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Friday, March 23, 2012

Pope Decries Drug Violence in Mexico

Posted in Borderland Beat Forum by Havana
No big surprise

Aboard the Papal plane (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI denounced the drug-fueled violence wracking Mexico and urged Cubans to use dialogue to find new models to replace Marxism as he began a pilgrimage Friday that will take him to both countries.

Benedict spoke to reporters after breakfast aboard a special Alitalia flight carrying him to central Mexico later in the day. The pope said "idolatry of money" lies behind the violence that has claimed more than 47,000 lives in Mexico since a government crackdown began in 2006.

On Monday, Benedict will leave Mexico for Cuba, where he said that it is "evident that Marxist ideology as it was conceived no longer responds to reality," and he urged Cubans to "find new models, with patience, and in a constructive way."

The pope replied to a few questions from journalists which were submitted before the trip.

Talking about Mexico, he said that violence, and the lust for money, were destroying that predominantly Catholic country's young people in particular.

Benedict said that the "great responsibility of the church is to educate the conscience, teach moral responsibility and strip off the mask (from) the idolatry of money that enslaves mankind, and unmask the false promise, this lie that is behind" the drug culture.

A journalist asked Benedict what has changed in Cuba since the groundbreaking visit in 1998 by his predecessor, John Paul II to the Caribbean island, which had then been ruled by Marxist leader Fidel Castro for four decades.

In Cuba "today it is evident that Marxist ideology as it was conceived no longer responds to reality," Benedict replied. "So you have to find new models, with patience, and in a constructive way."

The pope cautioned that "this process requires patience and also decisiveness."

The journalist referred to reports that dissidents in Cuba are still routinely harassed and arrested, including in the weeks leading up to Benedict's visit.

Benedict said that the church wants "to help in the spirit of dialogue to avoid trauma and to help bring about a just and fraternal society, as we want in the whole world."

"We want to collaborate in this sense, and it's obvious that the church is always on the side of freedom, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion," the pope said.

Benedict said John Paul's visit to Cuba ushered in a slow process of dialogue and cooperation between church and state on the island.

The weeklong trip to Mexico and Cuba, Benedict's first to both countries, will be a test of stamina for the pope, who turns 85 next month. At the airport on Friday in Rome, the pope used a cane, apparently for the first time in public, as he walked about 100 yards (meters) to the airliner's steps.

Papal aides, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Benedict has been using the cane in private for about two months because it makes him feel more secure, not for any medical reason. Last fall, Benedict started using a wheeled platform to navigate the vast spaces of St. Peter's Basilica during ceremonies. The Vatican has said that device was employed to help the pope save his energy.

John Paul II was just 58 when he made the first of five visits to Mexico, building a passionate adoration among many Mexican Catholics.

So far Mexicans have shown less excitement about the new pope's arrival in Guanajuato, a deeply conservative state in sun-baked central Mexico. Dedicated campgrounds with a capacity for hundreds of thousands of pilgrims were virtually empty, though as many as 300,000 people are expected for Sunday's Mass.

Carlos Aguiar, president of the Mexican Episcopal Conference, said he expected the faithful to begin arriving Friday.

The papal envoy, Christophe Pierre, said Benedict's visit would allow Mexicans to "discover the pope" and "his ability to communicate, to speak deeply, but simply."

Guanajuato has been spared most of the country's drug violence, even if a recent series of apparently gang-related shootings killed some two dozen people in the state.


  1. The pope said "idolatry of money" lies behind the violence that has claimed more than 47,000 lives in Mexico since a government crackdown began in 2006.

    what about the idolatry of gold that claimed 90% of the population of Mexico within five years of the churchs spanish conquistadors landing in Mexico

    and what the fuck does he care about Cuba..unless it is to get his yid bankers in there to ruin the morals and control the economy, and enslave the cubans in perpetual debt

    what a addition to being a hypocrite

    1. Don't be lame. What does this have to do with time a few hundred years ago???

      Are you to blame for the crimes of your forefathers and their forefathers before them?


      Seriously, I am not religious but you do need to find some peace in your life.

    2. The Vatican is a political machine that fills its closets with money from the sheeple.

  2. the POPE needs to do an Exorcist on them Cartel Fools!

  3. Pope is Antichrist if you study the history of the catholic church its all about power and control, just study Europe in the middle ages. haven't u hear about the Holy Inquisition in Latin America. Its the same system of religion today, just working with other methods. All roads lead to Rome

  4. "what about the idolatry of gold that claimed 90% of the population of Mexico within five years of the churchs spanish conquistadors landing in Mexico"

    What in the hell are you talking about? Where did you get your fucked up dis-information? You probably hate Catholics because you find yourself too weak to pursue spiritual goals.

