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Monday, February 27, 2012

WIKILeaks to Publish 5M Stratfor Intelligence Emails Obtained by Hackers

The anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks said it would begin publishing more than five million emails Monday from a US-based global security think tank, apparently obtained by hackers.

In its latest high-profile disclosure, WikiLeaks said in a statement it had acquired access to a vast haul of internal and external correspondence of Strategic Forecasting Inc (Stratfor), based in Austin Texas.

Stratfor describes itself as a subscription-based provider of geopolitical analysis with an intelligence-based approach to gathering information.

WikiLeaks' founder, Julian Assange told Reuters: "Here we have a private intelligence firm, relying on informants from the US government, foreign intelligence agencies with questionable reputations, and journalists."

"What is of grave concern is that the targets of this scrutiny are, among others, activist organizations fighting for a just cause."

Stratfor's chief executive officer and founder, George Friedman warned on January 11 that emails had been stolen but said the thieves would be hard pressed to find anything significant.

"God knows what a hundred employees writing endless emails might say that is embarrassing, stupid or subject to misinterpretation... As they search our emails for signs of a vast conspiracy, they will be disappointed."
The source of the emails was not disclosed, but the publication follows the hacking of the company's computer servers last December by individuals claiming to be linked to the Anonymous cyber-activist group.

After Stratfor's computers were hacked into at least twice last December, the credit card details of more than 30,000 subscribers to Stratfor publications were posted on the Internet, including those of former US secretary of state Kissinger and vice president Dan Quayle.

An FBI investigation is already underway into the hack last December. Friedman said his staff were cooperating with the FBI in the investigation.

"Of course we have relationships with people in the U.S. and other governments and obviously we know people in corporations, and that will be discovered in the emails. But that's our job.

"We are what we said we were: an organization that generates its revenues through geopolitical analysis. At the core of our business, we objectively acquire, organize, analyze and distribute information."

WikiLeaks released secret video footage and thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010, infuriating the U.S. government.

Australian-born Assange, 40, is currently under house arrest in Britian and fighting extradition to Sweden for questioning over alleged sex crimes....Rueters
UPDATE:  Stratfor responds:

I'm George Friedman, founder and CEO of Stratfor.
As most of you know, in December thieves hacked into Stratfor data systems and stole a large number of company emails, as well as private information of Stratfor subscribers and friends. Today Wikileaks is publishing the emails that were stolen in December. This is a deplorable, unfortunate -- and illegal -- breach of privacy.

Some of the emails may be forged or altered to include inaccuracies. Some may be authentic. We will not validate either, nor will we explain the thinking that went into them. Having had our property stolen, we will not be victimized twice by submitting to questions about them.

The disclosure of these emails does not mean that there has been another hack of Stratfor's computer and data systems. Those systems, which we have rebuilt with enhanced security measures, remain secure and protected.

The release of these emails is, however, a direct attack on Stratfor. This is another attempt to silence and intimidate the company, and one we reject. As you can see, emails sent to many people about my resignation were clearly forged.

We do not know what else has been manufactured. Stratfor will not be silenced, and we will continue to publish the geopolitical analysis our friends and subscribers have come to rely on.

To read Buggs' post about the hack link on here


  1. And this is relevant to the Mexican/American drug wars in what way?

  2. What does this have to do with the narco wars in Mexico?

  3. security website is NOT secure :-)))))))))))))))
    they should be fired !

    btw. I don't understand what this article has to do with the war on drugs.

  4. So you guys are making the rules of what is appropriate to post? I take my lead from the boss "Buggs" he posted the story first! This is a follow up to his story, we all wondered what was going to be done with our information they hacked into.

    I am one of those 6K lucky people that had my info outed. For me in Mex that is very relevant and not info I want out there for obvious reasons.

    So here is the link the the stratfor story posted by Buggs...BTW...why did you read the post? If it does not interest you don't read it...thats how it works.

    1. if you had a ”like” button, i'd like this comment.

  5. I'm incredibly angry that Wikileaks would divulge information on average people who have no complicity in diplomatic or corporate misdeeds.

    Still, even though I'm a Stratfor subscriber, I realize that they are involved in propaganda and misinformation campaigns throughout the world, at the behest of business and commodity interests.

    These propaganda campaigns have been used to influence elections and public opinion, particularly in Latin America.

  6. The narcFrom the STRATFOR Emails - US bank Wachovia laundered $70b for Mexican drug cartels
    this has everything to do with narcos.
    it will expose the people behind the curtain..


  7. to those that don't know, stratfor does frequent reports on drug cartel related events so i for one will be looking forward to wikileaks releasing new info from stratfor.
    sorry stratfor i really like you guys and the info you gather but we all know the info you release is for the benefit of a certain paying class of people.

  8. drug news addicts just don't get it, IT'S ALL RELAVENT. You know, a SEAL Team could take care of this leak bidness real quick . . .

  9. who gives a fuck or if your white who gives a hoot

  10. Here is something related:

  11. Does this mean my secret love letter to Friedman will be revealed?

  12. Still, even though I'm a Stratfor subscriber...blah blah blah

  13. I posted Stratfor's "response" last night on the main post.

    A bunch of words to say they will not be addressing the email release....Blah-Blah

    I for one stopped my subscription with them when the hacking news broke.


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