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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Polls: Mexico’s presidential race tightens as PRI lead drops, PAN Candidate Josefina Vazquez Now Within 7 points

Left to right: Pena, Vasquez and Obrador
Terra Noticias- "The gap between Mexican presidential candidates Josefina Vasquez Mota of the ruling National Action Party (PAN) and current favorite Enrique Pena Ñieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has shrunk considerably, according to a poll released Thursday.

The quarterly survey from GEA/ISA was published by the Mexican daily El Milenio and stated that 36% would vote for the PRI candidate while 29% would vote for Vasquez Mota of the PAN—a difference of 7 percentage points. This is the first time that the distance between Vasquez Mota and Pena Ñieto has been in single digits.

The previous quarterly poll, administered in November of 2011, revealed a difference of 25 percentage points between the two candidates, with 44% supporting Pena Ñieto and 19% supporting Vasquez Mota.

The poll shows Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador from the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution in third place with 17% of potential voters preferring his candidacy.

The study was carried out between February 17-19th by polling 1,000 people in their homes. The study has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.
Mexicans will go to the polls on the 1st of July to choose a new president. The PAN has been the governing presidential party since 2000.

The PRI is trying to regain the presidency which it lost in 2000 after seven consecutive decades of executive rule.

“I am enthused by the result of the GEAISA poll where we’re only 7 points away from passing the leader,” wrote Vasquez Mota on her Twitter account.

Pena Ñeto has been leading in the polls for over a year."
Translated from Spanish


  1. There is only 1 question. Will the votes be counted correctly. I assume there are no outside monitoring ??

  2. I'm Puerto Rican and have been to Mexico several times and I believe the true honesty and good hearts of the Mexican people will make the right choice! Mexico will overcome and be the beautiful Paradise it once was.

  3. The PAN has had 12 years to make a difference in Mexico and they've been a miserable failure.

    The toady Calderon has done nothing to elevate the Mexican people from poverty or to alleviate the monopolies of people like Carlos Slim Helu.

    Say what you will about the PRI, but if it weren't for presidents like Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico's oil would still be owned by Shell and Exxon, instead of the Mexican people.

    There have been some corrupt presidents under the PRI, but a least they didn't go to war against their own people, and there is more accountability as more Mexicans gain access to modern utilities, making any changes palpable and real.

  4. Hope there is no more corruption in the fucking country and the economy gets better so people can be employed and don't have to join the cartels.

  5. Neto is the Zeta candidate, right? Is Vasquez the Sinaloa candidate? Which cartel(s) are backing Obrador? After all just like the big banks and Wall Street run the US, the cartels run Mexico.

    1. Zetas are backing obrador. Golfo peña. Sinaloa mota

    2. Nop wrong ,Pri are Zetas Pan cartel del Golfo, and Prd are La familia Michoacana

  6. IIf pena nieto wins salinas and his political cartel will rule again. Pri has no moral right whatsoever to talk about accountability of corruption,Cardenas was looong time ago and he was a GENERAL pri turn to shit in the seventies calderon at least is killing bad guys,its a war and usually there is innocents that get caught up. But who was the army killing in tlatelolco? Kids. What about ur dirty war in the 60s and 70s. Against students and unions members. Corruption is everywhere but u guys take the pinche enchilada. After Moreira stole millions of dollars from Coahuila pri made him ur national president,Herrera my god Veracruz seems like ghetto after he got done with it.Marin in Puebla a fucking pedophile and thief.Malova in Sinaloa capital del narco in Mexico lickin the guevos del chapo y mayo zambada.Why did salinas run to Ireland right after he was out? All these motherfuckers hijos de puta stole and keep stealing for their pockets and to pitch in for Punetas Nieto campaign.

  7. Another person with no knowledge of history. It's kind of sad.

    Lazaro Cardenas was many things before he was president, although first and foremost he was training to be a TEACHER before he entered politics.

    Lazaro Cardenas never was in the military, but he cut the presidential salary in half, promoted land reform, allocated more money for rural education, and built roads and schools.

    I can't imagine anyone with a military background doing half that.

    1. And he kicked the gringos out of Mexico! Sorry Mister but this petroleum belongs to Mexico.

  8. Might as well say "what cartel do you want to see in office?"

    1. Yeah! Remember that president Bush was a really good friend of Zeta boss and Gulf cartel administrator, Tamaulipas ex-governor Tomas Yarrington Ruvalcaba. So you tell us mexicans, which one you want. The Obama, the Bush, the Romney, or the Santorum cartel, they' are all the same and with close connections in Mexico.

  9. Hoo please people be smart and understand we the people do not chose our president rich people do so do not vote is just a big lie the new president is already been chosen by the mexican richest people

  10. At least all mexican presidents were born in mexico, not like the one you voted into the white house that don't even have a legal birth certificate.

  11. I trust Prieto as far as I can throw both he and "Mitt'sy"! Neither one know anything about what is going on around them. Nieto didn't know what he as read (he does not read; he is "told what to do" and just "takes orders") nor did he know anything about the price of tortillas?

    Mitt is the same way!

