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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mexican Mayor Tackles Crime Rate

In Mexico, fighting organised crime has become an increasingly difficult and dangerous task.

But the mayor of San Pedro Garza Garcia, a small northern town, is claiming some success in lowering the crime rate.

Al Jazeera's Franc Contreras reports.


  1. To be fair, whether he has organized crime links or not, if he's maintaining peace and calm in the middle of the Nuevo Leon shitstorm of violence then good for him.

    Ina very difficult situation in which you don't have control of various external factors, taking unorthodox measures and makeing a few practical but effective compromises for those you're responsible to is a lot better than doing nothing and claiming "the law" as your defense.

    Furthemore the guy with the glasses really does make an idiotic statement. One of the fundamental aspects of the governments anti drug efforts includes regularly making arrangements with organized crime figure for the sake of eliminating other crime figures. The Calderon administration does exactly that all the time in its campaign.

    Since the whole war on drugs is largely illegitimate, corruption ridden bullshit on various levels anyways, the mayor is doing the practical and right thing in using underhand tactics to protect his constituents, instead of just sitting back and bleating for federal help.

  2. A wealthy suburb with a low crime rate? Astounding. I hope mayors in towns where folk don't have a pot to piss in are putting lizard skeletons on their coffee tables. Don't forget to study.

  3. The mayor has the best statistics. His monied neighborhood is safer than cities in the U.S and Europe. Nice, who would of thunk it. Also, statistically speaking, everyone in his local has one tit and testicle.

    So did he pay to have an informer kill those who tried to kill him or is that on the town's tab? Never mind the details, I'm sure they got it right and if not just scribble up another stipend. We are well on the way to being one big medieval fiefdom. Bravo.

  4. I get it, kind of like the peace that existed in Monterrey until the govt went for cartel heads, and all hell broke loose. bullshhhh....

  5. Nice house. I wonder if El H or Lazca live nearby?

  6. Would be quite interesting if someone found out that all the capos of all the main cartels were actually living in the same neighborhood.

    One article accusing him of links to Beltran Levy:

  7. If this place is one of the richest and safest places in Mexico, then I would imagine that lots of the cartel bosses live there and you don't shit where you eat.


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