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Monday, March 12, 2012

More Mexican Mayhem: Juarez Edition

By Chris Covert

Five unidentified men were shot to death and a woman was wounded in a shooting at a Chihuahua, Chihuahua beauty salon Monday evening, according to Mexican news accounts.

The shooting took place at the Performance Salon near the intersection of calles 39th and José Joaquin Calvo in San Rafael colony east of Zona Centro in the city.
Scene outside Performance Salon in Chihuahua city

Shooters arrived at the barber establishment aboard two vehicles, dismounted and started firing.  Two of the victims were waiting for a haircut, while a third was already receiving service.

The other two victims attempted to flee the fusillade by foot but were caught by gunfire.

Five other individuals were killed in ongoing drug and gang related violence in Chihuahua state, including two Ciudad Juarez municipal police agents.
  • A man was found shot to death in Juarez Monday. José Murguia Gomez, 35, was found near the intersection of calles Batopilas and Carlos Adame in Anahuac colony.  The victim was shot following a foot pursuit.
  • An unidentified woman was found dead near Juarez Monday.  The victim was found in Campesina colony near the intersection of calles José Isabel Sanchez and Benito Juarez.
  • An unidentified employee of an eating establishment was shot to death early Monday morning in Juarez.  An armed suspect entered the place in Partido Romero colony near the intersection of Avenida 16 de Septiembre and Calle Emilia Calvillo, shouting at the victim before shooting him.
  • Two undercover Ciudad Juarez municipal police agents were shot and killed Monday.    The agents were observing an attempted hijacking of a food delivery truck at a grocery store in Rancho Anapra colony near the  intersection of calles Quimera and Remora.  The two agents attempted to detain the armed suspects when the suspects opened fire on the officers killing them.  The El Diario de Coahuila news story said that 16 Juarez municipal police officers have been killed in the line of duty since the start of the year.
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  1. What should the local police learn from this??? Shoot first ask questions later, if they have frame these crooks than so be it.

  2. if you see them in the commission of a crime just shoot. I don't think they should attempt to take any criminals into custody until they thin down the herd of filth.


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