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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bad guys hit cop shop with grenade in Nuevo Laredo

By Chris Covert

Drug and gang related violence in Nuevo Laredo started its fourth day Tuesday morning with a grenade attack against municipal police station, according to Mexican news accounts.

The attack took place at about 0800 hrs near the Nuevo Laredo municipal police station near the intersection of Avenida Avila Camacho and the Anahuac highay. One unidentified civilian was wounded, one car was immolated and another was damaged by the blast.  The explosion was heard as far away as seven kilometers.

Reports also say another shootout took place between armed suspects and a Mexican Army unit later that morning in an area in western Nuevo Laredo called Santa Fe.

The Tamaulipas state Fiscalia General del Estado or attorney general told foreign press agencies that the two Monday afternoon shootouts between Mexican Army units and armed suspects killed seven unidentified armed suspects.
To read the Borderland Beat story on Monday's shootout between Mexican Army units and armed suspects click here
Mexican federal government agencies do not release news to the public due to a clamp on government propaganda as  outlined by Article 41 of the Mexican Constitution which forbids dissemination.  That ban is expected to be lifted the day after the presidential election July 1st.

Reports also say that the four international bridges were apparently unaffected by Tuesday's attacks.

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  1. Is Mexico the only place where municipal police can not defend themselves against the criminals? For years narco gangs have killed,kidnapped , shot up local police,hundreds of times, where else in the world are police so weak? Local cops in Texas are scary,many former Marines etc. burr heads,flak jakets,guns ,agressive little shits? Whats up with Mexico??

  2. It was grenade attacks followed by a car bomb

  3. but theres no police in nuevo laredo thats what im trippin on

  4. It was a car bomb not a frag


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