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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Napolitano: Mexican drug war 'not a failure'

By Rafael Romo,

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Monday that the war on drugs in Mexico "is not a failure."

At a press conference in Mexico City after meeting Mexican Interior Minister Alejandro Poire, Napolitano called the drug policies of both Mexico and the United States "a continuing effort to keep our peoples from becoming addicted to dangerous drugs."

Napolitano also said that among the things discussed at the meeting with Poire was how to have a more regional approach to a number of security issues threatening the United States, Mexico and Central America.

Asked why, in spite of efforts by both Mexico and the United States, the leader Mexico's most powerful criminal organization -- the Sinaloa drug cartel -- remains at large, Napolitano implied it's only a matter of time before Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman falls.

"It took us 10 years to find Osama bin Laden and we found him," Napolitano said.

"And you know what happened there. I'm not suggesting the same thing would happen with Guzman but I am suggesting that we are persistent when it comes to wrongdoers and those who do harm in both of our countries."

Guzman escaped from a Mexican prison in 2001, and both Mexican and U.S. authorities are offering multimillion-dollar rewards for information leading to his capture.

Mexican reporters also asked whether the U.S. Homeland Security secretary still considers Mexico a safe destination. Twenty-two Carnival Cruise Lines passengers were robbed of valuables and their passports Saturday while they were traveling by bus in the middle of a shore excursion near the beach resort of Puerto Vallarta.

Napolitano didn't specifically address that incident, but suggested she doesn't believe there is a generalized security problem.

"I think Americans come and go freely to Mexico all the time and I expect that to continue. It's a wonderful country. There are many, many places to go and to see. And obviously we also do a tremendous amount of commerce," Napolitano said.

The meeting with Poire was Napolitano's first stop of a five-day regional tour that will also take her to Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama.

Napoliticano was specifically asked whether the U.S. government is as concerned about the power of criminal organizations in Latin America as it is about terrorism. She called both terrorism and drug trafficking a global scourge, but pointed out there are important distinctions between the two.

"(Drug trafficking) has to be handled in a somewhat different way. It's a different type of crime and it's a different type of plague, but that's also why it is so important that we act not only bi-nationally, but in a regional way, to go after the supply of illegal narcotics," Napolitano said.


  1. Yah, and Janet likes men. That chick is a bigger lier than her boss. We have armed men coming into our country every night. That is an invasion. And she does nothing. What's worse is she is from my state.

    1. What for of proof do your words speak? I think your hilarious to state something like that. What I would like are some credible sources!

      Please share them?

  2. not a failure if you are a narco

  3. Yup. You are right, Janet. Looks like you all have it all under control. Keep up the good work! Lol

  4. "I think Americans come and go freely to Mexico all the time and I expect that to continue. It's a wonderful country. There are many, many places to go and to see. And obviously we also do a tremendous amount of commerce," Napolitano said."

    Wow this woman has her head up her ass. Perhaps she should take a casual stroll across the border into Juarez, Reynosa or Matamoros and see the sights, have a few margaritas and eat at a few taquerias. I'm sure she will have a lovely time later in the evening while she is handcuffed and blindfolded in some safehouse being watched over by a couple sadistic assholes who torture people for fun and want a $200,000 ransom.

  5. The drug trade continues unabated both in the U.S and Mexico, violent cartel activity has exploded through the roof across ever larger swathes of the country, drugs are more readily available than ever, the crime rate in mexico has skyrocketed, corruption is as endemic and pervasive as ever, whole states have become violently unstable, and the militarization of Mexican law enforcement has dramatically expanded, snapping more than a few civil liberties in the process.

    I love these smug, self righteous scumbag politicians definition of "not a failure".. Maybe we should call Calderon's war and the War on Drugs as a whole successes then?

    On another note, Why can't these quasi puritanical political bastards and their armchair warrior cheerleaders simply not accept that the only way to truly hit the cartels hardesd is by unilaterally legalizing across the board. They still, after more than 30 years, simply do not fucking learn that you cannot control social demand, and that you should not (under any normal concept of individual freedom) be in the business of telling free adults what they can and cannot put into their bodies.

  6. Jaja they already killed 11 of the zetas that escaped from nuevo leon . They were killed in zacatecaz

  7. Hello do you not know this is an ELECTION YEAR millions in taxpayer money will be spent for OBOMAs cheerleaders to criss-cross the USA,back and forth Janet may have her work cut out for her MABY WE aren't as stupid as she thinks!!

  8. The drug war is a failure and so is Janet Napolitano.

    I can't believe she still has her job after the mess with TSA. Anyone who flies regularly knows that these idiots are incompetent. They search little old ladies and take their nail polish, while young men in baggy pants saunter through with god knows what.

  9. When will this stupidly blind, mannish woman begin to understand that this is not just a war on DTOs or even about DRUGS. Drugs are just a tool of these CRIMINAL MINDED PEOPLE.

    If the cartels get a-hold of you, you will understand very clearly that running drugs is the very least of the horrifying truth.

    And it certainly is not limited to drug runners. As you see, it is mayors and councilmen and lawyers and judges and police and border patrol, taxi drivers, cooks, paper pushers, hot dog vendors, car salesmen. All are working together to dominate and darken the future of North America.

