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Friday, February 10, 2012

Mexico Official: Public Security 'Overrun'

Mexico’s defense secretary has acknowledged that some areas of the country are outside government control, fueling the debate over the specter of state failure in the country.

Written by Geoffrey Ramsey
In Sight Crime

At a military ceremony yesterday, Mexican Defense Minister Guillermo Galvan Galvan addressed the national security situation in the country, pessimistically describing it in stark terms. “Clearly, in some sectors of the country the public security situation is completely overrun,” said Galvan, adding that “it should be recognized that national security is seriously threatened.” He went on to say that organized crime in the country has managed to penetrate not only society, but also the country’s state institutions.

Galvan also endorsed the military’s role in combating insecurity, asserting that although they have a responsibility to acknowledge that “there have been mistakes,” the armed forces have an “unrestricted” respect for human rights.

InSight Crime Analysis

The speech comes after significant amount of debate by security analysts over whether or not Mexico is, or at least at risk of, becoming a failed state. In 2008, the United States Joint Forces Command likened Mexico to Pakistan in a report on failed and weak states, describing them both as “two large and important states [which] bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse” (Department of Defense, 2008). Last May, a retired general claimed that drug gangs control around 40 percent of Mexico, and in August the founder of Mexico’s leading civilian security center put the figure at around 50 percent.

In comparison to those statements, Galvan’s remarks seem almost optimistic. Still, the fact that he used the term “overrun” to describe Mexico’s security situation is a major contrast to the usual official rhetoric. President Felipe Calderon has repeatedly cast his anti-crime as a success, pointing to the large number of high-level kingpins that have been killed or captured during his term.

Galvan is not the only administration figure who has fallen short of towing the official line of insecurity in the country. Last month one of Calderon’s advisers wrote a defense of the president’s policies that, as InSight Crime reported, was riddled with holes. The timing of these incidents likely has to do with Calderon nearing the end of his term. Before Calderon leaves office in November, it is likely that even more officials will distance themselves from his security strategy, which is becoming increasingly unpopular in the country.


  1. The US govt and Mexican govt have failed at keeping our borders safe, which is why we need private companies like Immediate Response Group to take the reins. They've already aided several businesses along the Texas border.

    1. Shoot first policy might be a tad extreme. Paco who wants to pick lettuce and even pay taxes , fine with me.
      But yes build a serios wall then fix the system so they can work legally.
      Saying usa failed is wrong. Were trying to have human compassion. I undetstand the shoot first argument for the trash of course...

    2. OMFG! A for profit mind set is NOT what you need. It's that for profit mindset thats at the VERY HEART of each and every gang member and cartel. A belonging and Profit.

      Look at the bulk of corporations control in this global market. Constantly trying for more MORE M O R E! It's all about the percentages. It is this very reason "if any" that we need government. It's check and balance. It's a proper amount of power of each. Too little or too much either way it trouble. How much trouble depends on how much one way or the other.

      This is my strong yet humble opinion

  2. February 10, 2012 4:29 PM Are this groups like Black Water?

  3. Compassion guy here. Daisy Cutters right? You know what those are?lol
    But you are right....complete blackhawk chopper attacks. And those other tank killer planes we have...we could wipe out every catel in about a week.

  4. kill who? where? whose intelligence are you going to use? the corruption is so deep, NO ONE can be trusted to lead the way, everyone of Mexico's politicians has their own agenda .... and they are all corrupt some more than others but ALL are dirty!!!

  5. why not just shut the borders down. stop all the imports from mexico .and let them kill them self;s they are doing it already

  6. Build that fence already, put a moat, no make it 2 with alligators and
    pirahna, saber toof penguins,giant godzilla sharks.! prohibition working out huh?

  7. Why not just legalize, regulate, and tax drugs? Chapo would be out of a job and then Mexico could just round up those that do criminal acts. The US will never stop drugs so why not sell it to the addicts at a cost that doesn't propitiate crime, regulate it, tax it, and keep it the hell out of dealers hands that entice children to use it.

    1. Because even when you legalize it you will have to deal with the crook businesses that will take over the dispensing of the drugs. They will charge more money than it would cost on the streets. They would do what's necessary to control the trade. Not to mention all the idiots who are still going to rob, kill and comitt heinous crimes to get there dope. Drugs will never cease. Drug lords will never end. People are too weak minded to change for themselves, there families or for the better good. Will it stop never. Can u stop the cartels never. But should we show them consequences and make it harder. Yes. Fuck the cartels and the users and the dumb asses who allow it. Imagine this world with no drugs violence or fears. You'd actually want to raise a family here.

    2. Because the US makes money both ways.. Corruption + arresting And fining those who get caught

    3. God. Look up federal bank and learn what it means to make money out of thin air.

      Once you understand this you will then understand how for the US gov, it's not about them making money.