  5. This guy (Pope) has some serious house cleaning of his own before he points fingers. It's easy to call on Mexico to stop the violence. Hell, we all say it as we look at BB. But this guy personally shuffled pedophile priests from town to town before they were sued. Plenty of signed documents by his own pen acknowledging abuse and how they plan on making it go away. He needs to let the authorities come after his own people who have made his church look like a swap meet for boys. Even in Yuma, AZ, right now our number one most wanted isn't a drug smuggler or killer, it's a priest who skipped town after being found guilty of abusing boys for years. And I'd bet all the popes goofy hats that they know exactly where he is and he is abusing boys in a new town at this second.

  6. Don't hate pope or Catholics, but if you want to know the truth about the Catholic organization go here and do some research of your own. Http://

  7. i don't hate catholics

    but i do hate greed ,avarice murder ,rape ,robbery, corruption, perversion, pedophilia,etc.

    you dispute the fact that the church blessed the efforts of the spanish in robbing Mexico?...


    organized religion has nothing to do with spirituality

    buy the papi's is only 699.00 even mentions Jesus

    1. The Catholic church has robed all the world of the truth and doctrines of the bible not just the gold. Catholic church is the biggest best organized MAFIA there is.. studying there doctrines and they are not biblical. Peace

  8. return the gold murderers.
    From the Far East to the end-user South America in the most primitive and in the most sophisticated cultures, man has pursued gold from the beginning of recorded history. The Aztecs and other nearby tribes mined gold in the Mexican hills for centuries. Hover, in the 1500s, the Spaniards came to Mexico seeking gold and spices. When they saw the Aztec gold, the spices were quickly forgotten. Under Cortez, the Spaniards pillaged and plundered, massacring 50,000 Indians in their lust for the gold of King Montezuma and King Guatemoc. The golden booty from one battle was so great that it took three days to divide the king's treasures among the 580 Conquistadors. With victory, Cortez gained entry to the southern Mixtec provinces with their rich alluvial workings where the sand and clay, deposit by flowing water, contained gold. From these same workings, Mexico still extracts 200,000 ounces of gold a year.

    In 1531 in Peru, Cortez’ countryman Pizarro was also bent on conquest. He pushed high into the mountains of the Indies, where the Incas were reported to have glorious stores of gold and silver. In a battle which lasted only half an hour, 6000 Incas were killed and Pizarro and his men enriched themselves with the fabulous golden booty. Motivated solely by the desire for material gain, the Spaniards melted down an estimated 13 tons of gold and artifacts because ingots were easier to divide and transport. One of the great cultural treasures of the world was lost forever.

  9. tex or other admin. missing man
    McALLEN — An Austin area family is frantic after members said their son and brother Carl Jonathan Wiegand went missing near Falcon Dam earlier this month.

    Gretchen Wiegand Mayo said her family last heard from her brother March 9. He had gone to Monterrey to visit family. For a while, no one realized he was missing because a family uncle passed away that week and, in the midst of funeral preparations, everyone assumed he had been in touch with someone.

    But when Wiegand never showed up to join the mourners and the family began to compare notes they realized no one had spoken to him. They contacted police in his hometown of Lockhart, but were unable to establish danger and had no idea where he had last been.

    They started contacting friends from all periods of his life, until they finally got in touch with friends from McAllen, who said Wiegand had been on his way to visit them March 10.

    “They said he called about 9 p.m. and he was near the Falcon Lake Dam, but it was dark and it was closed … so he was going to drive farther south and look for a bridge that was open,” Wiegand Mayo said. “They called him back about an hour, hour-and-a-half later and he didn’t answer the phone.

    “When we got that information from his friends in McAllen, then the police took us seriously that there really was a problem.”

    Wiegand is described as a white male in his mid-30s, 5 feet 9 inches tall and 165 pounds, with brown hair and eyes. He was driving a 1998 maroon Chevrolet Blazer with Texas plates.

    His sister described him as kind, low-key, well-traveled and “the kind of person who would help anyone.” He is a freelance computer technician, graphic designer and artist.

    Wiegand Mayo said she was especially frightened for her brother in light of other problems in that area, including when jet-skier David Hartley was reportedly gunned down by Mexican “pirates” on Falcon Lake in September 2010.

    “We’re really scared,” she said. “We all know that there’s a bulletin out to avoid this area and we can’t figure out why he didn’t know that. … It’s not like him to be that bold-faced that he would just step into danger like that.”

    Wiegand Mayo said the family has been in touch with various law enforcement agencies, from local police to the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey. The four siblings, parents and extended family have all taken on a different part of the search.

    “In the first four to five days you have that shock reaction: ‘This can’t really be happening’ … and then the panic really sets in,” she said. “Anybody would have the general sense that the longer things delay, the less chance we have of finding him.”

  10. @10:49
    I have no idea why this took so long to hit the press. Two weeks?

  11. In your creepiest german accent..."It has come to my knowledge that Just like Elian Gonzalez who was once a nubile young boy, Communism has grown unattractive as it grows older, too. For this reason, Cuba must end it's communist grasp that starves the young boys and makes them fear older men." I'm sure that was what he wanted to say.

