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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cartels in Colorado: Kingpins Sentenced to Prison

Source: KUSA-TV

Two high level drug cartel kingpins in Colorado have been sentenced to prison, the First Judicial District Attorney's office announced Monday.

They were among 19 people arrested last year by the West Metro Drug Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Jose Jimenez-Chacon and Conrado Arellano-Casas were each sentenced to 20 years in prison.

An investigation spanning nearly one year discovered their drug trafficking ring was using tour buses from Mexico to smuggle 45,000 pounds of marijuana into the Denver area each year.

The value of the drugs was estimated at $36 million.

Drug cartel analyst Sylvia Longmire, author of the book "Cartel," says the arrests provide valuable information to law enforcement on how traffickers are moving drugs into Colorado.

"Any time you can gather any type of intelligence on those movements, that is always a good thing and it's a victory to be celebrated. On the downside this is probably just a hiccup. These folks will likely be replaced within a relatively short period of time," Longmire said.

Longmire says the Denver area will likely remain a drug cartel hub due to its strategic location and the continuing demand for illegal drugs.


  1. Well yeah we all know this here. How bout you look up pueblo colorado and see jus in the last year how many people were arrested with pounds of heroin and kilos of coke

  2. what cartel were they from???

    1. These two that got arrested are from la familia michoacana they move all the pounds of pot out here in Colorado the Sinaloa cartel moves all the coke and meth ect. Juarez cartel is out here two they move meth,coke ect ect...

  3. anyone have more info on this?

  4. The familia michoacana and Sinaloa cartel are everywhere out here in Colorado gangs ain't big out here cartels are taking over the whole under world people dont even know it unless your in it or know somebody that's in it...

  5. Narcomics; you know its not the first time they use these buses to do that I lived in denver an its like the 3rd time I hear such a thing but now you can buy weed in D town damn nearly anywhere jajaja and legally by the way

  6. Its the Juarez Cartel

  7. so 400 kilos a week by bus? that ain't no kingpin kids!


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