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Monday, May 28, 2012

10 killed in Acapulco over the weekend

At least 10 people were murdered over the weekend in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco, Mexican prosecutors said.

The bodies of nine men and a woman were found in different sections of the port city between Saturday night and noon on Sunday, spokesmen for the Guerrero state Attorney General’s Office told Efe.

The woman’s body was discovered around 2:00 a.m. Sunday on a highway near Acapulco, the AG’s office said, adding that the unidentified victim appeared to be in her early 20s.

Two dismembered bodies were found Sunday morning by the Acapulco municipal police department.

The mutilated bodies were discovered in Acapulco’s La Maquina district, with the heads and extremities left alongside the trunks.

Two men were gunned down at a basketball court in La Maquina on Saturday morning.

The other five bodies were found in different sections of the resort city, and all of the victims died from gunshot wounds, the AG’s office said.

The La Barredora drug gang and the Cartel Independiente de Acapulco have been fighting for control of the resort city for more than one year.

The two gangs were originally part of the criminal organization run by Edgar Valdez Villarreal, the AG’s office said.

Valdez Villarreal, known as “La Barbie,” was arrested by the Federal Police on Aug. 30, 2010.

Guerrero Gov. Angel Aguirre Rivero launched an operation involving state police and Federal Police officers to provide security in areas frequented by foreign and domestic tourists.

“Operation Safe Guerrero” was launched on Oct. 6, 2011, in an effort to reduce the soaring crime rate in the state.

People living in other areas of Acapulco have been demanding a larger police presence due to the surge in drug-related violence.

Acapulco, a favorite among Mexican and foreign tourists for decades, has lost business to other destinations due to the violence.

The war between La Barredora and the Cartel Independiente de Acapulco is behind the rising body count in the Pacific port city, officials said. EFE


  1. So, it's still Cartel De Acapulco, and La Barredora? I guess some things haven't changed, I thought there could be new players, or multiple new 'cartels'. I don't believe Sinaloa or any major group is backing these guys, I think they are the equivalent of gangs. I am very doubtful they move any drugs across the border, which makes Acapulco, primary importation city, useless for major cartels. Have the Beltrans been effectively removed from the area? I remember them making a brief play against La Familia sometime in late 2010.

    These groups are currently operating in Acapulco/Gurrero

    La Barredora
    Cabbellors Templarios
    LaLa Familia
    La Familia
    Los Rojos?
    Beltran Leyvas?

    1. Have Beltran Leyvas been efectively removed from the area??

      I doubt it Hector already sent el Comando Alacran led by El Alacran from Durango and El comando Cobra,and already has the group Los Rojos led by Jose Romero operating in Guerrero and if that wasnt enought they work in coordination with Los Zetas.

      CIDA asked Hector if he wanted to join forces with them in which he replied no these guys messed or changed a structure,hiergachy that was already made. This information was according to a protected witness know as El Judio"

    2. El alacran is from Acapulco not durango he is part of c I d a one of his corr I do by jesu s ojeda even says so soy De Acapulco estado de guerr ero .The alacran your talking bout works for el cha po not hector

  2. How many times have we read stories how they captured all the leaders of CIDA and La Barredora and arrested dozen kids with guns working for them, yet they keep coming around. Also, I read an Aca blog daily and everyday I'm seeing at least 5 murders, that's just what I'm reading..I'm sure it's more, yet the media seems to have suppressed the violence. Much of it is outside the tourist area now, but still some in the tourist area. Unless someone twists the stats, I can't see how Aca won't again be in the top 10 most murderous cities worldwide.

  3. Acapulco is an amazing place and it is terrible that it is being destroyed by these Bastards!

    1. They are destroying everything! I've gone all over that beautiful country and have the best memories.
      Times have changed....I feel safer traveling around Mexico city than going to any of the other cities.

  4. The ones who did the killings were CJNG. They left narco mantas as well.

  5. Link the Acapulco blog, that's a good start for me to start knowing whats going on again.

  6. la barredora which are led by el cappi & el cremas are cleanin house both internal & cida there just a criminal cell chapo does not back em up they put cds or cjng on the cartulinas just to strike fear into la cida & citizens no major cartel is fighting the acapulco plaza its just la cida & la barredora & street gangs!! all this criminal cell use to be beltran & la barbie goons now they fight each other

  7. So, the CJNG were fake too? Didn't think of that, but I believe it.

    Were is the story about the protected witness? Sounds like Procesco.

  8. When will Mexico declare a state of emergency go out round up every SOB their dogs girlfriends etc. This war or whatever is nothing more than a demonstration of just how little law enforcement exists, hopefully some day.

  9. La barredora is backed by C.D.S and jalisco nueva generacion . los cidosos are backed by beltranezz..... there are three fronts in guerrero, Acapulco and surrounding areas. Costa grande and tierra caliente
    ... Los templarios are fighting nueva generacion in zihuatanejo

  10. Thanks to BB we get all this news that Mexico would love to cover up and keep quiet.just imagine what we dont know about acapulco...its probably a little safer in Yemen right now.and what about the head payroll cashier at the oaiss cancun a few weeks ago,they found her at the hotel with her head wrapped in duct don't hear too much about that one at your local travel company!!!

  11. La Barbie already told all the secrets of the Acapulco underworld.
    These guys are now waiting for the big boys to decide on who to back.

  12. The criminal underworld and corruption in Acapulco destroyed one of the coolest places on earth. Bar none, there is no place in Mexico that had the nightlife of Acapulco or the sunsets. It's really gone downhill.


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