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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

12 Police Officers Killed in Ambush

Follow up to breaking story of Chivis Martinez Sunday:

State government spokesman Arturo Martínez Núñez confirmed that a total of 12 police officers where killed, six state and six Teloloapan Preventive Police, in an ambush on the outskirts of the town of Canute A. Neri while they had been looking for the suspects responsible for the 10 human heads left in town.

At a press conference to provide information on the progress of operation "Operativo Guerrero Seguro" state officials reported that the incident occurred shortly before 1800 hours on Sunday on state road Villa de Ayala that joins the townships of Ixcatepec and Teloloapan.

The road Villa de Ayala-Ixcatepec leads to villages that are difficult to access along the borders of the northern municipality of Arcelia as well as Teloloapan and just like Totoltepec, the region is known to have a large presence of criminal activity from organized crime.

According to official reports when officers reached the junction of Ixcatepec, they were ambushed in an attacked with heavy gunfire but the officers managed to fire back but the toll left 12 officers killed and around 14 officers wounded from gunfire.

The officers were traveling in 6 trucks, 5 of the State Police and one of the City, and according to police reports all rolled over.

Unofficial report indicate that the officers were ambushed after an emergency call to report of a car accident and also that of an operator of a crane that had been working on the road had been injured.

"We received a report at 1755 hours where we learned that on the state highway that runs from Ayala to Ixcatepec, in the municipality of Teloloapan, a confrontation arose between unknown sicarios and elements of state and municipal police, and culminated in the junction of Ixcatepecty where the police officers were killed," said the official.

After the gun battle, the wounded police officers were transported to different hospitals and clinics in Iguala and Teloloapan for medical care.

The six members of the State Preventive Police (PEP) who were killed were identified as Evaristo Moso Barragán or Evaristo Mosso Policarpo, Raúl García Lorenzo, Gerardo Policarpo Estrada, Óscar Méndez Rojas, Artemio Muñiz Ramírez or Antonio Munives and Andrés Ramírez García.

Of the officers of the Municipal Police of Teloloapan only 4 were identified: Eduardo Razo Bueno, Fernando Diego Vargas, Marcelo Patrón Jiménez and Salustio Nava.

Meanwhile, the military and various police agencies from all three levels of government were conducting operations in the area.

At the scene police managed to secure a Chevrolet pickup truck, a Chevrolet Captiva and a Ford, along with two fragmentation grenades.

As for the human heads found on Sunday, the state government spokesman said that they have not been able tot located the rest of the bodies and that there is an intensive operation in the area following violent incidents in the last 24 hours that has left a toll of 22 killed just in Teloloapan. It has also been reported that at least two of the heads might be police officers.

Authorities have not been able to determine if the recent incidents are related but it is known that at least two groups "Gerrero Unido" and "La Familia Michoacana" have been implicated in one form or another through narco messages.

Martinez Nunez admitted that there has been a "significant increase" in violence in the North region as well as Tierra Caliente, "throughout the Tierra Caliente corridor, from Iguala to Ciudad Altamirano", which is the main reason the region was turned over to operation "Operación Guerrero Seguro."

Sources: Milenio, Debate and Universal


  1. I think they found the suspects.

  2. ohh man! la tuta?

  3. Cartels that operare in Guerrero:CDS,CJNG,Zetas,LFM,Los Pelones,BL,CT,with LFM ,CT,BLs having the most presence.

  4. How does a convoy of 6 cop cars get ambushed like that? Don't matter, most Mexican Cops are crooks anyway.

  5. oh boy whatever cartel did this just brought a whole load of heat upon themselves from the authorities!! you can bet for every police officer that died there gonna be a lot more narco casualties. Good thing too.

  6. why isnt the mexican army using more helicopters? Or maybe that would be TO good of an idea........

  7. Guerrero unido is a group los caballeros made to control and guerrero to eliminate zetas and lfm

  8. mexico needs more helicopters and gun ships

  9. How about arming the police with armored vehicles and training them how to maneuver in a ambush situation.

  10. Murder is the national sport of Mexico these days. The cartels and corrupt pig politicians have ruined this beautiful country. They feed off of the hopes and dreams of the poor. Its all a show for the world to see the "war on drugs". We see the body count going up while behind the scenes a small percentage of Mexicans are amassing great fortunes. Nothing new here... Just more pressure from the outside world and a well oiled DEATH MACHINE spitting out victims daily.

