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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mexican military forces bag 6 bad guys

By Chris Covert
Updating with new information
The Mexican Secretaria de Defensa Nacional  (SEDENA) confirmed a total of six drug cartel operatives have been killed in several shootouts in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas on Tuesday afternoon, according to Mexican news reports.

Previous reports put the death toll at between 10 and 15 with many more wounded.
Shooting scene in Nuevo Laredo Tuesday

Shootings had been reported in western neighborhoods of the border city since mid morning.  Around noon,  several units of the Mexican Army and Naval Infantry forces moved into the area and sealed off eastern and northern approaches, presumably to prevent criminal shooters from escaping the military cordon.  The fighting stopped around 1500 hrs.

Reports also say that several more cartel shooters were wounded in the fighting.

The main location of at least one of the firefights was reportedly neighborhoods between Reservas Territoriales and Aquiles Serdan colonies along Avenida Lincon, which was apparently a running gunfight between cartel shooters and Mexican military forces.  Some firefights  were contained in an area of seven kilometers.

Reports say that citizens saw several individuals lying dead in the streets.  An unconfirmed report said that one of the scenes of shootings was a McDonald's restaurant near the intersection of calles Venezuela and Cesar Lopez de Lara. 

An unofficial report also said that one Mexican soldier died in the fighting.

Los Zetas practically own the Nuevo Laredo river crossing, so it is presumed the six dead were Los Zetas operatives.

Two cartel operatives were detained.

Solsiers also seized a number of contraband including six rifles, 71 weapons magazines, 1,555 rounds of ammunition, five 40mm grenades, one hand grenade, one grenade launcher and three vehicles.

Reports also say that two unidentified local leaders of Los Zetas in Nuevo Laredo have been shot, but those are unconfirmed reports.  The number two man in the Los Zetas criminal gang is Michael Trevino, AKA Z40, who controls the Nuevo Laredo crossing.

Los Zetas have in the past in other locations fought Mexican security forces whenever one of their leaders has been threatened with capture, tactics to include road blocks created through carjacking.  Those tactics were used extensively last Friday in Jalisco state, when elements of the Mexican Army captured two top leaders of the Jalsico Nuevo Generacion drug cartel.

Local government officials as well as US consulate officials in Nuevo Laredo have warned residents via Twitter accounts to stay clear of the zones.

Later reports say that simultaneous armed confrontations between Mexican security forces and drug cartel shooters have taken place in Ciudad Miguel Aleman and Piedra Negras, Coahuila, all river crossing cities generally considered to be Los Zetas territories.

Los Zetas have suffered losses in the last week, including 12 operatives killed in a firefight and pursuit with Mexican Army units in Ciudad Miguel Aleman in Tamaulipas.

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  2. Allow the milatary forces to re4ceive the reward money for capturing or killing cartle leaders and they will be caught very soon.
    500,000 million pesos in rewrds for zeta leaders! The zetas cannot nearly match this amount in bribes and soon you would see these shits captured! The military know where they are! THEY KNOW! THEY KNOW BUT ARE PAID TO NOT ARREST!

  3. Turn over L40 and lazca or all zetas will be destroyed! Time to get smart and align with a new tactic that will assure survival! L40 and lazcano are leading you to hell!

  4. Military going to kill all zetas! 100 dead zetas in 3 weeks!

  5. Gracias mi militaria!yo quisiera a viver en paz!

  6. @badanov I'm staring to like you as a reporter dude. Keep up the good work.

  7. Keep the presure on the zetas and they will have no money and ability to recruit more stooges!
    Only stooges would join zetas to die for L40 and LazcanO!

  8. ))) Once again they ve called los zetas "the bad guys". As far as I can see, we could assume that its a plot in favour of los de la ultima lettra! =))

  9. Army clearing the way for CDG commandos

  10. They have these Zeta bastards on the run! Kill every fucking one of them. Take no prisoners. Shoot to kill. There's gotta be thousands of these buggers in Nuevo Laredo and PN waiting to be killed. Call in B-52 strikes and level the city if you have to!

  11. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  12. Hit guerrero coahuila now

  13. ))) Once again they ve called los zetas "the bad guys". As far as I can see, we could assume that its a plot in favour of los de la ultima lettra! =))

    Not real clear on the concept of good versus evil, are you?

  14. Entonces puede ser q mataron al puto del culino z40 ese perro es el Que pone las extorciones secuestros coutas y todo el puto desmadre taria bien q lo mataran por Que muerto el perro se acava la ravia.

  15. Guerrero, coahUila is where z-41 is hiding at. Look for a stolen blue lobo

  16. Who would ever call Zetas bad guys? Bad is not enough they are not human, ROACHES that need to be stepped on, Next Gulfos,next wantabees, Criminals are lice on society, they contribute nothing, and need to be eliminated,wherever they are,Governors,Senators--whoever,wherever CLEAN UP !!

  17. Just read el sicario....anyone else read it or watch the documentary sicario room 164?

  18. lol Zeta's special forces my ass!! why do they think this of themselves? 15 gunmen dead and only 1 marine dead? this is the same with every cartel that seems to clash with the military they just get owned and its a good thing.

    As long as crackheads with guns are foolish enough to really think they are on the same level as fighting a professional military then they will keep getting their asses whooped!

    15 less low lives in the world I love it!!

  19. Ciduad Miguel aleman= CDG plaza

  20. its Miguel not Michael

  21. Reading the news update today, and SEDENA says that no soldiers died in the gunfight, and 2 cartel members taken into custody are providing valuable information about their boss.

  22. Thats good. Keep up the good work. You can't send them to prison cuz eventually they will break out. Exterminate is the only solution.


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