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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Calderon and Obama Swap Barbs Over Drugwar

Calderon not a happy camper - Getty Photos

(AP) WASHINGTON - The explosion of drug-fueled violence along Mexico's border with the United States could harm relations between the two nations, President Barack Obama said Monday; Mexico's leader retorted that much of the problem of drugs and guns begins on the U.S. side of the line.
In the thick of political contests in both the United States and Mexico, Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon traded unusually direct claims about the cause and effect of the drug violence that has consumed a swath of northeastern Mexico. They were cordial and complimentary to one another, but did not hide the degree of worry on both sides about a six-year spasm of violence that has killed more than 47,000 people.

"It can have a deteriorating effect overall on the nature of our relationship," Obama said. "And that's something that we have to pay attention to."
 Calderon made a government crackdown on warring drug cartels the hallmark of his six-year term, which expires later this year. His center-right party has seen its election chances fall in the face of a wide perception in Mexico that the crackdown has not worked.
The Mexican presidential election that formally began last week will culminate with elections July 1.
Beyond the terrible human cost, the battling drug gangs in Mexico and in Central America cause economic problems and political and security concerns for the United States, Obama said.
"If they're undermining institutions in these countries, that will impact our capacity to do business in these countries," Obama said following meetings with Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
The three leaders launched a new bid to pare back regulation and boost North American trade
After a one-day summit, Obama said the United States has trimmed outdated and burdensome rules in talks with both its neighbors, but all three countries will now go beyond that.
"Our three nations are going to sit down together, go through the books and simplify and eliminate more regulations that will make our joint economies stronger," he said.
Obama noted trade among the three neighbors now tops $1 trillion a year, and he wants to see that number rise. "This is going to help create jobs," he said.
The summit ranged broadly across issues of energy and climate change, immigration and the fight against the drug trade.
Obama warned of a possible "spillover effect" on American tourism and American expatriates living in Mexico and bordering nations that also have had problems with drug cartels.
Sounding testy, Calderon remarked that no American "spring-breakers" were harmed in Mexico this year. Mexico is a favorite place for U.S. college students to spend their springtime holiday breaks from school.

The flow of guns, especially assault weapons, from the United States to Mexico sabotages the work of his government in fighting the drug gangs, and the U.S. government has not done enough to stop it, Calderon said.
"Despite the perception of my country, last year 23 million tourists came to our country by plane, plus another 7 million in cruise ships, plus another 50 million," who came by land, Calderon said, during a rambling defense of his nation's overall safety and stability.
He credited Obama with making an effort to reduce the gun traffic, but said Obama faces "internal problems ... from a political point of view." That is a reference to Republican opposition in Congress and wide opposition from Republicans and gun-rights advocates elsewhere to a new assault weapons ban or other curbs on gun sales that feed the Mexican market.
Calderon singled out the high number of gun shops along the U.S.-Mexico border, dangling the possibility that there is a deliberate attempt to profit from the Mexican market.
The Obama administration claims that in the absence of an assault rifle ban that expired before Obama took office, it is working to tighten inspections of border checkpoints and require reporting of multiple sales of large weapons.
Obama acknowledged the U.S. role in creating the demand the Mexican drug market supplies.
"The Mexican government has taken this very seriously, at great cost to itself," Obama said during a Rose Garden news conference dominated by U.S. domestic political fare. We have an obligation to take it just as seriously, in part because we are the ultimate destination for a large chunk of this market."
The Obama White House has ruled out any consideration of legalizing drugs such as cocaine or heroin, which would undercut the criminal cartels.
Notable by its absence from a post-summit news conference in the Rose Garden was the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada's oil sands in Alberta through the United States to the Gulf of Mexico. Obama shelved the plan pending further review — and has endured ferocious Republican attacks ever since, with Republicans calling the move a blow to job creation and U.S. energy needs. He maintains Republican leaders in Congress forced his hand by insisting on a decision before an acceptable pipeline route was found.
Harper has voiced disappointment with Obama's decision. He also visited China in February to explore alternatives. Canada has the world's third-largest oil reserves — more than 170 billion barrels — after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, and daily production of 1.5 million barrels from the oil sands is expected to rise to 3.7 million by 2025.
Calderon Asks US to Ban Assault Weapons

The Mexican leader warned that "if the traffic (of illegal weapons from the United States) is not halted" and Washington doesn't reinstate a ban on assault weapons, it will be "impossible" to quell the violence in his country.
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  1. Calderon looks pissed!! He looks like the rest of the US citizens getting boned by the thug on his left. Poor bastard not only does he have to fight the cartels, he will leave office as probably one of the most unpopular AND he also has to eat crap from this stain.