  12. Only God can save Mexico,so Pope can be very usefull guest.

    1. Just what is it that god can do?

  13. Maybe Pope will meet with Pope in Z-1's church

  14. if i were pope i would pull a father hidalgo on the asses of the cowardly cartels. say a speech that will get the citizens to rise up.
    start by going to colony ejido Francisco Villa.
    then demand the people that cut off the hands of the 18 month old baby in Tijuana. build on that rinse and repeat.

  15. Didn't the gold that was stolen from The Americas go to The Queen of Spain? You Catholic bashers are blinded by your prejudice and are grasping for straws. Re-direct your rage at the conquest of the U.S. Lands in which Native Americans were bountied and shot on site by U.S. Citizens persuing the California gold rush. Let's blame Obama (sarcasm).

  16. RE: Carl Jonathan Wiegan
    Can you tell me if you know, why did the family wait so long, almost 2 wks, before reporting him missing?

    do you know the family?

    Travelling in the dark?
    I would have called the consulate in Mata. BUT I will say something that may shock more than a few. When the Tamps fosas were in the news, through my investigation I found there were 5 missing Americans in Mata or near Mata. But the US was saying nothing about it.

    It is a foreign country, those who think the US will save you are ssdly mistaken. One American was taken off a hijacked bus. Good people, not involved in narco activity, going into Mex for dentist work or whatever. They did announce a month or so ago DNA did identify at least one American in the fosa. All the families gave DNA....paz, chivis

  17. i don't know the family but i felt their pain so i called them and told them that BB has some eyes and ears in mexico. not sure if they will try to reach out to BB though. the family gave out a number but all i got was a spokesperson probly a leo but i gave the bb web address anyway.
    The family is asking for anyone with information to call 512-230-1377. They are offering a reward.

  18. I have already tweeted the information and will do in both languages more times.

  19. Why such hatred toward Catholics..who are usually pretty decent people? could never get away with saying such negative things about blacks, gays or Jews...but Catholics are everyone's target.The church has mystical beauty, a two thousand year old tradition..beautiful art..established the college system..has educated millions..founded hospitals &universities..The priest scandal was question,but most priest are dedicated solid good souls..who work very hard to inspire & assist in their communities.Catholics have contributed to civilization..but some are determined to put them out of business.

    1. Just want to say the truth about the Catholic church, That's it. All It's doctrines are not from the bible, they are just traditions man made from the popes. Pope is all about business look what said day. The pope said "idolatry of money" lies behind the violence in Mexico, It's the money his worry about because the vatican is not receiving the same amount of money since Mexican president declare war on the cartels

  20. The Pope decries drug violence?

    How many divisions does the Pope have?” -Josef Stalin

    Decry all you want!

  21. First off dooshbags, keep the history to a history forum. No one cares and its irrelevant.

    Second, be thankful the pope came and said what no one can say there in fear of their lives. I think he can be just what Mexico needs at the right time, and I hope it has a positive impact...even if only on one person somewhere out there

  22. "if i were pope i would pull a father hidalgo on the asses of the cowardly cartels. say a speech that will get the citizens to rise up."

    Hidalgo started the revolution by going from one jail to the next letting out the prisoners at each one. Probably similar to what Mexicans can now look forward to.

    The drug war is a satanic "SETUP"

  23. He should go to Lazcano's church andbless the innocent human skulls that founded that fucking creepy temple.

  24. @ B chivis

    you are totally correct to warn Americans about the reality concerning our governments attitude about protecting US citizens...there is no concern or any real attempt to protect US citizens in Mexico...



    and as far as people hating catholics ...i think the negatives are directed toward the institution specifically ...and towards organized religion in general

    i personally respect any spiritual person, as i think most other people do

    the only religion i do confess to despise is the jewish ..and only because that religion claims exclusive access to god , and is very specific in their doctrine in stating that all other humans are beneath them as gods chosen people...

    Jesus said to the jews "you have taken away the keys to the kingdom of heaven and locked them away, i am here to open the kingdom of heaven to all of humanity"

    this is the foundation of the "christian" faith is tragic that from these beginnings we have some of the modern version of christianity today

    Martin Luther fought against the control the church had in denying the common person acsees to god

    read the bible for yourself..jesus said each person is responsible for their own salvation...

    1. The bible does actually call it (the key) and It's purpose is to bring us to Christ, to unlock the door of the savior. Jesus said I am the door by me if any man enter in, he will be saved. Much of the church today doesn't even know it exist. The pope was in mexico 3 days and did not mention Jesus name not even onces. Jesus said that the lawyers had taken alway the key, and had even refused to use it to let people enter into the kingdom of God, because they bent it out of shape so that it wouldn't work and the Vatican is doing the same, he never preaches the door and the door is Jesus. By there deeds you will know them the pope is deceiving many and thats because they don't study the Holy bible. Wake up people

  25. decry this...

  26. "Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

    Hebrews 13.5

    Palabra de Dios !!!
    (Whether you like the Catholic Church or not)


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