    What is needed now is for good men to see the truth clearly, and do whatever is nessesary to ENSURE that EVIL MEN do NOT CONTROL THE LAND.

  10. Evil men do control the land. And evil women. Wouldn't surprise me if ol' Janet was on the payroll. Just another day in paradise.

  11. She strikes me as one of those people that when she goes to the bathroom, you need to put up a sign for at least 24 hours, "Do Not Enter" because of the caustic odor. She just leaves the world to suffer for her ignorance, incompetence, and flat out dumb bitch decisions. Who in the hell could think "she" has leadership qualities. I am at the point that I have decided there is no true leaders in this entire world anymore. There is nothing left but politicians lining up asking us to vote for them so they can have their turn at fleecing our pockets. The war on drugs has broke us and we have failed. That photo and her responses tell it all.

  12. Send a few seal teams in Unannounced with some smart bombs and stop these cartels them legalize all narcotics bam no more drug war

    1. Jesus! Seriously people.

      State some flipping facts and not bloated personal views that are corrupted with your own personal likes and dislikes.

      Gives faces and give some sources of where you heard or read or saw this information?

      Let's see how you folks do!

      Hehehe. Seriously!


    2. The FACT is, the Mexican war on drugs is a failure!

  13. "a continuing effort to keep our peoples from becoming addicted to dangerous drugs."


    There is no better way to create a best selling book than for the book to be banned.

    The "DRUG WAR" is actually INCREASING illegal drug demand.

    The "DRUG WAR" is an act of stupidity.

  14. Napolitano,why don't you take some of that money we pay you and drive the family down to cancun..take some pictures along the way please!!!

  15. Take some pathetic low life, uneducated, drug addicted, mexican drug cartel sicario. Put a suit on him. He would be no different than Janet Napolitano or any of the other criminals working for US Governent and DHS.

    That's because none of them care about our 50,000 dead and dying brothers and sisters in Mexico.

  16. People be cool,your gettin hysterical. Siskiyou_Kid said... "They search little old ladies and take their nail polish, while young men in baggy pants saunter through with god knows what"Talk about,stereotypes.Usually middle class white kids,flyin,know what i mean.Baseball cap on as well?Jail em.It was ok for everyone when you didn't hear and see the killings on video,this shit opened the box,now we gettin hysterical.Do you want the same shit that happened after 9/11.Bring Draconian new stop and search shit out?New home entry laws?Sheep.

  17. Too many facts are available to reasonably come to any logical conclusion, not to mention "failure" itself being a loaded term. All anyone can do is form an opinion based on what they have seen. 50,000+ dead with drastic changes to quality of life and security, for the worse, seems like an obvious failure to me. Not to mention they only manage to stop a tiny fraction of the flow of drugs.

  18. It is never a failure to fight crime if you are passive then you have Mexico!

  19. This was just confirmation of how this administration lies to us. Not a failure, well this certainly is not a success.

  20. What a joke! $50B/500k employees. This woman is a joke. She doesn't know what the DOJ is doing, she doesn't know what the DEA is doing, She doesn't know what the ATF is doing, She doesn't know what the CIA is doing!!!!! She doesn't know about arms, drugs, etc. the us is fostering. This is the same bullshit the us is using against $350Billion dollars. Prosecute the politicians takeing the dollars/pesos. Gore,Clinto, Obama, etc.etc.etc.

  21. This is totally a failure and she should know it. If she doesn't she is a dumb government employee. Which she is!!!! 50Years of "war on drugs" . What a farce!! Government profits-why do they want it to end!!!

  22. she looks like that dude from los tigres del norte

  23. What else is she going to say? It's a failure? Fuck no. People getting butchered alive and skinned, they don't even know about crimes like that in the US

  24. I am guessing she knows more about what's going on then 99% of us do. Being manly in looks will only support her possible carrier path. She is probably ex military were sh worked around men who were constantly judging her because sh IS a woman. Makeup and doing her hair was also probably not get thing. If she is into makeup etc then she probably wouldn't take a carrier in military. With that said she proba ly has a good chance of being gay.

    So she probably has felt judged all her life and mostly by shallow thinking men. This means she probably had to push herself and stand out further and showed her tough character. Hell, she is even taking shit from people on her who know nothing of who she is.

    This to me shows character. A character who can stand up and fight. More then I am say for myself.

    So next I think I will go online and read a little a out this woman. After I do this I will make up my mind about her now that I know more. But yet I still will not know her well enough to call her stupid. Just because here daily life IS what she is talking about. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, she know stuff we all don't that's positive.

  25. Please look at this woman!! She does not know what the ATF,DEA,DOD,CIA,DOJ is doing! What is her job? Totally incompetent, ineffective. She is a large part of the problem--none of the solution!!The u.s. is the problem--selecting Enrique Pina Nieto as the next president of Mexico. Disband the DHS, ATF, etc. and the profiteers of Mexico's drug trade!!

  26. Yeah she is stupid.Only someone without logic or that is trying to lie would classify the war on drugs,"Not a failure".Its as simple as that.

    Obviously the lady has logic,so its definately that shes lying,its obvious Calderon told her to speak not as bad about Mexico. Duh!!


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