    1. Damn he dose look pissed its
      not even funny. Ah maybe just a
      Little. If they band Aks/m4s witch
      Would have its benifits less violence
      On both sides but the boarders
      But the down side would
      Be what would happen
      When some one/crack/Meth head brakes into
      You're casa /house it sounds
      Like a bad idea right but if
      Bands guns
      then they should legalize weed
      Not the other drugs they should Still
      Be illegal.

  2. calderon is full of crap. If he wants guns taken away, he can give up his.

    1. Yes, you fucking idiot and just throw sticks and rocks at people with guns they received from us.

  3. If anything, the democrats and the mexican government are more to blame for this problem

  4. I ain't giving up my assault weapon Mr. Calderon,no matter how much you snivel like a little child. Go away you creep.

  5. What does it matter if assault weapons are banned here, when ALL guns are illegal in Mexico? If he is so upset over it, let Mexico build a border fence and check the vehicles going south! It's all BS. That right in the US, to have guns, is what keeps shit like whats going on in Mexico from happening here. Try kidnapping some white guy who's whole family is armed and shoots on the weekends! Hell, even if you have an assault type weapon (which I own as many as I can buy right now), we are stuck with clips holding around 20 rounds, depending on your state. I've seen the cartel's guns with 100round drums, 50 round banana clips...ALL ILLEGAL IN THE US. We can't buy them, so where they hell are they getting them? This asshole is just blowing hot air up Obamas ass, and Obama likes it. If Calderon was the least bit serious, he would try and stop the arms from crossing south. But until he actually puts some people at the border checkpoints to LOOK for them, he will keep passing the task on to us. Besides, IF they did looked for guns and actually found them, how fast do you think it would be before they guards sold them to the highest bidder or the local cartel boss?

    1. He does have people on the boerder looking for them. I see them every day you rascist cabron.

    2. Look at it this way Mexico doesn't a have a drug problem the US does.You'll find alot more druggies on a LA street than anywhere in Mexico.

  6. Concerned U.S. citizen.April 3, 2012 at 3:03 PM

    Calderon is scared of Obama. And that is pathetic.
    The Obama administration funneled murder weapons to the drug cartels. This is fact.
    Mexican citizens have been and are being murdered with those weapons.
    In funneling the weapons to the drug cartels, the Obama administration violated agreements with Mexico, International law, Mexican law, and U.S. law (Obama's political party is blocking investigation).
    Calderon has no backbone. No fortitude. And no concern for his murdered citizens.
    If Calderon had any guts or cared, he would have demanded the extradition of U.S. agents and authorities that violated Mexican law and would be referring this matter to the International War Crimes Commission.
    But Calderon is an ideologue, just like Obama. As long as he and his family and his friends profit and are comfortable, he will enact socialist policies to keep the people under control. And he provides cover for his ideologue friends.
    I hope out Mexican friends vote the despicable Calderon out of office.

  7. All the way from the top,most Mexicans feel like Calderon.Thats why Mexico is in the shape it is in.For 100 years,Mexico and its people have been a hot-bead of endemic corruption.Way before the US consumed drugs.It is a cultural thing in the Mexican people.Of course their are many Mexicans who want to live a free and prosperous life.In some country's,it is easier to achieve that goal,jobs,training,etc,but,there are many who have no respect at all for human decent behavior.Individuals have to look at themselves to behave in a certain way.No matter what anyone says about the US and its drug consumption,these problems have always been there in Mexico.We all know it.

    1. Corruption is one issue, the US citizens fueling cartels its wealth to combat the Mexican government is something else, don't get it twisted and try to divert blame from the US

  8. terrorism one weapon at a time!!!

  9. ""if the traffic (of illegal weapons from the United States) is not halted""

    Has El Presedente ever considered securing their own borders/ports of entry instead of requiring the US do it?

  10. If the US banned assault weapons wouldn't that make us more like mexico? Hey Mexicans, how is the ban on the lawful possession of weapons working out for you?

  11. Americans with their heads up their asses as usual expecting everyone to just suck it up and live with whatever they want. The pissed off the Canadian Prime Minister as well with their arrogance. Enjoy it while you can USA... the greed and stupidity of your leaders and the financially corrupt bankers have dragged your country from Super Power to recession loving economy and world wide despised pariah. You won't have much weight to push around for too much longer.

    1. After taking bribes from the narcos for DECADES, Calderon somehow wants the US to take all the blame for the mess Mexico is in???!!?!?! PATHETIC!!!

  12. Typical Mexican, always blaming someone else.

  13. "The Obama White House has ruled out any consideration of legalizing drugs such as cocaine or heroin, which would undercut the criminal cartels."

    Translation: You Mexican toadies will do as you are told.

