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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nephews of El Mayo Zambada detained in Tijuana

Nephews of El Mayo detained in Tijuana

PGR officials in Tijuana confirmed today, that two nephews of Ismael 'El Mayo' Zambada were arrested in Tijuana, on Wednesday night.  Omar Ismael Zamabada, 23, is the son of Jesus Reynaldo Zambada, 'El Rey', who was arrested in Mexico in September 2008, and was recently extradited to the United States, to face charges of conspiracy, amidst other charges, relating to his instrumental position in the Sinaloa Cartel's hierarchy.  First reports stated that it was a son of El Mayo, known as 'Gordito', but this proved to be untrue.

 The other arrested was apparently, Omar Zambada's cousin, Rodolfo Sergio Cazarez Zamabada, 28. He is said to be the child of Agueda Zambada Garcia, one of the three female relatives of El Mayo, kidnapped in Tijuana, in September 2010, by men acting upon orders from Juan Francisco Sillas Rocha, 'El Sillas', a disruptive and erratic associate of Fernando Sanchez Arellano.  Reports, later indicated that the kidnapping was not sanctioned by Sanchez Arellano, and Sillas Rocha was banished from Tijuana, as a result.

 The two men were arrested with two others, presumed to be in the service of the Sinaloa Cartel, possibly as bodyguards to the two narco juniors.  The operation, of which details are scarce, was conducted by members of the Tijuana municipal police, and the Army.  The four were under heavy guard in Tijuana, and were transferred this afternoon to Mexico City, to be transferred into the custody of the Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime.   The four men were allegedly traveling in a vehicle with 20 kilograms of cocaine, when they were detained on Wednesday night. 

That the family and associates of El Mayo move freely in the city, is indicative, if not evidence, of an agreement with the organization of Sanchez Arellano, to pursue trafficking in the city, undisturbed by the rivalries of the past.   

Sources, Rio Doce, Chivis Martinez, AFN Tijuana


  1. So What?? Good work ,but ask yourself, no shit, why wait years to arrest someone like this?

  2. Oh wow here we go and the downfall is coming, I hope they catch up with all these guys.! Can you imagine how the next leaders will be

  3. I'm sure Gente de Tijuana will come over here with his B.S wisdom and his Online Sicario B.S and he will be talking about the Gran Familia living in the shadows and blah blah blah blah blah.

  4. This action.was directed or tipped by JAGL GRUPO against his former comrade and long time ally, as the treachery continues.and the CDS has been split into fractions..
    El Professor aka TCR2013

  5. 20 F**king Kilos that 100 years in an american prison, I'm sure the bodyguards will take the fall or they will be out in 10, escape, or living the good life with all the other CDS prisoners with cell phone, LCD tv, having parties, drugs and women in their cells

  6. Y is he transporting that's sounds like a setup unless he is trying to do things on his own without using his last name but who knows u don't that's for sure peace Loks

  7. TCR, youve been speculating this since 2011. Till this day it seems like both groups are tighter and tighter, you have M1 rolling with el Fantasma and Mini Lic partying with the antrax guys, I dont see where you get this idea

    1. Lmao never said that....CDS split down the middle like a philly blunt....

  8. April 26, 2012 8:14 PM Te refieres al que se hace llamar el TB de Tijuana? El que dice tener permiso del Gran Señor para hablar de la Gran Historia y Grandeza de el Gran Cartel. Bueno si te refieres al TB no creo que venga, creo que ya lo castigo su mama o su padrastro por andar escribiendo pendejadas.

  9. 20 keys?Don't see the big mystery,someone gotta move it,who would you trust to move it TJ?As dude above says who knows,could be a straight buy,cash on delivery,all that lovely money in cash.They had minders with them,so who knows.And they rollin and dealing in TJ?

  10. It wasn't cocaine, it was 20 Kilos of marijuana. Doesn't really matter though. Also, El Chapito (Inge lieutenant)was arrested by the military last night in TJ. Shit's getting interesting down there. Who's next?

  11. J I have news for you Octavio Leal Hernández, "El Chapito" Arrested in Tijuana

  12. Gente tan chingona del calibre de los Zambada moviendo 20 kilos ???
    no mammen se los pusieron nomas para chingarlos y obiligarlos ( torturarlos) a ponerle dedo al Mayo apoco no???

    hasta los pinchis huarachudos de la moritaa mueven 20 kilos en en diaaaa no mammmen

  13. @ anon April 26, 2012 11:19 PM,Dont want to burst your bubble,but 20 keys does not equal 100 yrs in an American prison as you say.First time offenders can get as low as 10 yrs,depending if it was transporting,distributing,sales.The Feds have what they call "Sentencing Guide Lines" & thats how they determine how much time you get!Over 150 kgs of Cocaine can fetch you life.

  14. that's true, but the fed gov't charges people with as many crimes as possible. They'd at least be charged with Possession @ a state and @ Federal lvl, Manufacturing @ state and federal lvl, Distribution @ state and federal level, and Trafficking @ state and federal lvl....that's at least 8 charges for the same crime in the U.S....this doesn't include the conspiracy to distribute...w/intent to traffic...etc

    Rackettering, money laundering conspiracy and tax evasion are seperate crimes. The 4 individuals are subject to 150 years in prison if convicted...everyone should believe that they'll get a plea bargain or move some money around and that they'll only serve 10

  15. Take them out back and shoot them in the Head, then wait for members of their famlies to claim thier bodies , grab them and do the same to them. Teach that Monkey shit eater El Mayo a lesson for his stupid actions.

  16. @ anon April 27, 2012 11:49 PM,Yeah,you're right up to a point, Because the Feds Wont always allow the State to charge you with the same crime as they did,that would be "Double Jeopardy" & that can get a case thrown out...besides,if the Feds want you really bad,they wont risk anything.They will make sure the charges stick & the case is solid!


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