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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

15 Die in Drug-Related Violence in Michoacan

Drug-related violence claimed the lives of 15 men in different cities in the western Mexican state of Michoacan, state officials said.

Three men were shot dead early Tuesday on the road that links Zinapecuaro and Acambaro, located 90 kilometers (about 56 miles) north of Morelia, the capital of Michoacan, state officials told Efe.

The victims had been bound and their bodies showed signs of torture.

State police found the bodies of six men during the day Tuesday in a wooded area in Tancitaro, a city 170 kilometers (about 106 miles) southwest of Morelia.

The victims in Tancitaro were tortured and shot to death, and their bodies were dumped in twos in the communities of Santa Catarina, El Aguacate and La Tinaja.

Army troops, meanwhile, killed four suspected drug traffickers in a shootout in El Jaripo, a town outside the city of Villamar, located 189 kilometers (113 miles) northwest of Morelia.

A man who was apparently being held hostage by the gunmen also died in the firefight, investigators said.

Finally, a man was gunned down in Majada del Sol, a community outside the city of Coalcoman, which is in southwestern Michoacan.

Michoacan has been plagued by a wave of violence blamed on the turf war between the Los Caballeros Templarios and La Familia Michoacana cartel.

Los Caballeros Templarios was created in March 2011 by former members of the La Familia Michoacana.

Servando Gomez Martinez shares the leadership of Los Caballeros Templarios with Enrique Plancarte.

Michoacan, which has more than 270 kilometers (168 miles) of Pacific coastline, has forests and mountain areas that provide perfect cover for drug production and smuggling.

Illegal drugs are smuggled from Central America into Michoacan and then later moved into the United States.

Source: EFE


  1. Cjng are killing innocents again like the the supposed zetas in Veracruz. Really tough killing taco vendors and 16 year olds. Jalisco will burn soon. Fell bad for them. Sinaloas are the greediest f-cks in the game

    1. The leader of cjng is from michoacan the bitch is trying to get back inmichoacan with the help of macho prieto who in turn betrayed el mayo and el macho prieto made a pact with zetas. Yes the so called mata zetas or better yet el mencho from the valencia cartel wants michoacan back becus el Chayo ran his ass out of michoacan along. So this coward is allied with zetas and el macho prieto. So more zetas and cjng(valencias) as well as macho prieto and the sinaloas who follow him will die in michoacan. Arriba ct(el Chayo), cds(chapo y el mayo) y cdg(el coss). Matazetas jajaja fake mfs.

  2. CJNG,Don't pick up little girls and trannys,and say they are hard core Z,CT,FM,go after the vatos with the guns,go after the sicarios,and bigger players,not some people you lift,hold,and then kill.That does your claims no good at all.Who are you cleaning up?You said you would give Mexico and yourselves a present of The Chayo,La Tuta,and Plancarte,where are they?

  3. People please understand the government will win at the end how do I know because I. Know history and history for humanity is like personal expirience for a person but in the meantime a lot of innocent people will die unfortunally

  4. Cjng never wanted michoacan. They are from michoacan. They hold numerous cities or pueblos that hand been their turf for a while. Macho never left Cds niether get your facts straight. Cjng are not zeta allies niether and wont never be. It was because of them that all this shit started between the zetas and cds. I just dont like what is going to happen to micoacan and jalisco such beautiful places.


  6. Michoacan esta valiendo Verga!!! Aunque les pese Pinches Tarascos Indios!!!!

  7. Well now they collared,Mencho,and the other fucker M,whatever clave he want.The Boss?
    And now they rounding up other crew members,i wonder where they got the locations from.CJNG,whoever,they ALL bad for Mexico.

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  11. you have colorful language dude!!^^^
    anyway, no esta b ien lo que esta pasanddo por aya, no hemos podidio hir para aya pa michoacan ...last time we went my brothers got jumped....hojala que todo pare sometime soon. these people torture people and kill them and for what? it makes no sense!!


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