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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Canadian Gangsters in Over Their Heads in Mexico

Borderland Beat
Kendall and Ivans executed in Puerto Vallarta
View an informative new video "OPINION: DRUG WARS" featuring an interview with Walter McCay.  McCay is a Canadian living in Mexico working as a consultant on policing and security issues  see video at bottom of this post....Paz, Chivis 

Gangsters from British Columbia are increasingly doing business with drug cartels in Mexico — a recklessly naïve trend that has resulted in five deaths in the past four years, police say.
As part of a weeklong series on the effects of the Mexican drug war, CBC News spoke with law enforcement officials in B.C.'s Lower Mainland who say the killings are a clear sign greed is driving local gangs to do business in Mexico.

"It's just naiveté — they have no idea who they're messing with," said Doug Spencer, a former gang investigator with the Vancouver Police Department.

"They're messing with people that kill 50 people and decapitate their heads and throw them in a grave — an unnamed grave — and these gangsters up here think they can go down there and play ball with those guys? They're finding out pretty quick what it's like, right?"

In January, Salih Abdulaziz Sahbaz — who police say was the cartel contact for B.C.'s United Nations gang — was shot to death in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. According to news reports from the area, he was shot as many as nine times with a high-powered weapon.
BC United Nations Gang High Ranking Member,  Salih Abdulaziz Sahbaz ,executed in Culiacan

According to police, Sahbaz had replaced Ahmet Kaawach and Elliot Castenada, two members of the United Nations gang who were killed in a hail of bullets while they were dining at a restaurant in 2008.

B.C.'s Gordon Douglas Kendall, left, and Jeffrey Ronald Ivans, in   a Facebook memorial page. (CBC)
Gordon Kendall and Jeffrey Ivans, from Kamloops, were gunned down in Puerta Vallarta in 2009. Police said the Kamloops men were involved in the drug trade and had been on the radar of investigators before they were killed.
'A cutthroat business relationship'
However, Spencer said, even those deaths aren't enough to deter B.C. gangsters.

The bigger the risk, the bigger the profit — that's the way they look at it," he said. "They're just not smart enough to figure out what kind of danger they're putting themselves into."

RCMP Sgt. Bill Whalen, part a team of Lower Mainland investigators tracking the activity of B.C.'s notorious gangs, says local gangsters are increasingly cutting out the middleman and going straight to the source.

"I think the motive would strictly come back to greed, money," Whalen said. "I think after a while perhaps they become comfortable with dangerous situations, maybe forgetting the fact that they are dealing with very, very dangerous people in Mexico … I think often they just forget what's going on down there."

He said a kilogram of cocaine that costs about $20,000 from an American supplier costs only $8,000 to $10,000 in Mexico — but B.C. gangsters looking to cash in pay the high price of dealing with ruthless drug cartels.
 Vancouver's Sahbaz was Cartel Contact for the UN Gang

"I would describe it as a cutthroat business relationship," Whalen said. "I think, particularly on the Mexican cartel side, you will find they deal with who they need to deal with and they will dispose of who they need to dispose of when it comes time."

'Say your goodbyes'

Rick Kendall has a hard time believing his son Gordon was involved in the drug trade.

Kendall, who thought his son was developing a cattle ranch in Mexico, learned of his death when Mexican media posted graphic images of the crime scene online. He said his son had never been in trouble with police.

Ivans had a previous drug conviction in Kamloops.
Rick Kendall questions why the RCMP branded his son a gangster, but he has advice for anyone chasing drug profits in Mexico.

"After what we've gone through and not having the chance to say our goodbyes to Gordon and Jeff, I would say get your ducks in a row before you go down there," he said. "Say your goodbyes because there's a very good chance your family is going to hear on TV of your demise."

Nearly 50,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence since the Mexican government launched its crackdown in 2006.

Many believe Mexico's war on drugs is failing because police officers are being paid off or threatened by the drug cartels.

Mexico is the primary source of marijuana and methamphetamines to the United States, and the main route for getting cocaine and heroin into the country.

For Additional Information on the Canada United Nations Gang and Mexico Cartel connection from INSIGHT link to  report here

Text unedited as per original, all photos and links added by Chivis


  1. It doesn't matter if you are Mexican or Canadian, you will die either way if you decide to become some idiot narco.

  2. Do they go down there to establish relationships, negotiate prices? Probably a little of everything, but unless they were already in a business relationship, why would they be down there? Are they going to smuggle bricks back, not only into the US, but into Canada? There aren't any cds people in Canada, or middle men?