  11. Damn Mexico, you scary!

  12. Sadly this is typical of guerrero state, esa raza es muy brava.... They take on all 3 levels of government and don't flinch. I lived there before the drug wars started and it has always been like that, especially in la sierra the media doesn't report about it but helicopters are always being brought down including the ones that fumigate the marijuana

  13. Ask for help from the country that is causing the problem, which btw, they have been doing.
    The only way to fix this ugly mess is to kill the demand.

  14. " March 20, 2012 6:14 PM
    Anonymous said...
    How does a convoy of 6 cop cars get ambushed like that? Don't matter, most Mexican Cops are crooks anyway."

    What about their families, asshole ? They don't matter ? And who the fuk are you, passing judgement on people that you don't know ? You don't think law enforcement is not corrupt in the US ? Did you forget "Fast & Furious " ? The most you probably ever do is venture out of your fuking trailer park on a run for cheap horse piss. Chinga tu madre, cold hearted culero !

  15. I was just in Michoacan on a rural road and I happened to run into some soldiers. I just thought how easy these guys can get ambushed from the hills. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel. But then again it takes balls to go againts 25 heavily armed & trained soldiers.

  16. March 21, 2012 8:58 AM.
    The most you probably ever do is venture out of your fuking trailer park on a run for cheap horse piss. Chinga tu madre, cold hearted culero !
    Calm down son,before you start raving,it was Mexicans killing Mexicans.What has this got to do with the US?Is that dude stating facts?If it was any other country with rampant corruption and unbelievable violence,everybody would be saying the same thing.It just happens to be Mexico,that is the topic of conversation.Stop concentrating on another country.Mexico has huge problems facing it.

    1. Hmmm. Fyi. Mexico don't have a drug problem, the u.s is the one with the drug problem. If the u.s wasn't filled with so many junkies Mexican cartels wouldn't exist. Ps am american.

  17. @8:58 ha, ha, ha who the fuk are YOU? You compare a society that works to one that does not work. Get pissed off at yourself.

    It's a valid point. How do 6 cars of police get ambushed? Either they don't know what they are doing or they think they are safe. Why would you think you are safe in an area controlled by criminals? Because you are on their payroll.

    Until a few years ago, being a cop in Mexico meant having a license to steal. The first thing was to get enough money to pay your quota to your superiors. Then, you get or keep some for yourself. Then, if you had time, you investigated a crime but that was a low priority. Any Mexican over the age of 30 knows I tell the truth.

  18. To the dummy that asked , what other country targets police like mexico? Except for usa, europe, scandinavia, canada and maybe australia....and antarctica, the rest of the world is fckd up. Admit it.

  19. Mexico needs to adopt a sencond amendmant.

  20. Not a single poster cared about the twelve policemen usual. "They are all crooked anyways...." No benefit of the doubt...crooked or not, they were still out there doing a job that no one else has the balls to do. And they lost their lives. May the Lord receive you with open arms and save a special place for all of you at his table. Rest in Peace Brother Warriors.

  21. who sent these guys into the ambush?...the men are bravo ..but the commanders probably are on the take..the corruption in Mexico starts at the top ...and trickles down..never forget scum rises to the top

  22. A friend of mines boy is a navy seal based in California,he is home on leave now and last night he told me most of his fellow seals are aware of what's going on in Mexico and they dream of being deployed there and helping turn that country around.

  23. Lol ask for help. If the u.s wants to help they should stop gun sales around the border towns and crack harder on drugs. The reason why Mexico is so mest up is cus the u.s keep demanding drugs.

  24. Anonymous said...

    Hmmm. Fyi. Mexico don't have a drug problem, the u.s is the one with the drug problem. If the u.s wasn't filled with so many junkies Mexican cartels wouldn't exist. Ps am american.
    March 22, 2012 2:09 AM
    you ever been to Mexico?....Mexico has a major drug problem

  25. As for you imbeciles begging or bragging that Mexico's neighbor can or will come in and rescue them with tough talk/military action--- Are you born dolt's aware that the feds are sending rifles to the cartels? Have you ever heard of operation gun runner? What a band of pendejos you are....


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