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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 die in Coahuila

By Chris Covert

A total of five unidentified individuals were found in a grave in a remote area of Coahuila state and five others were killed or were found dead over the weekend in the La Laguna region of Coahuila state, according to Mexican news and Twitter accounts.

A Mexican Army unit was dispatched Saturday to a canyon in La Roja de la sierra de Arteaga, where the unit found a  grave containing the remains of five individuals.  The victims has been tortured and were shot at the site.  Several spent shell casings were found at the scene.   News reports say the victims had been dead for two years.

Arteaga municipality is adjacent to Saltillo, the capital of Coahuila.  According to reports the location about 15 kilometers by dirt road, presumably to the east of the Monclova-Monterrey highway or Mexico Federal Highway 57.  It is unclear the circumstances which sent the army unit to the location to find the grave.

According to a posting at Nota Roja Koneocho blog, a total of five individuals were shot to death or were found dead, and five others were wounded in the La Laguna  region of Mexico
  • Two men were shot to death and three others were wounded at an office near the intersection of calzada Abastos and Independencia.  Only one of the victims, Houston Andres Lopez, 22, was identified.
  • At Plaza Cuatro Caminos, a man identified by a relative as Antonio Avalos de la Paz, 30, was found shot to death.
  • Two individuals,identified as Esteban Velazquez Perales and Jessica Guerrero Galvan  were shot and wounded near the intersection of calles Sarabia and Revolucion.
  • Two taxi drivers were shot and wounded near the intersection of calzada Lazaro Cardenas and Rodriguez Triana.
  • Enedino Goday Flores, 23, was found shot to death in La Laguna colony.
  • An unidentified man in his 30s was found shot to death near the intersection of calles Campo and Nuevo Zaragoza.
  • Near Diagonal Reforma an unidentified man was shot and wounded in an armed mugging outside a grocery store.
The La Laguna region in Mexico is astride Mexico Federal Highway 40, the northern most contiguous major highway linking the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. La Laguna encompasses the cities of Torreon in Coahuila, Ciudad Lerdo and Gomez Palacio in Durango.  It is also the site of the security operation Seguro Laguna commanded by the Mexican Army, specifically the Mexican XI Military Region.  Seguro Laguna was initiated last fall.

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  1. In Mexico they decapitate people but in the U.S. it's worse. They love drugs so much they take bath salts and, in a drug in induce stuper, eat each others face off which was the case in Miami a few days ago.

    1. In mexico a mom aunt unlce and cousin to a 5year old performed a satanic ritual. They poked the kids eyes and were gona sacrifice him. His uncle ran out and called the police. The 5year old is being treated at a hospitol and no one wants to tell him why he cant see. has the story for doubters. My point is people are fucked up and sick all around the world not just in the u.s or mex. Some people in this site dont realiz it. Like u pendejo

  2. A few a years ago there was a story about a dog kidnapping in California were the culprits demanded $1000 for the return of the dog. And they say Mexico is worse, at least they keep animals out of it.

  3. May 30, 2012 3:03 PM
    May 30, 2012 5:20 PM ..
    What are you losers bangin on about?You got to leave the craik alone.In the US,every person has been mixing hair tonic into their coffee,its an underground scourge that is ruining many lives.
    It is the diabolical US hunger for any kind of drug available.I remember another animal case were a parrot was stolen by kids who dismembered one of its claws,and sent it to its owners.Now that is just disgusting brutality.

  4. "A few a years ago there was a story about a dog kidnapping in California"
    I remember that case.What you neglected to mention,was that the culprits sexually abused the dog,and dressed it up,and put lipstick on it.
    Thus traumatizing the poor animal,yes at least they keep animals out of it.

    1. Didn't CDg cut up a pig a few months ago cos they could find any zetas ?

  5. two stories that i can't find here on BB that i think need to be here is the new drug on the street that created the miami canibal and four other zombies that were not reported. the other story is about the sheriff from duval texas that was transporting coke for known drug dealers.
    keep your eye on krgv news because lots of the local news is spillover.

  6. When there's no more room in hell "the dead" will walk the earth!!

  7. @ May 31, 2012 6:20 AM

    "Didn't CDg cut up a pig a few months ago cos they could find any zetas ?"

    Yeah, and BB had a story back on March 12..."The Price Families Pay." This is where they killed that family along with the dog in Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas, MEXICO.

    Remember the manta?...."we will kill you along with your dog and your neighbor too..."

    Guess this blows out the "this only happens in the US and not in Mexico lindo y querido" argument.


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