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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fighter Jets Intercept Drug Plane in Obama Airspace over L.A.

Los Angeles Times
Military fighter jets intercepted a four-seat, single-engine plane that violated a temporary flight restriction over Los Angeles that was in place as President Obama left LAX, military officials said.

The Cessna 182 was intercepted shortly after 11 a.m. by two F-16 fighters that flew out of March Air Reserve Base, according to a statement from the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

The jets followed the plane until it landed at Long Beach Airport about 30 minutes later, the statement said.

Long Beach police met the plane. Authorities said they found as much as 10 kilograms of marijuana on the plane.

The White House said it would have no statement.


  1. Wow who cares fucken 20lbs really they spent more on jet fuel to grab them!! It was just some rich people in a fkn plane tops it was 20grand if it was bomb

  2. This wasnt a drug plane more like consumption.

  3. They didn't have a warrant to search the plane

    1. They dnt need one. There the Government

  4. No shit can't believe they admitted that

  5. 2/16 9:13PM,
    The drugs weren't the primary problem..the plane was flying in a resticted airspace (TFR-temporary flight restriction) due to Airforce One flying in the area. As a pilot, prior to flight your suppose to check the area for TFRs as part of your flight plan. It is normal protocol, if an aircraft violates the TFR..fighter jets are dispatched immediately to escort the voilator to the nearest airport failure to comply results in being shot down!

  6. i agree i dont think it was smugglers maybe some rich kids hotboxing there parents plane

  7. No problem. There were 40 foot smoke rings gliding up from the compound a short while later.

  8. It was someone with too much time and money on his hands. He probably just wanted to show off to his friends. He did have really bad timing in trying to jump the border without a flight plan being filed. I hope that this interception is not a snapshot of a typical moment over L.A. Can we assume that if they restrict that airspace again, another plane will pop up?

  9. It was probably part of Obama's entourage

  10. Pilot to co-pilot. "hey pendejo, why didn't you tell me the Pres was in town fundraising?"

    co-pilot, "I don't follow politics cabron."

    Pilot. "Pendejo,we should have watched the news last night."

    co-pilot, "I don't watch the news, its all negative."

    Pilot. "Your right pendejo, we will make the front page tomorrow..oh sshhh#%$#$"

  11. I'm Democrat....but thanks George W....and warrant needed....

  12. They were blowing O's as they landed.. Obama confiscated the mexican weed and gave them medicinal dro from CALI to make them learn what good weed was!!

  13. The pot was taken off and guns were then loaded and flown to Mexico by an ATF pilot.

  14. You know that Barack and Michelle toke it up in their bedroom in the white house.

  15. I'll bet the plane was going to make a "drop delivery" before the fighters intercepted it!!

  16. Very interesting,there was no mention of the individuals arrested for this.No names or pictures,at least not in this article!!Maybe Ken & Barbie brought back a little souvenier from their weekend in Vallarta or Ensenada?


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