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Friday, March 9, 2012

Mexican Army bags 12 bad guys in Tamaulipas

By Chris Covert

Updating this story posted last Wedensday

A total of eight armed suspects were killed by Mexican Army riflemen in a pursuit and firefight in Miguel Aleman, Tamauplias Wednesday, while another four armed suspects were killed in a town near Matamoros, according to news posted at the website of the Mexican Secretaria de Defensa Nacional (SEDENA), the controlling agency for the Mexican Army.

Earlier Twitter accounts Wednesday put the death toll in the Miguel Aleman pursuit and gunfight at between 10 and 12 armed suspects, if SEDENA is reporting about the same firefight.
Miguel Aleman Wednesday evening.

Two unidentified armed suspects were also detained following the gunfight.

Earlier reports also said the exchange of gunfire took place at a residence in Gomez colony but SEDENA reports the firefight took place in San Pedro colony.  Twitter reports say the gunfire and pursuit began at about 1400 from an attempted traffic stop near the intersection of calles Insurgentes and 10th, while SEDENA reports nothing about a pursuit.

Following the gunfight, soldiers seized 13 rifles, one handgun, 16 grenades, 36 weapons magazines,  7,692 rounds of ammunition, USD $6,240 (MP $78,989.04) and MP $163,200.00 (USD $12892.52) in cash, and three vehicles.

Meanwhile at the rural village of Sabinito near Matamoros, a Mexican Army patrol came under small arms fire by an unknown number of armed suspects.  Army return fire killed four.

Apparently the armed group had been holding five unidentified hostage, who were released following the gunfight.

In the aftermath, soldiers seized four rifles, one hand grenade, 61  weapons magazines, 1.335 rounds of ammunition, containers with armor plating, weapons accessories and three vehicles.

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  1. Zetas pendejos mamaron por lentos con los soldados

  2. Mexico so desperately needs the death penalty! They do not have enough secure prisons to hold even half of all the criminal scum in Mexico! Calderon needs to grow some nuts on his balls and declare Marshal Law and put a $5,000.00 bounty on all the heads of cartel members!

  3. Zetas bolas de traicioneros! Se la pelan al cartel verdadero CDG!

  4. Proof:

  5. The ruling elites have stolen too much. No opportunity! No stability!


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