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Friday, March 16, 2012

1 dead, 8 wounded in Rio Bravo shootout

By Chris Covert

One unidentified individual was killed and eight others were hurt in a gun battle in Tamaulipas state between armed suspects and a Mexican Army patrol Friday afternoon, according to Mexican news accounts.

A Mexican Army patrol came under small arms fire from armed suspects in Santa Apolonia ejido near gaps leading to the village of Empalme around noon, sparking a three hour gunfight.

Santa Apolonia ejido is near Ciudad Rio Bravo, which is roughly six kilometers due east of Reynosa along Mexico Federal Highway 2, and is about three kilometers south of the US border.

From the reports, it is presumed that four armed suspects were hurt when the vehicle they were travelling in rolled over during a vehicle pursuit.

At the moment it is unknown if the shooting fatality is an armed suspect, or a civilian caught in the crossfire.

Four Mexican Army soldiers were wounded during the gunfight, and required evacuation to a Ciudad Rio Bravo medical clinic.

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  1. Apparently 8 persons were dead in the shooting , the bodies were leaved in the brecha 122 , is place that communicate with the Donna Bridge. Apparenly the shooting began from brecha 128(Autodromo).

  2. buddy is in Rio Bravo

  3. 8 people, (people plural, person is mainly used in singular).

  4. and how we will say missing persons or missing people, common sense. is more correct to say missing persons....

    1. When someone goes missing you would hear it reported as "a person has gone missing" and if it was people they'd say " several people have gone missing" common sense is to use the correct grammar.


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