  14. too funny i was just thinking that if i change a couple of words well lets see.
    The American Mexican leader warned that "if the traffic (of illegal drugs weapons from the Mexico United States) is not halted" and Mexico city Washington doesn't reinstate a ban on illegal drugs assault weapons, it will be "impossible" to quell the violence in his country.

  15. He wants us to ban assault rifles because his people are rabid animals? Don't hold your breath Felepe. Ha

  16. fuck Calderon and his corrupt government..trying to ban our right to bare arms just because his government cant handle the heat they brought upon themselves..


  18. Calderon: How about we keep our guns and send you our addicts for treatment down there? Think of the money that could be made in a Mexican drug treatment industry.

    On many occasions, I've seen "vigilante" minded Mexicans who post here and on other boards, strongly wish they could arm themselves against criminals. They basically feel like frustrated sitting ducks.

    Thank God we have many citizens who own guns and understand their value in preserving our liberties (little that we have left).

    Mexico Watcher

  19. Why doesn't Mexico allow US special forces to aid in capturing drug lords? Take the last botched attempt at taking down El Chapo for example..Had the US been allowed to send in Seal Team 6 when they got the whereabouts on Chapo, the drug boss and his security team would be wiped out right now. Instead, the Mexican police and Marines let him slip away again...

  20. If Mexico can not enforce law and order,and it can not,then it is a direct result of a lack of resolve on the part of Mexican Citizens, OH blame it on Calderon, the USA or whoever, But Mexicans are responsible for their own country, and it Sucks, there is very little security in many places, why because of the passive lazy assed culture. When will this change???

  21. Blame it on Gringos, again and again, What about Mexicans? a novel thought? At least Fox helped start a hometown drug problem,now Mexico gets to be a drug USERS country, There is no free lunch,no easy way, clean up, stand up, Mexico Morph into a real Country, RIGHT???

  22. Fuck no calderon let the fucking drugs run free pull away the troops if usa wants drugs to halt let them halt them. Fucking arrogant americans

  23. yeah right senor calderon we can be unarmed and at the mercy of the narcos as well..

  24. Sometimes you wish we would wash our hands of these ungrateful fuckers.Blaming us for their self made corrupt country.You got Mexicans saying,Viva Mexican corruption on here?How fuckin pathetic is that?If its not the drugs its the guns,or its racism,or its unfairness,,for these kind of people who can't get past their idiotic ultra nationalism.You really aint got to much to be proud of.Man,you fed up with all the shit they talk,"its your fault,drug consumption"ye right.What about your rampant brutality,is that our fault,oh fuck this.

  25. here's what i don't get. large amounts of drugs are illegal in mexico, yet if they illegally obtain tons then sell it to the usa it's the usa's fault for buying it. in other words, it's america's fault for mexico breaking it's own rules to make a quick buck. however, if mexicans want to shoot each other they buy guns (not all of them either) from america, where they're legal. how about you do your part and cut down on mexican fire arm demand or legalize them? that's what your always telling us to do

  26. I don't post much, but FUCK YOU if you want my guns. I live in a neighborhood that begins to riot whenever Mexico wins a major soccer cup. Cops can't protect me during that melee. My weapons arsenal protects me and my family. I love guns. "An armed society, is a polite society."

  27. Savages... Only an animal mutilates a human corpse... Something is definitely wrong with what ever turns on that switch and then those that look up to an envy and support those animals are even worse... Whats the solution to that problem? Why is the U.S. to blame for all the corrupt shit in Mexico? All the U.S. has done is hand out spare change to Mexico yer after year after year and its never enough because Mexico can not seem to pull its head out of its ass and its lack of oxygen is causing has caused a serious mental breakdown to the point of being sadistic animals...

    If the US is that bad then PLEASE stay on your side of the border, thanks...

  28. For those saying send a seal team and wipe out cartels bosses i applaude u,but the truth of the matter is da cleansing has to start at the top of the mexican government and work its way down.punishment has to be severe enough to dissuade common folk from being led the criminal path!! Us mexicans by nature can be rebellious so if u punish enough criminal with lets say death penalty by execution da rest of my fellow countrymen will get the point!! We need to also punish those poliliticians who have been disloyal to their posts and have led mexico down dis corrupt path!!! Let me simplify it even more" mexico has to do whats right!!!"

  29. Its simple, just end the Drug War.
    its the U.S. who throws out Handouts over Prohibition. Let the U.S. deal with within their own borders, Why did you stoop so low Calderon as to sell out Mexico?
    If guns are Outlawed only Outlaws will have them same with drugs.

  30. "I've seen the cartel's guns with 100round drums, 50 round banana clips...ALL ILLEGAL IN THE US. We can't buy them, so where they hell are they getting them?"

