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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 bad guys, 1 Policia Federal agent die in Zacatecas

By Chris Covert

A total of five unidentified  armed suspects and one Mexican Policia Federal (PF) agent were killed in an armed confrontation in Zacatecas state late Wednesday morning, according to Mexican news accounts.

According to a story posted on the website of La Cronica de Hoy news daily, a PF unit was on patrol in Sain Alto municipality when it observed  armed suspects travelling aboard two vehicles on the road between Sombrerete and Rio Grande, specifically in the village of La Laborcilla.  The armed group then fled.

PF units had been on patrol in Sain Alto specifically in the villages of Sain Bajo, La Laborcilla, Barrancas and Cazadores when the pursuit and subsequent firefight took place.  The increased patrol activity was due to a PF effort to locate an armed group operating in the municipality.

According to a news item posted on the El Sol de Zacatecas news daily website, the suspects were travelling aboard a Ford Escape and Nissan Tiida when they fled.  A second PF unit intercepted the group some kilometers away which sparked the gunfight.

PF units presence was enhanced by at least one helicopter and several additional PF units, which had been called in from Zacatecas city to reinforce the pursuit.

At the conclusion of the firefight, a scuffle broke out between PF agents and local journalists,who claimed PF agents beat them and broke computer equipment, according to the La Cronica de Hoy news item.

Sain Alto is on Mexico Federal Highway 45, which leads to Durango state.  The municipality is also 40 kilometers northwest of Fresnillo.

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  1. When you think it can't get any worse, it does.

  2. In the USA and most other countrys where there is some form of order,when a police officer is killed,all HELL breaks loose, in Mexico it is never clear whether the police are criminals themselves, so I guess that is why little revenge is taken for the killing of Mexican Law Officers. Take note of what happens when an American law officer is killed in Mexico. All and all Criminals should be made to pay a heavy price for injuring law officers, summary execution,by far the best policy.

    1. Get your facts together, in the USA only 5% of cop killers are sentenced to death.

    2. Welcome to Mexico mi amigos....

  3. that's sad, I hope that one day this may stop. organized crime in Mexico suck!!!

  4. Simplistic references to 'bad guys' undermine this blogger's credibility.


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