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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Video: Mexico, a Country at War With Itself

by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
The CBC's Keith Boag traveled to Mexico  to see aspects of Mexico's drug war and the players surrounding it,  subsequently creating this 16 minutes min-documentary. 
The video begins by taking us to Monterrey, Mexico, a bustling, contemporary city referred to by many as “the Pearl of Mexico” and a place few ever imagined would ever be effected by the violence of organized crime.  Yet today sits a different Monterrey, a city gripped and entrapped by horrific and escalating violence, where shootouts, killings and soldier patrols are expected and common place.
Other highlights of the film include a look at Mazatlan the hub for Canadian tourists and transplants.

Santa Muerte  “Saint of Death” , not an official saint of the Catholic Church but one revered by Mexican Drug Cartels.  The film indicates Los Zetas are followers but also other cartels namely, CDG, Sinaloa, and Juarez.
Interesting  insight  with Alfredo Corchado,  a Mexican born American journalist.
Comments by Patricia Sines a survivor of Monterrey’s Casino Royale attack.
A birdseye view of a mission (hunt) of “The Spider” and  on camera comments by his mother.
Spot-on opinion of a security analysis of the true reason that guns are able to reach the hands of Mexican criminals.
An interview of Mauricio Fernandez the mayor of wealthy San Pedro a suburb of Monterrey, including the question   “how did he know his nemesis’ body would be found hours before the discovery of the body?”  Hero or Scoundrel?

Sending out  a big thank you to "Athena" of  Borderland Beat Forum“ who discovered the video”  her post can be seen here


  1. chivis..good job getting this story out so the rest of the states can see..and for the mayor of San Pedro I like this guy.He has a little "dirty harry" in him.So what if he has his own hit squad and he likes killing dirtbags.I dont believe that kidnappimg drugs extortion is his goal.Till proven otherwise mexico needs more outspoken tough politicians like him.

  2. March 17, 2012 6:01 PM Men you are full of dodo, this guy sold Monterrey to the highest bidder.

  3. What cartel leaves in san pedro?

  4. this guy has some real balls , he should be the next mexican president , we need people like him in mexico , its been a while since i visit mexico im hoping i can go in the next 4 to 5 years when mexicans like him get rid of most of bad guys , i really like this guy too Chivis < it reminds my of my Uncle Luis ,back in the days, Anyways let see what happens in the elections and after that < i really wanna spend my Dollars down there. cant wait

  5. Extream poverty is what's behind this war no jobs , no opportunities, no food , no hope equals insurgencies, violence, death, please god have mercy on us .

  6. At least this piece is not screaming that the reform should be stopped,so many do. Mexico Must evolve,for the sake of everybody.

  7. As for the mayor..I cannot figure the guy out. If it is all show and he really is in with organized crime then of course that paints a different picture.

    However, Vigilantism can not be condoned, whereas we may give kudos when a bad guy is killed, do we really want a society that allows one person or one group to be in effect judge and jury? I say, as tempting as it may sometimes be, NO!

    I like the balance of this video and felt it was worthwhile...paz, chivis

  8. No vigilants right.... tell that to the white racist fucks in Texas ari and nm.

  9. Mexican society and institutions no longer function on any level. It is kill or be killed. In these circumstances ALL that is left is vigilantism. What is needed is the Mexican equivalent of Colombia's paramilitary force, the AUC, which brought order to Colombia after a damm lot of killing and massacres. Probably 100,000 to 200,000 people need to be killed in Mexico, maybe as many as half a million.


  11. Great video Chivas esp as it was in English, hope there will be more like it. As for San Pedro didn't Beltran Leyva used to have some kind of set up in San Pedro? I lived in Monterrey for 2 years & seen Mauricio Fernandez a lot on tv he seems to revel in the spotlight I think he's a prick, as for dirty Harry that title belongs to Jaime Garcia the mayor of Garcia his town doesn't have money unlike San Pedro and he's not slimy like Mauricio Fernandez. Peace from Europe.


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