    Wow I guess you don't get out much. I must be a criminal because I own 50 round mags and for some reason I was able to buy them online a a couple of years ago.

    There is no federal ban on hi cap mags or drums in the USA!!!

  31. Calderon you should:
    1) Search cars coming into Mexico for guns.
    2) Provide a stable economic environment so that people don't turn to cartels for money.
    3) Institute the death penalty for anyone associated with, or in a cartel, including police and soldiers as well. This includes bribes, etc...
    4)Arm the citizens who want to be armed.
    5) Develop your natural resources in the interest of the people, not the elite.

    Do that first, then talk shit to America.

    1. Out of all posters I agree with you
      the most especially #1 Mexico
      Should do that and stop acting retarded Calderon you know
      That's what you shoud have done
      When you took office. And hell
      To the naw OBAMAMUNIST CARE

  32. .
    JUMPINS, what can one say?

    I don't know Calderón personally, I've never met him.

    We realize that when we vote for a man to be our Presidente WE ARE NOT VOTING for someone who will create chaos in our country, we want ORDER, we want Mexico to Function and Flourish, we want a FUTURE FOR OURSELVES, WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO HAVE A FUTURE, A GOOD FUTURE, we need and desire happy moments In Our Lives, we want peace, WE NEED As Much FREEDOM as possible. Yet, Mexico is SATURATED WITH those who will not live accept any HEALTHY system that the Presidente is trying to Establish and Maintain and so, what is going on in Mexico is NOT the President's fault. Before Calderón entered the scene as candidate for presidency 'criminals Were Running WILD AND FREE IN MEXICO' and we never thought that any criminal organization would have the desire (y sed) to actually Want To Take Control Of Mexico To RULE IT As other TYRANTS Have Done Throughout History.

    I believe Calderón did the correct thing to Declare War against An Illegal System that, AS WE ARE FINDING OUT NOW, Wish To RUN A PARALLEL GOVERNMENT That None of the Ordinary Family Oriented Mexicans would NEVER Elect OR ACCEPT and 'here' I speak of Los Zetas who have Stated that they plan on ... RUNNING A PARALLEL GOVERNMENT, and if it were not the Zetas planning on Taking Over THIS MEXICO a.n.o.t.h.e.r. CARTEL Would Surely try To Take Control OUR COUNTRY!!!!!'

    Calderón is a SOBER MAN, he is As Serious As A Man Can Be, AND WHEN HE DECLARED WAR ON CRIMINAL NON-ELECTED ORGANIZATIONS HE MEANT BUSINESS. HE KNEW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO MEXICO IF HE DID NOT BEGIN 'ACTING AGAINST' The Type Of People Have Been Taught To Use Violence to SEIZE CONTROL OF OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES AND TO SEIZE the hard earned 'BEGINNINGS OF OTHERS ('our' belongings, the things we earned by working long hard Mexican hours every day!) and such beasts CARRY GUNS, a great many of them have been taught Not To HAVE respect, interest, or any compassion toward 'HUMAN LIFE', they do not look AHEAD, adelante, and have NO INTEREST IN A HEALTHY FUTURE FOR MEXICO AS A HOME FOR ALL OF US: nobody is going to accept ANY Form Of SLAVERY or death.

    The next man who is elected As Presidente of Mexico 'WILL HAVE TO' CONTINUE CALDERÓN's War Against ALL SAVAGES Who Would MURDER Any Of Us WITHOUT BLINKING AN EYE, SAVAGES that Will Not Stop UNTIL THEY have become a GOVERNING FORCE WE WOULD NEVER AND WILL NEVER ELECT!!!

  33. Obama is such a Useless President and definitely not a friend of Mexico!

  34. It's unbelievable that Mexico has a whiny little twerp like Felipe Calderon for a president. He's an embarrassment to EVERY Mexican.

    Beyond that, he's a hypocrite who's done everything imaginable to worsen the situation of our people, while unleashing the army in a frenzy of killing and destruction that's solved NOTHING.

    Felipe Calderon should hang his head in shame, and kiss President Obama's feet, just for the the honor of not being laughed off the stage.


  36. This is what happens when you have a weak central government, a power vacuum that it is always filled by criminals.


  38. Lol Seal Team 6 would own any cartel boss security force with ease. That's a good idea.

    1. So invinsible that u have a guerrilla third world country that whithout a single plane, tank, helicopter or even a fucking drone. Its giving u a whole lotta shit. Admiration to the seals from this guey. But some dumbshits think as them as supermans. I hope a seal slapps u with his dick for being this pendejo.