    Now this Mora candidate is refreshing!

  12. My prediction is that Humberto Moreira will be back. PRI had no choice but to keep him in the closet until after the election. If Calderon was wise he would open a federal investigation NOW against Moreira. As it is the so called investigation is too generalized and with Moreira's brother the new governor...i mean come on! I predict if Pena gets in there will be a phantom investigation that will "clear" Moreira and he will rise to the top again. He was promised something. and it has to be big.

    To the reader that says it is the RICH that vote people in and folks have no control.

    With mindset like that Mexico will never change. If that be the case or the case of measurable corruption in voting PRI would have never been kicked out. I live in Mx and everyone I know takes the monthly $ for their vote, goes to the lavish campaign parties or accepts goods for votes. There is little responsibilty "what can I do? what can one person do?" That, my friend is the problem....Paz, Chivis

  13. My prediction is that Humberto Moreira will be back. PRI had no choice but to keep him in the closet until after the election.

    Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, current PRI president announced last week that Moreira was aboard studying for a master's degree.

    My guess: It isn't in government finance.

  14. The Moreira bros did 2 things that protect them unless a federal investigation steps in.

    Selecting Javier Villareal as their "Chivo Expiatorio" (scape goat)and Bert purchasing the majority of the newspapers an radio stations in Coa. thereby control and shape all things reported about them. (not bad for a lowly paid educator not coming from old money)

    Abroad? perhaps at his San Antonio multimillion $ home? It is where Vanessa was educated and their babies born.. It remains to be seen what happens because people loved his corrupted ass, however in my state of Coahuila people are beyond pissed, too bad bro-Moreira was voted in B4 shit hit the fan...Paz, Chivis

  15. Chivis come on you know I'm right when I say rich and powerfull mexicans are the ones who elect the mexican president and not the regular people , do you remenber 1986 elecction and 2006 one , do not tell me that lazaro cardenas and amlo did not win those elecctions,

  16. For decades a long succession of Mexican presidents -- all of them members of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which may very well retake the office this year -- sat quietly in Los Pinos while drug trafficking grew exponentially and the cartels morphed into international terrorist organizations which today threaten the domestic security of many nations, including the U.S.

    When PAN president Felipe Calderón decided that "enough was enough" five years ago, the widespread corruption in local agencies and infiltration by the cartels necessitated reliance upon federal troops. It's hard to trust a street cop who earns $300 USD per month. Anyone who does not understand these realities is simply ignorant of contemporary Mexican history.

    Now PRI is loudly proclaiming they have learned from their years in power and from the last 12 years of being the main opposition party and they are not the PRI of yesteryear but have a new face. But looking at all the corruption being uncovered about PRI governors, (including Moreira),prosecutors who were fired or resigned and ran before they could be investigate, I wonder when they took on that new face.

    Remember last summer when Soldiers in Tijuana arrested one of Mexico's most colorful and wealthiest politicians, Hank Rhon (PRI), claiming they had found 88 weapons on his property near the border city's racetrack. PRI chief Humberto Moreira, speaking in San Luis Potosi, lashed out at the arrest of Hank Rhon.
    "As a party, we will not permit this kind of witch hunt, or acts of repression or intimidation, to begin," Moreira said. The charges were dropped a few days later.
    A 2009 U.S. diplomatic cable obtained by WikiLeaks said Hank is "widely believed to have been a corrupt mayor and to be still involved in narco-trafficking."
    Hank is known for a passion for wild animals, maintaining a huge private menagerie. In 1995, he was briefly arrested in Mexico City's airport with 12 suitcases filled with ivory, pearls and endangered animals' pelts. He was released within hours, fortifying the family's reputation as being "untouchable."

    It was either Hank or his father, ex-mayor of Mexico City Carlos Hank Gonzales (PRI), who stated what I think is the guiding principal on which PRI is built; "If a politician is poor, he is a poor politician".

    What PRI needs is not a new face but a new soul.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. man, that PRI candidate is one good looking guy, I hope he wins

  19. Mexicans must be STRONG the future can be good but Mexico needs to clean up not go back to old ways that gave Mexico its reputation of total corruption. Calderon has started the process it MUST continue Mexico can become a decent functioning Country. PAN is the best choice.

  20. I've been living in Mexico for 8 yrs. now and believe that the PRI is a mafia. So many corrupt politicians in that party. I think Calderon is a good president and has truly tried to make things better for the mexican people. I think mexico could use a female president today because I think they're less corruptive. I believe PAN is the better choice being that they appear to be more honest and have a female candidate.

  21. Enrique Pena Ñieto,,,,would you buy a used car off this man ? Yet,he may become president of Mexico.The status quo on corruption and drug moneys can then be re-established.This situation Mexico is now going through,is partly this party's fault.Everyone knows it,they allowed it to fester and grow,now it has become an almost disastrous"policy"for Mexico.Can it be rectified?At least Calderon said"enough is enough"Corruption has debased every facet of Mexican society,and now approach a precipice of decision.Here is the problem with politics the world over."Not the best people for the job,but the people with the most money and influence"Who else is there to vote for?



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