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Friday, March 2, 2012

More confrontations in Zacatecas state lead to 10 dead bad guys

By Chris Covert

Mexican security forces in Zacatecas state fought four gun battles with armed groups since last Wednesday, killing 10 armed suspects and seizing a number of weapons, according to Mexican news accounts.

Policia Federal units along with a detachment of Mexican Army troops of the 11th Military zone encountered an armed group near the village of Chaparrosa in Villa de Cos municipality. Gunfire exchanged between security forces and the armed group led to eight individuals killed, including three women. Two Policia Federal effectives were reportedly wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

The remainder of the armed group managed to escape from security forces heading towards Panuco, towards the southwest.

Policia Federal column in Villa de Cos

In the village of Milpillas de Allende in Teul de Gonzalez Ortega municipality at around 1910 hrs Thursday morning, a detachment with the Mexican 11th Military Zone observed three vehicles with armed suspects aboard.

The suspects attempted to flee, then opened fire on the army patrol. All three vehicles were abandoned by the armed group.

Soldiers found one unidentified dead individual aboard one vehicle, and seized nine AK-47 rifles, one AR-15 rifle, weapons magazines, 8,000 rounds of ammunition and the three vehicles, all reported as stolen.

Early Friday morning at around 0045 hrs, an army patrol detachment came under small arms fire from armed suspects travelling aboard a Jeep Patriot near the village of El Salero in Concepcion del Oro municipality. Army return fire forced the suspects to abandon the vehicle. The suspects left behind nine rifles, 52 weapons magazines, 512 rounds of ammunition, one grenade, tactical and communications gear, personal quantities of marijuana and the vehicle.

Thursday morning near the village of Sierra Milpillas in Valparaiso municipality, a patrol with the Mexican 53rd Infantry Battalion came under small arms fire. Army return fire hit and killed on unidentified individual. An unknown number of others escaped.

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  2. its allah akbar you dumb ass and it means god is great

  3. "More confrontations in Zacatecas state lead to 10 dead bad guys" So whoe are the bad guys? Cartel members or politicians?

  4. Wasnt zacatecas the main safe house for the zetas? I guess they dont have that much money so they are loosing there protection


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