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Monday, March 12, 2012

Six Bodies Found in Valle Hermoso

Mexican armed forces found six dead bodies, five of them decapitated, in the northeastern border state of Tamaulipas, military spokespersons and prosecutors said.

A spokesperson with the 8th Military Zone said the corpses were found Friday on a road in Valle Hermoso by soldiers patrolling that municipality.

Sources with the Tamaulipas state Attorney General’s Office said that five of the bodies, four men and a woman, had been decapitated. Three of the victims had been bound and another found wrapped in a sheet was in an advanced state of decay.

The military spokesperson said this latest grisly find comes on the heels of Thursday’s discovery of six bodies (three men and three women) on a road near Ciudad Victoria, the state capital.

The Gulf cartel was likely behind the murders discovered Friday while its main rival, the Los Zetas mob, is suspected of killing the victims found Thursday, the AG’s office said.

The Zetas, a band of special forces deserters turned outlaws, spent years as the armed wing of the Gulf drug cartel before going into business for themselves.

Tamaulipas is one of several Mexican states battered by drug-related violence in recent years.


  1. Jaja zetas are getting their asses kicked keep sending more assholes to valle hermoso.... valle hermoso= CDG

  2. Death to all cartels who are hurting the innocent

  3. jaja golfita no lees bien pendejon qe en su terrrno les mataron gente jaja pinche punyal.son huebos para ir el territorio enemigo.aver putos por q no salen d ahi tenen miedo que les quiten su plaza..y lastima que ustedes no entran a laredo para trosalos cabrones el pueblo mismo.TOFOS LOS D TAMPS SABEMOS QUE LOS CULOS DEL GOLFO SON LOS MAS COBARDES.ENTREN A LAREDO PARA QUE MIREN QUE LES PASA IGUAL

  4. Putos zetas pendejos aqui rifa Caballero Templario y Cartel Del Golfo. Coming to a zeta infested city soon

  5. It's funny how these cartel cheerleaders fight on here like fucking 7th grade school girls ...hope u all kill each other.

  6. todos esos pendejos que critican la alianza del cdg con sinaloenses y michoacanos, primero informense bien putos, los zetas estan donde estan por que primero le tuvieron que lanber los huevos a los beltran leyva, ellos los metieron en monterrey, en torreon, en nayarit y la mochomera les esta limpiando el camino en sinaloa, acuerdense cuando quisieron ir por su cuenta, los atoraron a todos y los enterraron vivos en durango (350 pendejos desenterrados y contando)si tanto pinche orgullo tienen por su puto estado dejen de recibir ordenes y mamarle la verga todas las noches a un hidalguense, los tiene apendejados con las maruchan y la mierda que se meten en la nariz pinches TamauliMECOS

  7. "It's funny how these cartel cheerleaders fight on here like fucking 7th grade school girls ...hope u all kill each other"
    So please think before you start to hurl idiotic abuse,they can educate us on current situations,i want to hear what they have to say,not you.They can help us understand things when it is complicated.
    Senores,you are welcome here.

  8. Ay si, "the gulf cartel" had something to do with this, bueno, I think they probably ordered it and the soldiers followed orders...


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