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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

VIDEO: Armed Attack on El Buen Tono Newspaper Veracruz

As posted on Borderland Beat Forum by Texcoco

Through the web a youtube video began to spread about the attackers of the daily El Buen Tono, in Cordoba Veracruz, owned by businessman Jose Abella.

This video entitled "Armed attack to the newspaper El Buen Tono", reveals how at 00:24 hrs on November 6, 2011, a group armed men begin to make havoc of glass, doors, cubicles, they pour gasoline and set on fire.

In the video, which lasted about four minutes, you can see two women, one of these faint.

The group of attackers presumably not professionals a total of 18 men attack the Cordoba newspaper, a newspaper with strong opposition to the current PRI mayor of Cordoba, Francisco Portilla, whose investigations remain stagnant until today.

It should be noted that the video contains a descriptive text that reads:

"This is the video that the governor of Veracruz Amadeo Flores Espinoza, refused to publish to help identify the 18 criminals armed with AK-47 and drums with 50 liters of petrol used to destroy and burn down the offices of the newspaper. "

"If you identify any of the criminals please call the newspaper office (271) 716-2000."


  1. When they capture these scum they should hang them by the neck. They are nothing but roaches.

  2. These are definitely some amateurs..They douse the floor with gasoline and start running all over it! Once they lit that shit,they would all catch on fire..

  3. they dont look organized as you read in the "papers", wheres the tactical gear?? nothing but pisa!

  4. Hahaha, the take time to break everything and THEN set it on fire, WTF????

  5. Como pendejo no hay como un mexicano

  6. They definitely are amateurs and all are armed with AK-47. They must of printed some-thing that the mayor didn't like or where going to print some-thing. It looks like the mayor made some calls, and then the governor made some calls. Newspaper taken care of. At least no one was hurt or killed. That is a lot of trigger happy guys with some serious fire power. And just to think that these are the type of guys you pick up out-side of home depot.

  7. Scary isn't it! You have a bunch of complete amateurs (non-professional mercs) running around with AK-47's. From the video, you clearly see these "meat heads" don't have a clue with regards to, how to vandalise the place. Like the other poster stated, why the fuck would you waste your time breaking shit, when you plan on torching the place! They sent 18 guys to do what 5 could have done!

  8. Maybe the owner is involved with the organize crime and did not pay his monthly dues.

  9. Sad these weak pussies can barely lift a 5 gal gas can haha, they were struggling with it the whole way mostly draging it, 35 lbs haha I curl 45 easily one arm haha

  10. Damn maruchanez they bunch of putitos, these are the fearsome zetas, what a joke.... The idiot pouring the gasoline was identified as tamaulipazz.......

  11. I wondered the same thing about tearing up the place when they planned to torch it. Remember these are bottom layer organizational guys, not bright, nor well trained, essentially recruited to kill and/or die.

    About the reason, this is a newspaper, not uncommon to be attacked if they do not allow control by a cartel, or as one reader commented to print something without permission. In areas of narcos Municipal and regional newspapers are completed controlled by one cartel or another to get a local story out it is pragmatic to seek a large national news source out of the area, in places like DF, it is safer that way.

  12. what stupid fucks no wonder we kick your ass in Arizona bahahaha

  13. Wonder what happened to the other guy who ran through the cubicles before the other one set fire to it.


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