A total of six unidentified armed suspects were killed in far western Durango state Friday according to Mexican news accounts.

In a Friday evening post on the website of El Siglo de Durango news daily, it as reported that six individuals were found dead in Pueblo Nuevo municipality in what is described as the aftermath of a  shootout between rival drug gangs.

The shootout took place near the village of La Hierbabuena which is on the Durango state border with Sinaloa state, roughly 25 kilometers west of El Rosario, Sinaloa.

According to the report, local officials have been to the area and have recovered the dead, but so far only one individual, Jesus Peinado, has been identified.

Army units with the Mexican III Military Region are said to be in the area.

Pueblo Nuevo was the location last year when nine unidentified individuals died in an intergang shootout. Then, officials found two burned out vehicles and three men dressed in military uniforms, but no weapons, fuelling speculation that one side of the gunfight included members of Los Zetas.

Pueblo Nuevo is astride Mexico Federal Highway 40 which links the Sinaloa port city of Mazatlan and Durango, the capital of Durango state. That particular stretch of highway has recently been expanded to four lanes in a Mexican federal government effort to improve roads nets from the west to the east coast.

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  1. No tears for those guys. there's no shortage of supply or demand and these jerks cant get along and everyone make money. Funny thing is, the guys getting all the money aren't fighting the battle, they send little chumps to kill each other. That guy lays down with some escorts and wakes up in the morning, while the work lays in a coffin.

  2. Good news 6 less,next?

  3. DURANGO has a narco goverment

  4. Was this "El Peinado" the plaza boss and an important Lugarteniente del Chapo in Durango?? They sayy that guy was a huge player.

  5. I guess the other 80 bitches ran. Iys different whem it's guns againt guns. If it was innocent people the death toll hogjer

  6. @2:04 No, this guys last name is Peinado, the once plaza boss's nickname is "El Peinado" slang for "The HairDew."

  7. se estan peliando etre los mismos con Sinaloa. Nadie sabe quien tiene el control en Durango. El M10, M11, Peinado, quien chingado sabe? Todos se estan matando, Mayitos, Gente Nueva, Chachos, Peinatones, Chapitos, Antrax.

  8. En Durango ay de todo un poco. M10 y el flako son hermanos no??


  10. Does anyone know or can confirm of a gun fight in the town of Carreras, Tepehuanes in Durango a few days ago.

  11. Tambien in chiuas se matan entre ellos mismos. No se tienen confianza entre ellos mismos. Y se matan a tricion o en la lokera

  12. Does anyone know or can confirm of a gun fight in the town of Carreras, Tepehuanes in Durango a few days ago.

    El Siglo de Durango news daily had a story about it. It was an exchange of gunfire between armed suspects and Durango state PEP agents. One agent was wounded and is expected to survive his wounds.

    The bad guys got away.

  13. Right now durango is been controlled by los ms or people of el mayo. I have some family memebers there that work for him as well.

  14. Does anyone know how to find a person in tepehuanes?

  15. los ruacho. are the real owner of the sierra de durang from tepehuanes to chihuahua


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