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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mexico Arrests 9 Linked to Sinaloa drug cartel

Nine members of a gang allied with the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel were arrested this week in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco, a high-ranking Mexican police officer said Friday.

The detentions represent a heavy blow to the La Barredora outfit, the head of the Federal Police regional security division, Luis Cardenas Palomino told a press conference in the capital.

The most important suspect, La Barredora No. 2 Jonathan Martínez Santos, alias “El Jona”, was picked up Friday in Acapulco as Cardenas was presenting the other eight detainees to the media inside the Federal Police hangar at Mexico City’s international airport.

Authorities accuse Martinez Santos of masterminding several murders and kidnappings.

La Barredora has been battling the Independent Cartel of Acapulco for control of the illegal drug trade in the port city and nearby areas in the surrounding state of Guerrero. Both groups emerged from the now-defunct Beltran Leyva outfit.

One of the suspects presented Friday, Francisco Javier Barlon Santos, was described as the head of logistics for the gang’s hit teams and the man in charge of ensuring security at La Barredora’s drug corners in Acapulco.

Police seized a stolen vehicle, an assault rifle, two grenades and a quantity of drugs in the course of making the arrests.

Soldiers and federal police have arrested 410 people since October as part of Operation Safe Guerrero, launched to reduce the level of drug-related violence in the southern state.

Source: EFE


  1. El cartel de CIDA sigue presenciar en Aca y hace sus pendejadas!

  2. I am not so sure La Barredora is really is a Sinaloa proxy, I think they were the ones hanging up those Sinaloa Cartel banners everywhere in 2011, but they are just like CIDA, independent scrap groups.

  3. Does anyone ever notice that Mexican feds arrest the supposed leader of CIDA and La Barredora every couple of months and claim to pretty much wipe them out entirely, yet ever few months we get another report like this? I mean if these are 2 little scrap groups, then WTF

  4. I remember reading thayg C.I.D.A has reach out to the Beltran Leyvas and that they are going against La Barredora & El Comando del Diablo.

    The Beltran Leyva Cartel left narcomantas all over Acapulco and Guerrero saying that they are going on a new offensive and are going to eliminate El Comando del Diablo and La Barredora.

    Not alot is known about El Comando del Diablo but Cida and La barredora are splinter groups that used to be aligned with the Beltran Leyvas,my guess is that La Barredora and El Comando del diablo are trying to go independent.

  5. El Comando del Diablo,does anyone know if this is the same crew that was run by that crazy motherfucker El Diablo,one of CDGs craziest hitters,this is the guy who was cuttin heads off and choppin them up and shit.But there was some shit about him goin it alone,he,s not tall,but a hefty motherfucker.Anyone know shit?


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