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Thursday, April 19, 2012

11 Gulf Cartel Members Arrested in Monterrey

Eleven suspected Gulf cartel members wanted for 21 murders and five kidnappings were arrested when they arrived at the airport in Monterrey, the capital of the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, officials said Thursday.

The suspected drug traffickers were arrested a week ago on their return with about 80 relatives from a vacation in the Caribbean resort city of Cancun, Nuevo Leon Gov. Rodrigo Medina said.

Oziel Asael Salas Hernandez, who was the cartel cell’s leader, and the other suspects were paraded before reporters on Thursday.

The suspects confessed to the killings of 21 people, including four Monterrey police officers, “for supposedly bothering their drug dealers,” the governor said.

The cartel members, including a minor, also confessed to at least five kidnappings for ransom of more than 1 million pesos (about $75,000), Medina said.

The arrests were made as a result of intelligence work by the State Investigations Agency, or AEI, Nuevo Leon Attorney General Adrian de la Garza said, adding that at least four more suspects were being sought.

“At the time of their capture, they did not have any arms since they were returning from the beaches of Cancun. We know they bought 80 tickets for relatives and other people related to the group,” De la Garza said.

Relatives not involved in the gang’s activities were released, the attorney general said.

Authorities seized firearms at safe houses belonging to the gang in the Moderna neighborhood of Monterrey, one of the cities where the Gulf cartel has been waging a turf war against rival drug traffickers.

The Gulf cartel has been fighting Los Zetas, a band of Mexican army special forces deserters turned hired guns and drug traffickers, in northern and northeastern Mexico.

After several years as the armed wing of the Gulf cartel, Los Zetas went into the drug business on their own account and now control several lucrative territories.

The Gulf cartel was founded by Juan Nepomuceno Guerra in the 1970s and was later led by Juan Garcia Abrego, who was arrested in 1996 and extradited to the United States.

Osiel Cardenas Guillen later became the Gulf cartel’s undisputed boss.

Cardenas was arrested in 2003, but he continued running the Gulf cartel, one of the most violent and powerful criminal organizations in Mexico, until his extradition to the United States four years later.

Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen took over the Gulf cartel’s leadership following his brother’s extradition to the United States.

Source: EFE



  2. Gulf Cartel members breezing through the Monterrey airport makes it seem like the Z's are only part owners of that plaza now, at least, or there is serious contention. Not a great way to return from vacation, either. I like the little bits about personal lives, going on group vacations, with 80+ people, to enemy territory, and returning to a battle ground, to be picked up by AEI.

  3. So rodrigo medina wants both CDG and Z gone from Monterrey, to claim he is doing his job. Nuevo Leon since I've reason extends more outside of Monnterrey metropolis. What's going to happen to aall the Rancherias Mr. Governer? As far as I know the Policia Civil is just been used. In the Monterrey area. You know there are towns with zero law at all. Let me name a few: DR.COSS, LOS ALDAMAS, LLS HERRERAS, MELCHOR OCAMPO, GENERAL TREVIÑO, LOS RAMONES, CERRALVO. Thosee are some that I know of since I havve famiily in that area. This are now considered ghost towns, you hardly see people outside and no one goes anymore because of the insecurity. Why not send a contingent of Policia civiles to reclaim these towns?


  4. I though CDG doesn't kidnapped isn't that one of the reasons CDJNG declare war on the Templar Knights cause they where kidnapping nd extortioning ppl seems like lil Chapo is just using CDG to take NL nd Tamauilpas nd than turn on CDG nd Chapo gets all of it for himself greedy bastard nd those lambe huevos from Jalisco can suck on it pura gente de Tamauilpas
    *Hecho En Tamauilpas 17-76*

    1. Ahuevo kompa tamaulipas tierra dr hombres no mamadas puro CDG y al que no le guste que chinge a su puta madre...

    2. Calmense Pinches "Rigo Tovar"!!!!

    3. Rigo tovar?? Solo tu asde saber que chingados es eso pinche vato pendejo de pueblo patas miadas.CDG is not a Dto is a way of life if u dnt believe me go to reynosa or moros youll see we all over cali rifando por el cartel

    4. Vete ha la verga puro,dices Que eres de Tamaulipas y no sabes Quien es Rigo Tovar!!...pinche vatito tan mas pendejo!!..and u ain't nowhere in Cali Motherfucker,u'll get dropped in a minute.

    5. Este xxx guey es salvatrucha no conoce a RIGO TOVAR? Tas meco de a madre guey. Insultas a los de pueblo? Pos ke cities tiene tamaulipas guey? Mas polvoriento ke la chingada. Saludos desde La CIUDAD DE MONTERREY compa. Mi colonia ta mas grande ke reynosa jaja. Punetas hay donde quiera camarada, aqui en MONTERREY se les dice xetas.

  5. Was this part of the CDG's vacation incentive? Work hard, meet your projected goals and your rewarded with a vacation? The CDG sounds like the US's GSA, with their family vacations, paid for by the tax payers. This is funny. The entire squad of assholes, who are the root cause of Mexico turning into a third world pile of shit, needs to be lined up and hung in front of the locals who they terrorized.

  6. I thought resorts in Mexico were "generally" safe, guess not.

  7. They are soooooooooooo stupid.....

  8. I didn't know cartel members got days off to vacation lol

  9. G(-)057
    April 20, 2012 3:15 AM
    Good post bro.
    What you say is common sense,but common sense is not that common.
    All this leads you to believe,they know exactly who is running what,and where.Of course they know who is who,but,as we know it goes deeper than just picking people up.

  10. Only 2 were wearing semi-short! I bet the other 7 wore jeans the whole vacation in Cancun! Too funny!

  11. Two questions.

    One, why didn't they just kill the whole lot of them including the relatives?

    Two, why bust them at all if they're out killing Zetas? Zetas are the enemy of the people.

  12. Not related to this story just curious why was it reported that Luis Guillermo Castillo Rubio aka El Pariente was shot in Villa Ahumada but now has been confirmed he was caught in Queretaro???

  13. El Diego from La Linea sentenced????

  14. @6:39 10 life terms in us federal prison

  15. They probably be released by Sunday.


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