  39. Tell me felipe what will change in your country when the thugs can only buy weapons in the US without bayonet-lugs, muzzle devices, "hi cap mags", collapsible stocks, or pistol grips? Oh I forgot that the cartels weren't modifying their weapons by changing the semi auto into full auto, cutting off the butt-stocks, adding pistol grips, and suppressors. What happens when the thugs still happen to have machine guns, mortar rounds, grenades, and RPGs from your southern countries? As a hispanic I say go fuck yourself calderon, you want to stop the flow of guns then protect your own border like how we protect ours from YOUR drugs and illegals.

    1. Oh yeah and u seem to been doing a fine job.they are not our drugs they're yours you paying for them. Jiji fucking coconut.

  40. I dont understand how you all can call for the death penalty when justice system in mexico is completely corrupt. Hows that going to work exactly??

  41. I hate those pricks always saying yeh seal team 6 that seal team this like if there all captain America those people are idiot they think that about those cocky arrogant seal team government puppets yet those seal team puppets crashed there own helicopter in Pakistan when they went in for bin laden they pulled the mission with a screw up seems there just cocky fools that do missions like newbies ps....this comment is by your dad lol

    1. You are beyond retarded. Say what you want about the use of force, but to post some long winded, barely comprehensible comment on a website calling the Seals newbies is mind-blowingly stupid.

  42. us is not worried about wepons goes to mexico and that fucking Calderon think us is not his country he make laws in there if he want to stop violence than he let cartels to do their business why that fucker worried about drugs goes to us his people mexicans earn big money from that bt this cocksucker is backed by us to kill his own people mexicans dont earn anything if cartels stop their work and this is not good for mexicans dont think about what happens to us people who take drugs just doing their business fuck usa

  43. Conservative??? Clearly he's a leftist liberal. Just like American liberals he wants to bam guns and blame all his problems on conservatives!

  44. I guess the cartels are getting those RPG's they use at the Houston gun show also. (sarcasm added)

    I'll bet most of the guns come from other sources than the US, unless supplied by fast and furious. If you can buy an RPG with the munitions I'll bet the supplier of that weapon could get you a few AK's with ammo too. And those weapons are not US made or legal to own in the US. Most of that stuff is probably supplied by the Chinese, cubans or Hugo Chavez.

  45. Prohibition 2.0 is a much bigger disaster than Prohibition 1.0. We will be slaves to our governments before anyone could call it a success. The carnage is unnecessary, it is greed making people violent. The results are much, much worse than the drug use itself, which is nothing more than a medical problem.

  46. Is funny how the assault weapons ban and suddenly miraculously tons of weapons started appearing in Mexico. The president of Mexico has all the right to be mad, just like the us blames Mexico for trafficking drugs why aren't we allowed to blame the us for and sending guns south, there's even proof to it,operation oversaw ,and fast and furious and that is jot counting what the usa has done to many other countries, Nicaragua,Iraq,vietnam,Afghanistan. And really Americams have a fucking arroganceof not understand and Embracing stupidity as well as.ignorance. even your own American ,educated Americans agreed.most of this fault is us fault ,ofc there is blame on Mexico's side. But why not accept the blame that has been legitimate argued by facts? All this bullshit of attacking Cauldron just shows how much you are informed by fox news. Stupidity will be Americas demise. When we talk about traffickers we talk about Mexicans Colombian, why not about the biggest drug lord in America a CIA agent. Why have cia planes been found after crashing down with tons of cocaine? Why do Americans not talk about this? Stop this hypocrisy. And fucking inform your self before you go and talk out of your ass

  47. Blaming each other is not going to solve the problem. Come up with solutions and commitment from each other. Mexicans have to take responsibility over their own crap as well as Americans but it easy just to blame each other, both presidents don’t have to suffer behind these mess, why change it? It’s easy just to spend hours preparing worthless speeches that have not solutions, meanwhile other keep on killing each other and even here all I read is BLAME, BLAME, and BLAME.
    I don’t have a solution either but a believe its both countries problem and should be a priority before it get way out of control, we probably have not seen the worst.

  48. Amen to the guy that said new world order.. I to belive this is a plan to disarm both countrys... If thay wanted the bosses cought they would have got them long ago... This shit is a joke and these two S.O.B's r pulling the strings

  49. "The flow of guns, ....from the United States to Mexico sabotages the work of his government in fighting the drug gangs, and the U.S. government has not done enough to stop it"

    Rubbish Calderon! The Flow of Illegals and Narco Terrorists, Mexico HAS FAILED to Stop that.

    USA: Exports Dollars, Bueno Gente,
    Mexico Exports: Illegals, Drugs, and La Pobre Gente.