      Common yet still vastly miss understood concept.

    4. I am way to tired to type this time of the day. I meant Federal Reserve Bank or just Federal Reserve.

      The Feds would not make enough to concern themselves to be making money off of drug sales. They don't make money of weapons etc etc etc.

      Only possible (and more likely) scenario is companies are making money off of this. I believe it's 39 billion annually. That's more of a company mindset of money. Which in turn is controlled by an elite few in the company. Which are also the types of people who are motivated about making money. This is also the way cartels think. (see above reply)

      But get the idea of US gov involvement out of the thinking. 39 billion vs how many TRILLIONS annually. Do we need to do a math lesson?

  8. dear james i found this report about IRG that says they did not pay for tasers and equipment shipped to them.
    "Immediate Response Group, LLC Incomplete Payment, Rare Responses, Misleading Promises REPUBLIC Missouri" "Immediately after my original ROR in January of 2009, Joe Peters of IRG contacted me threatening suit because I had "endangered the lives of him, his family, and his employees". He also stated that my actions "would not be tolerated, and I would be dealt with firmly and swiftly by his attorneys".

    After these last threats, and to this date, he has still made no attempt to contact us or pay the $4100 that he owes us. The only satisfaction I have been able to get was the result of this Rip-Off Report. Several potential IRG suppliers, etc., have contacted me, and it has been my pleasure let them know the danger of association with IRG."

  9. Close the border? Both economies would suffer bad. It can be a 20 foot wall ,the junkies will still find a way to get its fix. U.S.A has had troops in Colombia for decades "fighting the drug war" no results yet. WTF have they been doing ? Taking salsa lessons? They need that drug money to finance the invasion of Venezuela. Coca=4=Oil. It amazes me the ignorance in geopolitics the avarage Northamerican has they vote for wars with countries that they cant even point out in a map much less know their people, pretty similar to muslim extremist, they believe everything their leaders feed them.

  10. @6:03 "a tad extreme" - oh doodness me. We don't want that. We want to be compassionate and caring.

    Build a wall? They're already driving tunnel after tunnel under the border NOW you idiot.

    Mexico is overrun by criminals NOW, There is no law. There is no safety. AND it is ALREADY in the US and Canada,

    At least here is one general who will speak the truth.

  11. The Mexican Defense Minister, with refreshing candor stated that 50% of the country is under control of the cartels. It would be fair to say that the entire country is in a state of mind that ranges from fear to terror. Will it ever end? Of course - just as soon as the annual multi-billion dollar market for drugs in America dries up. This will probably happen on the morning that Iraq becomes a peace-loving democracy and all the Jihadists in the world join the Boy Scouts and then start going to church on a regular basis.

    1. Lots of typical chest thumping.

      So easy to get worked up and start acting tough. Acting tough and actions of tough are easy.

      Self control and compassion is a lot harder.

      By the way. If you didn't get the image of chest thumping in relation to a primitive gorella in your mind... Well you should now. That's the analogy.


    2. Chest thumping was not meant as a reply but a general comment.

  12. The psycopathic ruling elites stole too much dinero!!! The result a failed and cruel state! Viva Mexico la pais de el diablo!!!

  13. Soon the cartels will be extorting foreign owned gold and silver and copper mines. This is a billion$ new revenue stream. It will be interesting when foreign mining executives are kidnapped for 10's of millions in ransom.

  14. This is other strategy by Calderon's Goverment , to say that public segury of our country is in overrun . This is a message to our brothers in Mexico and request to have the support and give the voting to PAN candidate in the next president's election and to continue with same failed stragegy to combat the Narco .Why they are now sending us this message?, why not in the 5 past previuos years as Calderon president?. I'm not buy this message from Calderon's goverment , But I understood that we are in trouble more now that before.

  15. February 11, 2012 6:45 AM

    I Believe the 30-40 Billion is what makes its way to Mexico, i could be wrong but
    its an honest question, how much more stays here? how much of that ends up somewhere else?
    if so the drug business is in the Trillions worldwide. think about it.

    1. First off I think everyone should visit this GREAT visual on how big a trillion is.


      A trillion is a 1 with 12 zeros at the end
      1 trillion = 1,000,000,000,000

      Their is roughly 7 billion people on this planet including a very large percentage of them being children and a large percentage being in provided areas.

      If you think about every single person in this world in clouding those poor and children all buying their fair shard of a 1 trillion of worth of drugs, each person would be spending roughly $143.00 each.

      That to me seems rediculoysly high for that. Most people do not and will not do drugs. So the burden of that 1 trillion becomes all on the shoulders of a few. Which to me makes it harder to believe.

      I could have my thinking wrong here but I respectfully ask to be set straight if need be.


  16. We didn't have to ask permission to go over seas to Iraq, fuck Felipe!


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