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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Female Sinaloa Cartel Member Arrested for Ordering Multiple Killings in TJ

Update:  For greater detail see Information at bottom.  The victims included a 13 year old boy, a student a San Ysidro Middle School who was in the neighborhood to attend a birthday party for his 7 year old cousin... Mother speaks about the killing.Paz, Chivis

A woman who confessed to ordering the killings of five people last month was among several Sinaloa drug cartel members arrested in the northwestern Mexican state of Baja California, state officials said.
Martha Lizeth Osegueda Rodriguez told investigators following her arrest on Friday night that she ordered the killings of five people on Jan. 28 in the border city of Tijuana.
The 24-year-old suspect ordered the killings to steal drugs from a rival gang that operates in the neighborhoods close to the U.S. border, the Baja California Public Safety Secretariat said.
Osegueda was arrested thanks to an anonymous tip and intelligence work by the state police, the secretariat said.
State police arrested a taxi driver, identified as Erick Arzate Garcia, who had an outstanding warrant for robbery, the secretariat said.
The 28-year-old Arzate told police he worked for Osegueda, who was in charge of drug sales in Tijuana’s Villas de Baja California and Tres de Octubre districts, the secretariat said.
State police went to a house in Villas de Baja California, where they arrested Osegueda and Marco Antonio Lopez Carmona, a 24-year-old suspected Sinaloa Cartel gunman, the secretariat said.
Officers seized a firearm and 17 packets of the illegal drug “crystal” from the suspects, as well as cash that apparently came from drug sales, the secretariat said.
Osegueda told investigators she ordered the multiple murders in the Tres de Octubre neighborhood and that Lopez Carmona took part in the killings, the secretariat said.
Osegueda sent the gunmen to kill rival gang members who stole drugs from her after getting authorization from her bosses in the Sinaloa cartel, the secretariat said.
Octavio Leal Uriarte, known as “El Chapito,” was one of the cartel bosses who gave Osegueda the green light to carry out the killings, the secretariat said.
The Sinaloa organization, sometimes referred to by officials as the Pacific cartel, is the oldest and most powerful drug cartel in Mexico.
Cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” (Shorty) Guzman, considered extremely violent, is one of the most-wanted criminals in Mexico and the United States, where the Drug Enforcement Administration is offering a reward of $5 million for him.
Guzman, who was born in 1957 in La Tuna, Sinaloa, was arrested in Guatemala in 1993 and pulled off a Hollywood-style jailbreak when he escaped from the Puente Grande maximum-security prison in the western state of Jalisco on Jan. 19, 2001.
Forbes magazine estimates that Guzman has a fortune of more than $1 billion, making him one of the richest people in the world.
Source: Notitas de Noticias

Boys mother speaks about the killings "a lot of people were killed"  HERE

From UT San Diego:
A statement linked Osegueda to a criminal group that works for the Sinaloa cartel. The crime, carried out by hooded gunmen with AK-47 rifles, came after an extended period of relative calm in Tijuana.

The five victims — all male — included Ulysses Castrejón, a 13-year-old student at San Ysidro Middle School, and his grandfather, Hipólito Beltrán. The teenager’s parents said he and they had never been to that neighborhood in Tijuana and their only connection to the incident was that they were invited to a birthday party for Ulysses’ 7-year-old cousin.

Investigators initially linked the crime to the presence at the party of another victim, Daniel Alberto Cabrera Bengochea, father of the boy whose birthday was being celebrated. Cabrera was the brother of a former Tijuana police officer detained in December on suspicion of ties to the Sinaloa cartel.

According to the State Preventive Police, an investigation led state agents to one of the three suspects, Erick Arzáte García, 28, as he was driving a taxi in a neighborhood southeast of downtown Tijuana known as Fraccionamiento García. That arrest led them to Osegueda and to Marco Antonio López Carmona, 24, who allegedly confessed to directly participating in the killings.

According to the state police, the suspects said that they reported to two criminal cell leaders identified as Octavio Leal Uriarte, known as El Chapito, and another identified only by his nickname, El Lucas. The latter two authorized the killings, and assigned gunmen for the operation, according to the State Preventive Police.


  1. Thanks for the news article Chivis, but I don't think the first picture has anything to do with this.

  2. Those look like British Police. Has England sent some of its fine Bobbies to Sinaloa to round up narcos?

  3. I wondered as she looks different, but her head down it was in mex newpapers...its one of those ID's that are a puzzlement just as you see it...let me take a look..

    do you know what situation the top photo
    is from?