    The Only this Mexico Exports is their POVERTY UnderClass. Instead of getting their 3rd World narco State in Order, They Encourage the Underclass to Invade the US and become THEIR Problem, Not OURS. So Mexicos Probalem of Poverty is EXPORTED to the US, While all the Corrupt 1% of the People who do have $$ in Mexico let the Country go to Crap.

    Mexico Lacks the BASIC INFASTRUCTURE of a Western Nation.

    They Export their Poor People.

    And Yes...Felipe, Mexico is a FAILED STATE.

    Calderon Stop Blaming the USA for Mexicos 3rd World Narco State Status.

    You Have a NARCO INSURGENCY, Be a Man and Admit It. Let go of your piche Machismo Attitude and let the USA turn Clean up your Mess of a War.

    If the USA ran the war,

    it would be over in 1 week!

    Thats how the US caught Bin-Laden, No one told a sould until that piece of Trash was scooped up.

  50. Don't. Just blame the USA/Druggies
    and don't just balme Mexico/drug dealers/murders for
    Money. We all know its no ones fualt.
    On one side people have an addiction
    on the other side people need money
    cuse the government isn't giving jobs
    To people so they have to get it smuggling
    Drugs just to feed there familias /family
    And it's not in there culture. and
    some people want to think that
    There's theres no slums and no gangs
    No violence In the USA but there is
    violence is every were and that's the truth
    Mexico also has addicts but not as much as
    America and America dose have a lot of
    Burners/guns but Mexico just uses them
    More than Americans.put it this way its like both sides use drugs but the only difference
    is the drugs America gets you high
    And Mexicos drugs just kill you
    So don't. Blame America don't blame Mexico
    So blame your self druggie blame your self
    drug smuggler cuse you are the problem
    Not Mexico not America.

  51. Mexico has the toughest gun laws in the world and it doesn't make a fucking bit of difference. They can't enforce anything because every goddamn one of them is a crook.

    So - blame it on the gringos. Every Mexican president since Porfirio blames the gringos - and takes the money.

    Calderon is pissed off? Does someone care?

    Cancun beaches are looking good this Easter. They are patrolled by groups of 6 marines so I'm sure everyone feels much more secure - NOT. It's so nice to see marines stomping up and down the beach.

  52. The Only way to Capture Chapo is to Have the U.S. conduct a precision Capture Mission without the Aide Of The Mexican Military. The Only one that would know should be Calderon, and no one under him, Especially Luna.

    If no one under Calderon Knows, Chapo can be captured with success in a matter of hours.

  53. Mexico and its people contribute to this nightmare of violence happening now.I do not wish bad on Mexico,as a "gringo" i do not hate Mexicans.I would love to see a safe prosperous Mexico,with jobs,training,hope for young men and women for the future.But we all know,this is ingrained in every strata of Mexican society,from the top to the bottom.A nation with huge numbers of unemployed,is always a disastrous situation,but political apathy and political wealth of our so-called leaders,don't care to remedy these situations even if they could.Politics the world over is corrupt to varying degrees,but the current Mexican problem is way beyond the norm.

  54. "AND OUT OF CHAOS WILL PEACE WILL COME" FOOL! WAKE UP AND ARM YOURSELFS. A people still left with guns is a bad thing for the plans of the Goverments. Then how else would we be able to be terrorized into submission of the Govermental Authorities... Now see people with guns wouldnt take so lightly to authorities trying to make them do what they want because the law says so.......The people with guns have the power...Just look at the other countries to see what happens when you stand united against these criminal goverments in arms????? Ask yourself that

  55. "The next man who is elected As Presidente of Mexico 'WILL HAVE TO' CONTINUE CALDERÓN's War Against ALL SAVAGES Who Would MURDER Any Of Us WITHOUT BLINKING AN EYE, SAVAGES that Will Not Stop UNTIL THEY have become a GOVERNING FORCE WE WOULD NEVER AND WILL NEVER ELECT!!!"

    Its going to be a damn shame when this election is over because the next president will have his lips firmly attached to the cartels ass... Just you wait and see...

    Chapo and Mayo sittin' in a tree,
    K I SS I N G...

    First comes love, then comes marriage,

    Then comes Vincentillo in a baby carriage...

    Game Over

    Want my guns? Come and get them...

  56. Calderon is trying to ingratiate himselt to Obama, doing Obama a political favor by making a big issue about the guns. This helps Obama's political position to push gun control. We all know that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will only lead to the type ot tyranny people are facing from the cartels and government in Mexico. Nonetheless, this will help Obama excite his liberal base for gun control.

