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Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19th Mayhem in Monterrey: 9 die

By Chris Covert

Six unidentified individuals were shot to death in an apparent pursuit and ambush in Apodaca municipality, Nuevo Leon Monday afternoon, according to Mexican news accounts.

The victims were aboard their Nissan Sentra sedan in La Encarnacion colony when armed suspects, who had been following them shot them.  The attack took place on Calle Ignacio Sepulveda.

Three of the victims attempted to flee the gunfire but were hit a short distance away.

Three other individuals were murdered in ongoing drug and gang violence in Monterrey.
  • Two unidentified youths were shot to death Monday morning.  The victims were near the intersection of Calles Lazaro Cardenas and Calle Praga in El Torre colony aboard a Jeep Patriot SUV  when they were struck by gunfire. The victims were apparently pursued by their attackers before they were killed.
  • An unidentified individual was found dead aboard a vehicle in Arturo B. de la Garza colony in south Monterrey.  The vehicle had been immolated.

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  1. i am in Monterrey ,,and i am not seeing all the halcones that were before..which is a great thing...those bastards were really creepy...but the strange thing is that the usually busy streets B juarez y FCO Madero are not very busy,,,i was just at Mercado Juarez and that area is usually so crowded to walk..but not now,,,mebbe it is the time of day but it is strange..the overall feel of Monterrey is mas seguro...but still something is there...people say the Fuerzas Civil are helping..i hope so...they have a veritable fortress in Apodoca...the noticias were full of all kinds of crazy violence..i will try to post some details later

  2. "lito :brito" Bro,any word on who the 5 kids were,who were killed in the Topo Chico colony walkway?Any idea?Were they halcones?Been no word at all,on them,what were they up to,and why they got killed.

  3. ok the high points..the marinas did some kind of operation in real details...just showed them on telediario moving into the barrio...i guess they are gonna clean the nest of the putoZ....and the militares rescued an ex alcalde who had been sequestered in Linares...the rest were the general run of the mill malos stealing cars ..a couple who robbed a store for some cigarettes..using a machete and a antique single shot pistol..and so on

    the Fuerzas Civil are getting a lot of air time..looking sharp in the new uniforms

    they just did a drive through by the colonia where i am at ..looking good ...looking good

  4. Anonymous said...

    "lito :brito" Bro,any word on who the 5 kids were,who were killed in the Topo Chico colony walkway?Any idea?Were they halcones?Been no word at all,on them,what were they up to,and why they got killed.
    March 21, 2012 6:53 PM

    nothing is not my colonia no one really knows ...there is so much going on like that here that just a few kids killed dosen't hardly make the news...and when you ask ...the answer is usually se...

    it could have been they were halcones..little street dealers...ladrons..

    or just as likely they were killed for some sort of retaliation for something some one else did ..or even mistaken identity

    right now telediario is reporting some kind of ongoing big balacera in apodaca..always some shit there or guadalupe

  5. "lito"brito .
    OK bro,ye man,it is naughty around there.I heard they may not be players,but got killed because they were pissing someone off.Man,they look like young bucks,killed for not fallin into line.As you say,not newsworthy?More shit in Apodaca?


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