  4. One wound think that there would be a 100% conviction rate since everyone snitchs themselves out in Mexico.

  5. I think the first picture is from england, not sure but definetly not mexican related.

    1. Hahahaha!!!! From England? Really? it says baja california where tijuana is located behind that lady and also I can see the state shape on that wall. You people got no clue

  6. This is a video related to this article.


  7. Thanks for the heads up...I am going with your words and my intial gut feeling...I am adding the video.. Paz, Chivis

  8. She looks like she is sorry. Yeah she is sorry, not for what she did, but because she got arrested.

  9. It seems that everyone that gets arrested in TJ is allegedly working for Sinaloa. Smart, very smart I would say by Fernando Sanchez Arellano and company. There's a lot of brains and power still running Tijuana. Low key, more brains, more business, less noise. If only the other plazas would follow that script, things would be much smoother. Just sayin'...

    1. Well you have to big flaws in that statement, 1) "CAF" is not powerful not at all, and 2) the other cartels actually have the manpower to fight and kill eachother unlike caf who makes deals and avoids fighting because they know they will die

  10. Hey guys what is the relationship between CAF and CDS?

    Some say CDS and CAF work together other say they are still rivals?

    Can someone explain me plz

    Kobra unit 24

  11. Fertalizer for the backyard garden,next,clean the place up people.

  12. She is 24 and looks 40. She is too skinny and her face is drawn. She is noting more than a little ice head that rose to the level of her incompetence. Just another addict pawn used and thrown to the way side.

  13. I don't understand why are they calling this people Sinaloa Cartel members when in reality they are not. Look at the quantities of drugs and money. Some of the people I know will sell 1 to 7 pounds of crystal meth a week, and they will handle 50 to 100 thousand cash and they work independently.

    These are not cartel members people, they are only common drug dealers, shit my 15 year old nephew's sack of dope is bigger than the one they are showing. My nephew sells half an once to an once of meth a day.

    1. How much is an ounce of ice running these days?

  14. Working in the wrong place for the wrong side. What did she expect?

  15. Bitch made bitch,hope she gets what she gave out.Killing little kids?

  16. I smell Bacon ... 07:07.....

  17. @ 8:49 Money = Power. There still is a lot of money in Tijuana. A lot of police and government officials still on the payroll. Remember the cartel has been there for 20+ years and their roots are deep. I'm not a fan boy but I live here and it's obvious to everyone. I think they make deals and avoid killing because it's just bad for business, period. We can't believe all of these Sinaloa corridos that we hear...

  18. February 27, 2012 12:22 PM In California 1-lb $14,000 1-Oz $1,400 1/8 $220 1/16 $140 In Tijuana about 40% less.

  19. I'm not sure where you got your prices ... but reports an oz goes for about $400 of highest quality cannabis.

    Must be some DEA math.

  20. These are the rings of narcocomedistas that Zeta detailed in January, retail drug operations, controlled loosely by cell leaders for Sinaloa or CAF. Basically, they receive product from them, and pay to operate, as well as charge others to operate in the name of the cartel affiliation. The fight has little to do with cartels, it's just neighborhood drug dealing and conflict that stems from competition.

    My guess is it still had something to do with R12's brother, who was giving information to SEDENA.

    It's sad, when someone asked me about this a month or so ago, the first thing I could think of was life is cheap in Tijuana.

  21. February 27, 2012 2:18 PM I believe they were asking for the price of crystal meth, not cannabis.

    The question was How much is an ounce of ice running these days?

    Is cannabis known as ice?

  22. I get a bag of ice for a buck ....... and that bitch looks like she stinks

  23. EL CHAPUTO's groupies killing kids..smh.. The gov't should feed these idiots to the ZETAS!..

  24. This is for the retarded person that said EL CAF HAS NO POWER ONLY TO MAKE DEALS people like you are just fucken cowards even use alias names like anonymous you must be a BITCH cause a real man will put his name on what ever he post if cds was so powerful why pay a fee to cross anything TO EL CAF and yes they was a powerful war between 2008 -2010 but when teo got arrested then muletas why did cds after all the shipments intercepted and people lost choose to sent a REPRESENTIVE to LA GRAN FAMILIA DE BAJA CALIFORNIA and make and offer that was to good to pass up put the pass away and do business and bring peace to the people in BAJA CALIFORNIA YES cds PAYS A FEE AND EL CAF CONTROLLS NORTHERN BAJA CALIFORNIA THEY HAVE A FIRM GRIP EVEN OF SAN DIEGO AND BEYOND YOU FUCKEN BITCH YOU EVER HEARD ACT WEAK WHEN YOU STRONG AND KEEP YOURE ENEMIES CLOSER THAN YOURE FRIENDS THAT IS VERY BUT VERY POWERFULL METHOD SO FUCK MS ANONYMOUS AND MY NAME IS MARIO ALEJANDRO I NEVER GIVE MY LAST NAME THEY CALL ME EL TB PURO EL CAF PARA ARRIBA PENDEJA


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