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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Half-ton of Marijuana Seized on Boat in Malibu

By Darsha Philips

In a major drug bust at Point Dume in Malibu, officials seized a large amount of marijuana in a boat Saturday morning.

Authorities came across a suspicious boat from Mexico in Pirate's Cove. The Panga, a fishing boat about 25-30 feet long, came ashore about 10:30 p.m. on Friday.

Powerful radar detected the boat and relayed the information to Homeland Security. An investigation turned up about a half-ton of marijuana aboard the ship.

"Border Patrol, L.A. Sheriffs and Search and Rescue showed up to a maritime smuggling incident," said U.S. Customs & Border Patrol of Homeland Security Agent Carrell. "This is a fraction of what we have so far."

Three men were arrested, but a fourth suspect got away.

Deputies say the case appears to be a smuggling operation gone wrong, but they're still investigating the details.

Pirates Cove, also known as Smugglers Cove, got its name more than a century ago when opium was sometimes unloaded by smugglers from Asia.


  1. nice blue raptor doing some work LOL...

  2. Point Dume is a no trafficking zone these idiots either got lost or doing shit on their own trying to prevent other people from knowing (and im not talking about any enforcement agency). The only way they got caught by the radar at the main Malibu lifeguard tower is because the idiots missed where they were suppose to unload and had to turn around. 2n, The tower got new gear that I don't know about and its fuckin top notch and was installed secretly (highly doubt it) Or they were being tracked, snitched on, or had caused to much attention from any which point. Homeland security only got intel on this boat after the fact that main life guard tower either spotted shady activity or got the calls from the sheriff's saying they made the bust. The only way those sheriffs made that bust is if they got lucky (which can happen because they are infamous for getting out of there cars and just post somewhere looking for trouble, I have seen it with my eyes numerous times). Don't get me wrong these guys are real cool but they're pretty good on patrolling this little area, which is mostly residential. And the only part in point dume where you can unload and pick merchandise up. Had to be completely "cleaned up" by the "idiots", of sheriffs that patrol out there (this is super easy knowing the fact that one little call can result of everyone of them reporting for back up!!!!!) Can be up to 7 or 8 patrol cars patrolling that little area but on perfect days (everyday very particular hours) there's only one. These "idiots" should be thrown in jail for fucking up that bad. This area will be kept clean of all dirty scums. Keep it clean brotha :)

    P.S. Nothing but respect to every Agency. People should know they are just doing a job. And always there will be those that you don't like but that's because of there character inside and not because of there profession. They got a job do yours or just chill.

  3. Weed? What a bunch of morons ,cocaine is where the real money is at. What noobs!

  4. I live close to this place and I have always wondered what goes on behind the scenes in this ritzy part of town. Dirty, I always suspected it.
    - carnifex


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