  57. HEre is whats happening in mexico , read history and analize events some how all this has been done in the past. to benefit who? like always the "liberators of democracy"
    Resources running low, aka oil , and they having problems in middle east. oh wait lets look south heres the perfect growing economy and we can fuck em. i mean we have fucked them in the past by forcing them to sell CALIFORNIA (for the gold rush), TEXAS ARIZONA NEW MExico. (for OIL) and left the rest to mexicans.
    heres how the plan works
    _find a way to disrupt a growing economy aka mexico
    - find a way to destabilize the country
    operation "divide and conquer".. Arm two CArtels and let them go at it ,help them expand so later they can fight in a bloodier war.
    -Arm both Cartels (fast and furious and overaw/look Operation)
    -politically attack the country, (constantly find ways to make the country look as not capable of doing stuff)
    -"AID" supposedly help them to look good in peoples eyes aka dumb americans who only watch fox news, USE Merida Plan,(corporations get federal money to manufacture weapons, sell them to mexico and make profit off our federal system)
    -Add human rights violations( we all know how this always sound)
    -try to destabilize the country- (main war started bring mercenaries over and let them destroy what their own criminal citizens don want to do aka terrorist atacks.,, try to over throw the gov( which we have seen in Narco Banners aka Zetas trying to over throw gov soon, and later on denied by zetas that it wasnt them ) THERE YOU SHOULD STOP AND FUCKING THINK.
    -Intervention- Bring in he military because the country has become a "fail State" and we need A real "DEmocracy" ( bring in corporations which will find loopholes into making mexico sell most of their resources for the cheapest price accomodated by the "Liberators" anything destroyed during the intervention must and will be rebuild by American Building Corporations.

    if by now you dont believe me and probably saying your just talking off your ass, READ History this has happened continously through history and it will keep happening unless people open their Fucking eyes and stop Embracing Ignorance.
    Afghanistan when the taliban Took control of the country The Heroin Produce there was simply stop, USA goes in and takes over all of the Suden it became #1 heroin trafficker, and guess what theres testimonies of American Soldiers who have said they load the drug into their choppers help and give training on how to grow the opium for the sell, TO wHOS PROFIT? you fnd out.
    IT is Easy to criticize but difficult to accept fault in ones gov just to feel surperior. Sadly this will be the DEmize of the GReat 20th Century american empire and just like the romans their greed would be their own demize. just saying again READ HISTORY

  58. From what I've seen on this site, Calderon needs to have the Americans have a chain saw ban and an edged weapons ban too. Those evil knives and chain saws are giving the Mexicans a very rough time.

  59. feeling strong ..step up..

  60. us govt is breed of greed

  61. Lol at the fool who said u.s forces could capture chapo guzman in a matter of hours what an idiot sheeple like him or her need to get there head out of there ass and stop thiking the u.s forces are so great it took them ten years to find bin laden stupid people here in the u.s need to stop believing seal team 6 government puppets along with the rest of the arrogant armed puppets are all captain America world police lol

  62. April 4, 2012 6:49 PM .
    Man,i always knew you were part of the new world order.Yes,you.Do you deny being part of the huge conspiracy to enslave the whole of Mexico?Who do you think gave the disease to the donkeys?And who made the drinking water turn green?Who made the poppy grow,who brings in the chemicals?Not the Chinese,but the US.Yes it was all the fault of the US,and its diabollocks plan to enslave the Mexican people.I know it sounds fantastic and unbelievable,but i tell you,before 2014,the next US president will be revealed a lizard with human skin.Don't believe me?Well its just as believable as blaming the US for just about everything that is wrong with Mexico.

  63. April 4, 2012 6:49 PM .
    "Medication time,medication time,c,mon don't have me chasing you with a rubber gun,take your medication,and everything will look better"
    Oh my,these conspiracies,i believe all of them.
    I weally weally do.

  64. I take it ur mexican like me lets not talk about usa lets talk about our homecountry mexico,wat good has our natural resouces done for the average citizen lets talk about da fact u can go to college and earn a degree and end up working as a bank tellor at a bank, lets talk about the big gap bewteen the rich and the poor where da middle class is disapearing, lets talk about how much money each president steals from our country thru illegal monopolies of either legal goods or illegal, lets talk about how millions of mexicans have had to abandon their homeland in search of a better life else where, wheather its usa or canada, lets talk about how law enforcement in our mexico dont invetstigate murders or thefts or anything, in mexico its common knowledge dat if u wanna kill somebody just do it and make up a manta and believe me cops wont investigate, so lets quit blaming usa europe or anybody else,change starts with mexico itself and we as mexicans need to stop passing da buck to anybody else!!!!

  65. Very well said,and also the fact that Mexico is the next door neighbor to the richest & best country in the world,and its still a third world country with no kind of law enforcement.!!

  66. No wonder guns are illegal in Mexico! Who would turn guns over to the Mexicans?? Look what they do with them??

  67. "Very well said,and also the fact that Mexico is the next door neighbor to the richest & best country in the world,and its still a third world country with no kind of law enforcement.!!"