  3. As far as I know, canadians generally have to go thru americans.this is story is the equivalent of an american gang saying hey, i can just go to columbia to get my coke, hoping on a plane going to columbia for a while and getting killed.
    Logistically, americans usually have to be involved.
    Since a kilo in canada goes for about 50,000 and that is badly cut coke, most are more than happy to pay the american price 20 or 30,000 no need to go to mexico

  4. canadiens think everbody likes them

  5. @J...Did you watch the McCay video i linked to at top? It is brand new and has good info. Canadian traffickers have been penetrating the north border for years, and the north border looks like Mex south border, only massive in size and virtually unguarded. They have found many tunnels along the North border, but I have not been able to get info as to the level of Sophistication they are.

    I can think of only one reason BC traffickers would go to Mexico directly....price...Paz, Chivis

  6. These guys are soooo naive...(Cdns)..They don't know that they are up against the most powerful drug lords ever! They go to Mexico, think they are big time and....hello...they are whacked!
    This little 'problem' is more than they can handle..this is big time, the real deal.
    So, what will it take? US intervention, if not this is a failed state, sorry for the trite referrel

  7. 10000?? Wtf ??Those prices are 2006/2007/2008's... Bcuz now its 18.5...18 IF u lucky in méxico ... shit in chicago they run for 34/36.. This article proably old as hell ....

  8. 18.5 in Mexico? Maybe in TJ or Juarez, but this article is pretty accurate about wholesale prices.

    CDS is delivering to California for 20 and to Chicago for 22.

  9. Stupid Mexicans, why kill them and ,rip off the money,instead set up a pipeline to Canada, Socialist need drugs too. Canada is full of progressive druggies, just like the entire Western World. WTF

  10. J,

    my first thought when I read the article was that they were trying to go around cartel people in the USA and get it direct from the source in Mexico. Probably got whacked for it.

    Not a smart move. These people don't play around.

  11. ok....anyone else remember Iran/Contra.....? Now, how else does the USA justify their increasing orders for guns unless the last orders "fell" into others hands??? Having armed 'both' sides...... how to pay for the battle?? Perhaps those dim drug users will continue to purchase whatever mix is served to them??? Its time the majority of drug users-mostly responsible everyday folk- band together and demand their gov't protect their health and safety by assuring quality control and safe delivery. This great majority - the consumer base-pays the wages of most of the law enforcement agencies as well as the cartels and the jail/prison systems...Further examination will reveal the US government fears this logical end to the 'war on drugs as it will undoubtedly expose the collusion , corruption and hypocrisy that has been the norm for far too long. Also these many folk greatly resent that their cash goes to the purchase of weapons. If the US refuses to recognize this perhaps the Cartels will and the violence will end that way-- with the Cartels respecting their customers wishes by rejecting violence and fear and concentrating on providing safe quality products. Its a shrewd business move that will establish the answer to the question, 'who are the real perpetrators in the drug war ?

  12. Probably a lot smarter to work it out with people in Southern CA, or something, rather then travel down to Culiacan, of all places. Price wise, I'd say they numbers are right for Canada, 40 to 50k, about 23 by the border US, but there are countless and intangible variables involved in playing the prices game.

  13. @6:42PM
    The article and video were released for the first time yesterday and today....

    @J I would agree, but you are asumming that is the only place BC traffickers are connecting in Mx. Why would it be any different that traffickers from anywhere? and If one is to venture to SoCal why not go another 3 hrs for a great price? I am just trying to get into their thinking.

    I have been collecting info of BC trafficking for over a year. One fact that stood out was the sweet sentences the US hands down to Canadian drug traffickers VS Mexicans... I am going to take another look at what I have but I always have said there are two borders if one gets too hot there is a wide open one up north.

  14. Well, it's only one border to cross for one, and two, the danger level. There are major traffickers in these US cities, there is no real need to go down south. Getting gunned down in LA is a lot less likely then in Culiacan, and I'd assume it's easier for people in Canada to have contacts in major US cities that can introduce or lead to introductions, rather then heading into Sinaloa, Did these misfits even speak Spanish?

    Either way, it is an interesting topic, though I am afraid I assume too much, the guy could have been safe in Culiacan, but was ordered killed, for any variety of reasons, not necessarily because he was a foreigner in Sinaloa.

