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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Cost of Haircuts in Chihuahua

Follow up to the post by Chris Covert:

Five men were killed by gunfire by an armed commando in the streets of neighboring Barrio de Londres just south of the city of Chihuahua.

The violent incident happened on the streets of J.J. Calvo and 39th where the armed group entered a beauty salon located in the neighborhood.

Two of the sicarios gunned down three men who were inside the business, two of them that were sitting waiting to be served, and the third who was cutting hair.

Two other men who were in the salon managed to briefly escape, but were slain by a third man waiting outside leaving their bodies on the street.

The sicarios fled Immediately disappearing into the streets in two vehicles.

The event created panic in the neighborhood and witnesses called authorities to report the execution.

Police officers of various departments were mobilized immediately to the scene, and on arrival, cordoned off the area to keep onlookers from contaminating the scene and started their investigation.

At the scene authorities were able to find several shell casings of a 9mm caliber weapon.

To date the victims have not been identified, but they appeared to be very young.

Also in the city three mantas (blankets with messages) commonly used by organized crime were left early in the morning in various part of the city.

The blankets were found during the first hours of the day, the first one on at the pedestrian bridge located on Tecnológico Avenue that intersects José María Mary, the second was found at Vialidad los Nogales on the street Sosa Vera and the third was on the pedestrian bridge on Avenida Pacheco and JJ Calvo avenue.

One of the banners read: "What is up, are you all going to continue killing innocent people like the ones from 'La Quinta Banda' responsible Javier Hernandez the garlic clove and the brothers of El Flaco Saigeiro, I will give the information you seek, Manuel Salas, but you hide them like you have the enemy in your house and never give details of them because you have them bought. Fucking Governor."


  1. Ha ha ha! The price of haircuts!
    Mexico is just an evil joke.
    Keep going only 80million more to go!

  2. Where's all the people that keep saying El flaco salguerio wasn't GN anymore! Where's that guy El lobo aren't you "gn"? Are you gonna let all these people disrespect the GN like that!! He is la GN! That goes the same for Los Cabrera. Now El m10 that's a whole different truth that they won't admit!haha

  3. The banner mentions Flacos brothers, rumor is they still have a presence and strong hold in parts of Chihuahua. For the people that said El Flaco was no more GN, where is the evidence?
    That he was doing his own thing, moving weight. Well alot of people in Mexico do their own thing and move weight, Flaco was a traketero way before he became GN. If you know the dudes story he had been pushing weight since the 90's.
    Wether he was on the out's is another thing. He just had too much on his plate, waging a war, moving weight. Hiding from the govt. and his rivals. His day were numbered.

  4. The Mexican government is part to blame. When the government made guns illegal and impossible to own they took the right for the good people to defend them selves.

  5. so that barber gave free haircuts

  6. @ March 13, 2012 2:54 PM: so why does the US have a much higher murder rate than other "developed" nations???
    Answer: because any asshole can buy a gun! In Europe and several Asian countries guns are hard to come by and there are a lot less murders ...

  7. It's not the price of a hair cut . It's the price of been involved with drugs...
    I read in another site and says that one of the guys murder was wanted by the DEA aperantelly he was working by the __________' but the contras got to them first......
    I find it very hard to believe that gunmen just drive around killing inocents... They are delivering bullets that's what they are doing and then hide like roaches

    1. You are so full of crap! You must be a gn cheerleader! The guy getting a haircut was from mochis,a gn,with his two associates,also gn,they got popped by la linea of the is known as guero and we all know how he hated la linea cause they killed his dad and brother for working for el chapo.guero had just got back in town,spotted by the halcones de la linea and popped! Sorry gn cheerleader,had to bust your bubble!!!

  8. March 16, 2012 10:00 PM. Preach man preach,left his dad with a message,and finally murked his ass,thanks for the input hermano,keep postin on this shit.Everybody got different agendas.


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