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Monday, March 26, 2012

1 wounded in three grenade attacks in Tamaulipas

By Chris Covert

One unidentified individuals was wounded three in separate grenade attacks in Matamoros and Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas Sunday night and Monday morning, according to Mexican news and Twitter reports.

Originally, those reports said five had been hurt, but an announcement by the Tamaulipas state Procuraduria General de Justicia or attorney general posted on the state website Monday night said only one had been wounded.

Sunday night's attack took place near the Televisa television studios in Matamoros.  That attack took place around 2200 hrs EDT near the intersection of avenidas Manuel Cavazos Lerma and Fresnos in Paseo Residencial colony.  The detonation caused no injuries or damage.

In Ciudad Victoria, one grenade was detonated in a vacant lot near the intersection of calles 9th and Coahuila in San José colony at around 0950 hrs.  No damage or persons wounded were reported in that attack.

A second grenade attack took place at a car dealership near the intersection of calles 9th and Berriozabal, presumably near Zona Centro.  One individual was wounded in that attack.  Some unspecified damage has been reported.

The attack took place at about 1020 hrs EDT.  The attorney general report said that explosions accompanied the detonation of the grenade, which usually means small arms fire.

Several attacks using grenades and small arms fire were initiated over the last two weeks in Ciudad Victoria.  The most serious, on March 14th took the lives of four individuals. 

News reports say the Tamaulipas state Secretaria de Seguridad Publica and Procuraduria General de Justicia revealed those March 14th attacks were part of an intergang gunfight between rival criminal groups.

At least seven grenade and small arms attacks have been made in Ciudad Victoria alone since March 14th, nearly all of them between rival criminal groups.  At least five have been killed and many more have been wounded in these encounters.

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  1. Been reading how the guy who posted here named Diablo from CDG is kicking zeta ass down in cuidad victoria. i was reading how his men are called diablos. and you stupid idiots ridiculed and ran him off. i wish he was still around. funny how all he said proved correct. go back and read his go to the spanish sites and read about him and the mantas he's leaving behind.

    1. I enjoyed reading his posts also,"true or not"and yes it's a shame a certain few ran him off.i actually sent him a PM once several months ago asking a few questions about a section of matamoros and the info he gave me was right on.

  2.'s weird that a hardcore gangster was ridiculed...and thus run off. I'm sure he's just busy right now.

  3. @anon 11:09... Can you provide links?? yeah, that guy was a player and all zRegio did was talk smack behind the CPU to him.

    Where's the story of Chapo in Nuevo Laredo cleaning house??? Wonder why such news wouldn't make the rounds but grenade attacks do.

  4. Do you people know there is an El Diablo,who was a major CDG killer,who ran his group of sics.This guy liked to put himself on video,and photos choppin motherfuckers up.Now he supposed to be runnin his own crew.If the same guy,he's a hefty vato,with his mask on and shit.I don't know if that was the same dude postin on here,cause el diablo,is a name been used a couple of times by dudes.There is even a name to the guy i,m talkin about,but i,m not puttin it on here,not my job to get dudes collared.
    Of course there are players postin on here,and we want more of them dudes,and not clowns shouting shit at them.

  5. If the Procuraduria General de Tamaulipas doesn't disclose the contents of the narocpinta, there is no way anyone outside of official sources can know what was on them. The PGJE did mentioned a message, but its contents were not disclosed.

    That I failed to even mention a narcopinta is an oversight on my part.

    My experience with reporting narcopintas is that messages left by narcos means nothing, until they mean something.

  6. Its a narcopinta,it is not gospel.Most of them are full of shit anyway.Chapo in Nuevo Laredo cleaning house,what a load of bullshit.
    I bet he laughing his ass off,who me ?


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