  15. J....Ok you did not view the interview. They
    would not go thru two borders...not necessary, just a boat and wide open northern border....
    Using your theory Americans would not form relationships with Mexicans either. It is not huge of course but in the video it speaks of the tunnels I was talking about,,,even to traffic into US one could use the north border. NOt new...for several years now...

    Have you kept up with the canadian aspect? It is crazy! a snow mobile and boat and you can penetrate anywhere

  16. Insight Crime has an article about the Vancouver UN Gang and Mexican cartel. I posted the link at the end of my post below is an excerpt from that article as I had stated they have been working directly with Mex Cartels for several years it is estimated 4 or 5:

    After the deaths of Abben Castaneda and Kaawach, it is thought that Sahbaz took over the Mexican end of the business, which was a crucial component of the gang’s business model.

    Law enforcement officials believe that the gang exports Canadian marijuana from British Columbia to the US northwest, and uses these profits to purchase Mexican cocaine and import it back to the United States and Canada.

    The cash is then laundered into real-estate in British Columbia’s lower mainland, with land titles often held in the names of family members

  17. This Canadians got killed because they owed money and they were playing with the wrong people, they thought the Mexican people didn't mind waiting for their money. Another thing whit the Canadian traffickers, it is a lot easier to take drugs from Mexico to Canada, than from U.S. to Canada.

    1. How is it easier to transport from Mexico to Canada ?

  18. They are lucky they didn't get decapitated. In Juarez you find all kinds of gangsters floating in the Rio Grande from all parts of the US, El Salvador and other countries. You may be this big time gangster in your country but in my country the smallest paisa looking brother will take you out in a heart beat.

    1. That's bullshit, in Ciudad Juarez the Rio Bravo is about 6 ft wide and about 9 in deep. Not even a dead dog would float.

  19. Cities in Mexico are tight knit communities. People in las colonias start talking when there is anyone out of the ordinary in there neighborhood. I am sure this gets back to halcones or cartel members. So if you are a foreigner or even look like a foreigner and try to get mixed up in the drug game or start asking questions on where to buy large quantities of drugs, you are pretty much deader than fried chicken. If they are killing the cops, you think they give a shit about some Canadians? Easy money.


  21. And many more are rotting in an unmarked mexican grave, their $$$ and life stolen!!!

  22. A canadian actor(Tony Conte)in montreal was sentenced 3 1/2 years in prison for his role in cocaine ring with a mexican drug cartel(cdg)

  23. lol I find this funny. Some punk gangsters thinking they are tough think they are on the same league as drug cartels such as the Sinaloa Cartel or Los Zeta's. They are not gangs they are basically vast criminal enterprises! way more powerful and way more dangerous than some scarface wannabe little gangsters. They would not realistically give little gangbangers the time of day.

    lol @ these "gangsters" thinking they are all bad ass when really they are nothing compared to the REAL criminals! they may be able to control some lame punk in their land but you try do your Joe Pesci Goodfellas act with a Mexican cartel member they will cut off your head! and who the hell even cares when these scumbags get whacked?? they are all nothing but a waste of blood and air! I hope more go down there and die. Lets face it it would not be any loss to society.

    Message to all gangsters: you think your bad? you think your tough? prove it! and make some good money also. Go to Mexico and talk to some Cartel Members. I am sure they will give you a warm WARM welcome. ;)

    1. You should read the rolling Stones article on Clayton roueche. He wasn't a wannabe. He founded the un gang. Certainly not as violent as the cartels but with distribution networks all across Canada and the us and 120 million a year in revenue not really wannabes castenada and his coworker where killed in Mexico on the order of the un gang because they had become a liability

  24. I snuck into Canada in 1997. I was 16 years old at the time and following the band Phish. At the time I was a runaway and all of my friends were going to a show in Vancouver. I didnt have an ID, so me and my girlfriend got dropped off at the Peace Arch....we simply snuck across....ran through some wood.....drainage ditches....and called a cab. Don't the Arabs/east Indians control the drug trade in BC? I wonder if some halcones from an opposing cartel saw them and assassinated them for doing business with their nemesis...or maybe these guys came up short on their payment...other than that why would they kill a lucrative contact from Canada? It seems bad for business...either way pretty sad, but they knew the dangers.

  25. @ March 7, 7:22am.

    "You may be this big time gangster in your country but in my country the smallest paisa looking brother will take you out in a heart beat."

    That is so true! I have to agree with you. All these so called gangsters from New York, Detroit, etc. Send them down to Juarez, TJ, Sinaloa. Don't step up to the big leagues... If you can't handle it.

