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Friday, March 9, 2012

British Agents Train in El Paso as Mexican drug cartels 'operating in the UK, France and Netherlands'

Mexico’s violent drug cartels have reached the streets of Britain, France and the Netherlands, according to US immigration officials, with undercover British agents undergoing training in El Paso to combat the problem

Amy Willis and agencies for The Telegraph
Three members of Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) met US agents on the Texas-Mexico border this week in a bid to put a stop to cartels taking hold on Britain and Europe.

The British agents spoke about surveillance tactics, special operations teams and cybercrime units, according to a US immigration officials.

On Thursday, they watched how ICE investigators tore apart a car where a cargo of marijuana was found at the Paso del Norte Bridge in this West Texas city.

The agents are expected to head to Miami next week to learn about port operations in the US.

"The most important lesson that we have shared with SOCA, is that if they are not prepared to deal with the Mexican cartels, they will spread like a cancer and will entrench themselves in the economy and community in an attempt to 'legitimise' their illicit profits.” Oscar Hagelsieb, an agent at the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations office, said. “They must also be aware of the violence that will undoubtedly follow."

US authorities believe Mexico's Sinaloa cartel has drug distribution networks in England and has established footholds in France and the Netherlands, among other places in Europe, he said.

Mexican crime groups have previously made attempts to establish a presence in Europe, Mr. Hagelsieb added, "but not to the scope we are seeing now. The Sinaloa is the first cartel that can have an impact worldwide."

SOCA was created in 2006 and is responsible for investigating drug trafficking, criminal organisations, cybercrime, counterfeiting, the use of firearms and serious robberies.

In a statement read by one of the British undercover agents, the agency said it wanted its agents to come to El Paso as "it's always better to be exposed to the problems and the environment first hand."

"We want to learn from the special agents about the local, regional and international impact of the widely reported scale of drug trafficking that takes place across this border," the statement said.

The British agents were also interested in how El Paso has managed to remain one of the safest cities in the US even though it's across the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juarez, a city afflicted by one of the highest murder rates in the hemisphere.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations collaborates with local agencies, targeting specific criminal groups and gathering intelligence on them, Mr Hagelsieb said. "We are able to intercept them at points of entry before they cross back and forth."


  1. Oh man,don't believe a word of this shit.
    I heard aliens had landed in Sinaloa,and are now taking the fight to Chaps.Its even been reported that they have made an alliance with the Albanian Mafia,and the Cammora of Italy.
    Who comes up with this shit?The respective government departments of scare the people silly?
    Shit man,they can say whatever they want,with no repercussion and no way to reply or query these ridiculous statements.After all,they own the media,they have a voice we don't.Democracy my ass.

  2. Seems realistic to me.

  3. Wtf is the Sinaloa cartel in the netherlands? Smoking weed and sleeping with hookers i guess?

  4. Is this a joke? are these guys also gonna be trained to fight the cartel responsible for smuggling all the heroin from Afghanistan to Europe, because we all know that United States didn't go there to fight terrorists they went to take over the heroin trade, so now CIA is in charge, same thing happen 20 years ago when united states went to colombia to kill Pablo Escobar and took over of the profits, because today nothing else have changed, most of the cocaine that enters the US comes from colombia

  5. This is great. I live in England now i'm going to be wandering down the road one day minding my own business and some doped up Sinaloa Cartel member going to cut off my head for no reason! terrific.

  6. That's impossible, according to the naysayers here the cartels can't and have no way of traveling to the other hemisphere derp herp!

  7. No way to travel!!!.... they control airports to do there things.

  8. To anon @ 1045:

    Stick to what YOU know my friend and take off your 'USA is the centre of the universe' blinkers you have wrapped around your head. Theres a whole planet outside of the US you know.

    The MX cartels have forged links with the UK crime syndicates - not on the streets of the UK but on the Costa Del Sol in sunny old Espania. Who do think supplies the Balearics with meth during the summer season - it certainly aint made in the UK. The mexicans do not arouse suspicion in Spain due to sharing the same language and skin tone - they blend in easy and the Spanish agencies are under budget and not that advanced interms of tech and know how.

    Check out these links which i have posted before on BB forums:

  9. I lived in the London area for years. I was always the only Mexican in a fifteen mile radius at all times. Except for the one time I was at the grocery store and the checkout lady was from California and a Mexican. We stuck out worse than the Americans. We don't see it, but believe me, Americans stick out in Europe like a neon yellow circle on a black piece of paper. We would have to dress like the Paki's or the Indians, and smell like them too. Just look for the tacky vehicle with the rooster hood statue. And if they aren't Mexican, then they are Russian. They are worse than us!

  10. Come on people don't you see that the sinaloa cartel is been managed by very smart buisness people and I do not mean chapo or el mayo I mean the real heads of the cartel who are they I do not know but like edgardo buscaglia said el chapo guzman is not the real head of cartel his just a gerente operativo

  11. Rafael caro quintero

  12. March 10, 2012 3:00 AM .
    That is the point asshole,the story is about the UK,not the Balearics,or Costa del Crime?

  13. 3 Brit agents are on a tax payer funded "joly"..theyll have zero impact on the drugs trafficking.


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