    Just goes to show the extreme ignorance of morons like this fuking illiterate inbred. First of, the US is 13 TRILLION dollars in debt, so how does it make it the richest country in the world ? Second; The US, ARMED the Cartels, thus directly sabotaging the efforts of the Mexican government to control the lawlesness. This is a matter of public record i/e Fast & Furious. In truth, Calderon has every right to be pissed. The US asks Mexico and other countries to fight the drug war and then turns around and arms the opposition. There is a reason for this, the US enables the Cartels because it is the only way enormous budgets will keep flowing to government agencies in charge of the 'drug war", so they need to keep the thing alive. But one of these days, those same agencies will be turned against "patriots" like the fukheads that love to play tough behind the computer but go silent when Cartel members trolling the boards, call them out, asking for a name or address so that they can spew horseshit to their faces. You never hear a peep from all the trailer trash that loves to talk about how superior they are to other races, even though they can hardly string a sentence with proper grammar. All you have to do is sample some of the assinine posts and you'll laugh your ass off at the incredible number of uneducated morons bragging about what they would do to the zetas, golfos etc... if only they got the opportunity to take care of the problem themselves. Well, cowards just cross the border and get to work, clean up Mexico, make it as rich and beautiful as the US. There is an an easier solution though; if you want to clean up corruption, start with the US and its double speak politicians, only then can you lecture the rest of the world.

    1. Oye paisano quit blaming the gringos for mexicos bullshit,did the usa arm da cartels in the seventies and eighties and ninetys,i think not, and for thos e dat say da gringos need to quit consuming,well let me break it to u,our fellow latino countrymen are right their with them consuming with them! I agree with u on one thing da usa does have corrupt politicians but not to da extent like mexico! The point is we mexicans need to take accountability for our countries failures and we need to redirect our anger towards the problems caused by the mexican government,becuz in reality it wasnt the usa who gave power to da cartels in da begining,it was the past corrupt mexican governments led by mexicos own presidents,echeveria,portillo, la madrid etc.., whom sold plazas to drug dealers instead of putting them behind jail in da begining!! The mexican government couldve nipped this problem in da bud, but it chose to look the other way,so mexico is reaping wat it sowed!!!

  68. Mexico would be better off with Russia as a neighbor, Russia doesn't consume half of the worlds drugs, cartels would have less wealth to combat the government

  69. April 5, 2012 4:54 PM .
    Here,ladies and gentlemen,is an intelligent and lucid Mexican,who can speak rationally without any kind of agenda or hatred.
    Personally,i wish Mexico was prosperous and safe,i have no ill will towards Mexico at all.
    But sometimes you feel as though you have no right to comment on the Mexican situation,because you are not Mexican,and that is crazy.It just happens to be Mexico,we are discussing,that is all,not some racist agenda,or hatred on our part.It is right next to us,so it does matter to us.

  70. The US has the major responsibility in this matter.However it faces 2 implacable forces: a messianic zeal against even marijuana legalization, let alone such for cocaine and heroin, among anti-drug circles plus another messianic zeal against a clampdown on weapons sales to all of Latin America from the gun manufacturing, distribution, and sales industry and strong pro-gun advocates in the population. Obama can not win over those forces.

  71. Calderon looks like he is ready to knock obama out!!!

    Viva Mexico

  72. April 6, 2012 10:25 AM .
    You wouldn't happen to be in the US would you?
    Spewing your bullshit anti US crap?You know what you can do if you hate the US so much.Go get yourself a bus ticket,not to expensive,and then you will get to your beloved Mexico,and anyone else who feels the same.What is your cowardly ass doing in the US,safely typing away like a little panochas.You seem to know an awful lot about the US deficit.Mexico is calling you puta.See ye.

  73. April 6, 2012 10:25 AM
    Is that you again?I,m getting worried about you.
    You are starting to babble,have you taken your tablets?Calm down son,take a deep breadth.All the problems of the world,really are not all the fault of the US,weally their not,weally.Your getting hysterical old girl.The diabollocks plan of the US.

  74. just wanna say this to every body,..when people have cancer,...there's always gonna be another people trying to find out the cure or new ways to treat it, and at the same time trying to make a profit out of it......conclusion.....when there's no cancer,..people dont need to find out the cure and there's no need for the medicine...get it???
    cancer comes first then the cure! can not supply without demand..economics! demand comes first!

  75. Mexico, if you would let your people to arm and defend themselves, you would NOT be in the mess you are in at the moment!

    Calderon, the US will never deny its citizens the right to armed themselves. The day that happens, is the day there will be more bloodshed in the US than Mexico.


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