  26. I agree. These Mexican cartel members make Al Capone look like a cub scout. In America everyone knows about the St. Valentine's Day "massacre". Only 6 guys were killed in that incident. That wouldnt even make the news in Mexico these days. IMO the only comparison would be Pablo Escobar. In 1991 and 1992, the two years prior to the death of Esocabar, the country saw more than 50,000 murders. That's almost equivalent that 'Mexico has experienced since Calderon took office in 2006, but 50,000 in 2 years is worse than the Mexican murder rate. They need to make a movie about Mexican Cartels. Martin Scorsese directing...that would be awesome. I mean Goodfellas was good, but if they nailed the real deal cartel life etc. it would make any Italian Mafia movie look like child's play. The only movie that has really touched on the subject the great movie Traffic by Steven Soderbergh.

  27. Like all you clowns talkin on here.Have anyone of you ever sold any kind of drug.What the fuck would some old geezer know about key prices?
    And Canadians thinking they gangsters?They are in Cananda,its just that,if you fuck around with payments,and gettin it laid on,askin for more?Another thing,in Mexico,any rag ass gonna murk you,if he know you carrying big $ Meth is a huge business in Canada,UN and Red Scorpions,Bacon Brothers,Hells Angels,they murkin each other left and right.Gettin well naughty.Look at the Mexican writers on here.Come to Mexico we hard,specially against women."Mr. Clean Mexico" Talkin about how hard Mexican drug dealers are?Shouldn't you change your name?Mr Badass Mexico ?What do ya think?

  28. Deal with Rats,guess what happens?
    These people are beheading women,what do you think gonna happen to a foreigner.
    Muchachos gonna rinse you out of all yo dinero.

  29. Maybe the Mexicans took offense to they way the Canadians ended their sentences with "eh"
    Canadian: "Heillo, Mr. Cartel Man. We've come down from the Great White North to buy some drugs, eh."
    Cartel Guy: "Que?!? Quien estas llamando Buey?!?"
    Canadian: "Uh...Let me try some spanish, ey. Uh...hola, senor Cartel Man, some"
    Cartel Guy: "BUEY!?!? Pinche, hijo de su puta madre! NO ME HABLAS A SINA!!!"
    Cartel Guy then takes out his weapon and shoots the Canandians.
    All over a miscommunication as a result of cultural diffences. For any future entrepreneurs, I suggest reading the book "Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands (The Bestselling Guide to Doing Business in More than 60 Countries)," it just might save your life.

  30. March 7, 2012 2:43 AM
    thats true they export marijuana import coke from us some indocanadian gangs in vancouver also import heroin from india coke from us they dont buy marijuana because there is plenty of marijuana of good quality in canada

  31. March 7, 2012 12:22 PM there are many east indians punjabi or indocanadians gangs in drug trade and Contract killing gang activity and violence between rivals is big problem in vancouver. indocanadian transport drugs canada to us because so many in the punjabi community involved in trucking industry

  32. Yeah,lets make a movie about it.Just what we need.
    Can Al Pacino have a role?

  33. "The Big Leagues"..."Al Capone".......The REAL GANGSTERS in the US are the marines and special operators that make all of them look like kids with cap guns. Read about the 1st gulf war and the retreating Iraqi arm and what happend. Define GANGSTER jotitos. When was the last time a cartel wedding was interrupted by a tomahawk missle from another cartel? Exactly....

  34. mexican cartels are most dangerous in world gangs of us looks like kids

  35. I wish people would stop calling them drug gangs. They are criminal enterprises! VAST criminal enterprises with more power than any so called gang.

  36. All this internet tough-guy/macho-man talk about this cartel and that being most ruthless is just SILLY. To say there are no tough gangsters in the United States is just as ridiculous as saying there are none in Mexico. To try and compare "gangsterism" via talk of how ruthless you can murder someone is just silly as well. There is far more to being a gangster than being able to kill someone creatively or brutally.

    Russian Mafia vor's can be just as ruthless as Mexican cartel members and they do even far more sophisticated criminal activities than the Mexicans do. Their top leaders have Ph.D's in economics, etc. Doing multi-billion dollar Medicaid/Medicare scams, multi-billion dollar gasoline tax scams, etc.

  37. Canadian borders are easier than US, and easy to circumvent.

    1 oz in West Canada is 1200 right now.

    CDN dollars are much more inflated than US. It makes sense to buy direct.
    buy 1 keg puro in NL for 15K, bring to canada, cut to 3kegs @ 34/KG is very very good money.

