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Friday, February 3, 2012

Narco Popular Mechanics

U.S. border cops nab go-kart hauling Mexican pot

Reuters/Tim Gaynor,0,1786657.story

U.S. border cops in far-west Arizona have seized an off-road go-kart and trailer packed with marijuana, in the latest bizarre attempt by Mexican smugglers to beat beefed up border security.

The Border Patrol's Yuma sector said agents and officers from the Cocopah Tribal Police Department spotted the single-seater go-kart hauling a trailer through the desert near Yuma, Arizona on Tuesday night and gave chase.

The driver abandoned the homemade vehicle, which was spray painted a desert beige, fitted with knobbly off-road tires, and towing a trailer packed with 217 pounds of marijuana, about 100 yards from the border, and fled back to Mexico.

"It's not something that we see very often," agent Spencer Tippets said of the attempt. "Smuggling organizations are always trying to adjust and change their tactics," he added.

In recent years U.S. authorities have added additional fencing, agents and technologies including unmanned surveillance drones to tighten security along Arizona's porous border with Mexico.

Drug traffickers have responded with a variety of ruses including strapping marijuana loads to low-flying microlight aircraft and even hurling it over the border fence using medieval style catapults.

The go-kart and marijuana, worth an estimated $108,600, were turned over to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. No arrests were made.


  1. That was must be mario from mario kart.............

  2. Fill sorry for the person who ran back to Mexico he was safer getting caught what is he going to do in Mexico now besides go in hideing... imagine if he goes tell his boss he was chased by border patrol and he ran away leaving his bosses money too get taken by police. Imagine the things going to be done to that poor guy

  3. He'll be fine, rewarded with thrice the amount to make up his fuck up.... you don't run of your crash dummies, you send
    em on tougher missions.

  4. Wonder how many successfull trips he made before this one?

  5. That's what these thugs are using a beat up power wheels...Mmm no wonder they always get que millones , mugre carcacha parece de los

  6. OK, I live here in Yuma, and have two thoughts. First, stop thinking like a Mexican. I know it's hard, being so narrow minded and fully lacking of common sense, but you have to think like another race. A sneaky one. WTF is he using a gas powered vehicle for? Jack ass. If you use a drive train from a golf cart, you could be as silent as a strippers fart. Second, have Mexicans ever heard of "stealth"? Obviously not. Big loud piles of shit that make up for their tiny dicks never work. Now, I'm not trying to give these guys ideas, but I would have looked at the floating duck blinds that the rednecks use as a base. If this guy covered this pile of crap with bushes and camo, and then used electric power, all he would have to do is stop and hide every so often while traveling on busy tracks through the dunes. Bada-bing!!! I swear, I'd be the Mcgyver of drug smugglers......

  7. Med-evil catapulta? Are u serious? Whats next bottle rockets with coke on them?

  8. if you designed it like a floating duck blind it would like like a giant bush was floating across the desert. You never hear of shipments of cocaine or heroin being busted in go-karts, it is good for business for the cartels to have shipments of weed confiscated. 1 kilo of weed is a few thousand dollars, 1 kilo of coke is $20,000-$30,000. They can keep driving their go-karts through the sand, at least we are not paying for their kids to go to school or having them drive up auto insurance costs. There are several counties around chicago who have had to build entire court houses simply because so many mexicans drive around without licences and insurance. Its not like their money goes back into the local economy anyway unless it's a used ford f-150 dealer who only accepts cash.


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