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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14th Mayhem in Monterrey: 8 die

By Chris Covert

Five unidentified youths were shot to death on a private drive in Monterrey Wednesday afternoon, according to Mexican press reports.

The teens, all under age 18, had apparently admitted their shooters to a private gathering near the intersection of Privada Almazan and Calle Benitez in Topo Chico colony.

Three other individuals were killed in ongoing drug and gang related violence in and around Monterrey.
  • The son of an unidentified Nuevo Leon state ministerial police agent was shot to death in an apparent mugging in Monterrey Tuesday night.  The shooting took place at the agent's residence on calle Leopoldo Gonzalez Saenz in Burocratas Municipales colony.  Apparently the shooters dismounted from a Nissan Tsuru sedan and demanded of the youth a handheld computer.  When the youth refused, he was shot to death.
  • A city worker in Apodaca was shot to death in Apodaca Wednesday.  Jose Arnulfo Hernandez Diaz, 31, was working on a traffic signal near the intersection of calles Lopez Mateos and Concordia when armed suspects aboard a Volkswagen Jetta sedan fired on him.   Hernandez Diaz attempted to seek refuge from the attack, but was brought down by gunfire.  His attackers finished him off with shots to the head.
  • An unidentified taxi driver was shot to death Wednesday morning in San Nicolas de los Garza municipality.  The driver was aboard his taxi near the intersection of calles Arroyo and Vicente Acosta in the Valle de Santo Domingo colony, when armed suspects aboard a pickup truck and a sedan fired on him.
  • A Mexican Army soldier was savagely beaten in Monterrey Wednesday.  Jose de Jesus Jimenez, 23, was visiting a girlfriend when he was attacked by five men near the intersection of Avenida Alfonso Reyes and Calle José María Bocanegra in Industrial colony.
  • A taco vendor was shot and wounded in Apodaca Wednesday. Mario Angel Sosa Aguilera was shot near the intersection of calles Chopo and Santa Rosa by shooters travelling aboard a Volkswagen Jetta.  It is suspected the attackers were the same ones who killed an Apodaca city worker.

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  1. We need more details on the killing of the so-called youths lying dead in the street. Some look like kids under 13 y/o?

    There are many questions in my mind about this disgusting event.


    1. This area has always been ghetto for decades.and the penitentiary is in this area.a lot of times is kids killing kids. These are not sicarios, narcotraficantes or whatever they want to call themselves.

  2. Narco or no narco,the general lawlesness of Mexico is clear, there needs to be a general upgradein the standards of conduct. The Mexicans who have wound up in Texas over the last few decades account for a huge percentage of crime here and to top it off they all get court appointed lawyers. If these people had grown up in a civalized country we would all benefit Mexico,and the US.

    1. Mexico is a civilized country just as much as the US. To eradicate this chaos going on education is needed, as much as decent pay jobs & the legalization of drugs in the entire US. The war on drugs has created this narco against narco against government war. This Narco war is getting fueled by the millions of Americans who get high, and the somehow not tightly controlled gun sell. There you have it: loose legal gun laws and illegal drugs. Perfect equation for a narco war. They keep killing one another so they can be the one whom Americans get drugs from. Ignorance prevails in the US too, clearly shown by calling Mexico uncivilized. Duh.

  3. Most likely just thiefs.

  4. your mind is wild

  5. Yes, they do look about 13 y/o and this tragedy is disgusting! Pobres chavitos.....people always say, "who knows what they may have been involved in" but never stop to think that they were probably killed by police or gang recruiters, since they work together anyway, because they refused to get involved in something unlawful....

  6. Hey brothers do think that are we really need this? , do you think that Calderon' gov is winning the battle?, do you think as mexican we will continue promoting this? enougth no more wars no more victims, pinche gobierno de mierda......Voten por cualquiera menos por el PAN.

  7. March 17, 2012 6:40 AM So you want to continue whit all the corrupted officials and more narco power? You want powerful narcos controlling Mexico? Do you really think that the war will go away whit a new political party?

  8. THE TRUTH HURTS,BUT MEXICAN PEOPLE REFUSE TO SEE THE TRUTH.Of course there is corruption and violence in EVERY country.But what Mexico has,is on a whole different level.

  9. I am a 53 year old man,lived there 'till my mid-twenties,this is now a waste land of what once was the best city in our beutifull Mexico.


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