    Canada is just a vicious as USA. quiet, but as vicious.

  38. March 7, 2012 12:55 PM if we add who disappeared than? traffic is best movie la linea is also good movie

  39. The gangland blog had stories on shabaz and his Mexican cartel ties a month or so ago if you want more info.

  40. I live in Canada - specifically Kelowna BC. Here, the RCMP are dismantling on average 2 grow operations per week, and they are getting larger and more sophisticated. Last summer, we had a gangland shooting in Kelowna that was not unlike the shooting at Los Flores in Mazatlan. You've got the Indo-Canadian gang going by the name of Independent Soldiers (which are aligned with Los Zetas), battling for control from the Bacon Brothers and the UN Gang (which is aligned with the Sinaloa Cartel). They exchange pound for pound marijuana for cocaine in the US from the cartels.

  41. @ March 7, 2012 4:14 PM
    Stop bringing the US military in this. Nobodies talking about the US military idiot. We're talking about criminals. Why can't you give credit where credit is due.

  42. March 8, 2012 1:58 PM
    What drugs are you smoking? Trade pound for pound marijuana for cocaine? Try ounce of coke per lb of pot. Which is great deal to each side.

  43. hasnt mexico learned anything from the us and its "drug war" its never ending over packing prisons and wasting precious tax money what b/s

  44. @March 9, 2012 7:55 AM: I thought the same thing when I read his post; it made him lose all credibility when I saw that. There is no one on Earth who will trade a pound of cocaine for a pound of even the best AAA+ weed out there, unless he is really fucked up and not realizing what he is doing or he stole the cocaine; but even then he would likely know he could get far more than a pound of weed for it.


  46. these are not business people, these look like posers, acting, talking shit, all this does is reduce their survival chances, not saying that if you act the part you wouldn't get whacked, people are paranoid with all this infiltration going on. Even locals get ripped off. Their thinking may have held some logic 20 years ago, today is completely different. Try selling tomatoes instead.

  47. Them Mexicans ain't very nice are they?

  48. What fools to go down there. They thought they were tough in Vancouver... There were 17,000 organized crime murders in Mexico in 2011 and thousands of "missing" cases. I have no sympathy for them, only for their families. Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, Mexico is the most dangerous...c'mon wake up.

  49. Stupid Canadians! Now you see you thought you were bad in your little country....y ahora? Que? Mexico is for real! Stop going there retards!

  50. Atte: Gente Nueva..

  51. Anybody reading this, these gangsters aren't getting killed by cartels. They are getting killed by rival gangsters up here in Canada, who then pay sicarios down there to hit them. The mexican cartels will do business with anybody.

  52. I walked down my street (near London UK not that that's relevant) last week and I saw a young-ish 25-yr-old "girl" stabbed by her "boyfriend" over a drug dispute, something like £20 (which is about what, $50?) anyhow she made it (just) and her "boyfriend" was arrested, charged with attempted murder. Stupid woman was yellling about how she still "loved" her scum partner. Braindead isn't the word. The week before, A dude with a crappy "homegrow" worth £500 was stabbed to death, 7 times in the head, for his "crop" by a known psychopath. And he didn't even get a chance to smoke or sell the weed, it was still wet when the police busted his door in 24 hours later. Just two out of about a dozen serious acts of violence which were even reported. These sick crimes don't just happen in Mx I'm afraid to say they are Everywhere OK just not as large scale but these low-life types are breeding, families are decaying or are dead, the top 1% *own* and control the lower 99%, this is population reduction and these people killing one other are ultimately serving the interest of our evil governments, especially these soulless low-life types (I call them reptoids) - hey the main "difference" if there is one, is that Mx are killing each other faster and in better ways, it all just gives our nice kind "rulers" the Best Vital Necessary Excuse to have to come in and rule over us dumb m_thaphuckaz even more harshly in the end. Once our populations have decimated themselves or proved themselved too incapable through lack of brain calls to live. Look at what Hitler did, look at what happened in the colonial era UK France Germany, look at Russia under Stalin, Look at the middle-east, look at the inner cities, keep the scum walled in, give them weapons, a reason to kill one another, reduce famillies to a joke, increase economic servitude by promoting crap brands and poisoned food, give these people hatred - all these places and situations, you just don't see the bigger picture - population control. It's been going on for hundreds of years, it will get worse. Cheer up, everyone and listen to the latest Lady Gaga video or Disney movie to distract you! YAY! :)


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