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Monday, February 6, 2012

Feds hit San Antonio group accused of buying guns for cartel

Feds hit S.A. group accused of buying guns for cartel
By Guillermo Contreras/San Antonio Express News

More than a dozen San Antonio-area residents have been arrested on charges that they bought high-powered tactical rifles for the Zetas in Mexico.

Federal agents were still hauling some of the defendants into federal court in San Antonio this week after obtaining federal indictments in Del Rio.

Thirteen were in custody Monday, charged with making false statements during the purchase of a firearm and/or aiding and abetting the smuggling of goods from the United States, records show.

The indictments said the defendants bought M4s and DTI-15s, both rifles of 5.56-caliber whose primary target audience is current and former military members, according to several ads on the Internet. It was not immediately clear if any of the defendants had military backgrounds, but records say they are accused of buying a total of 18 of the rifles at gun stores in San Antonio beginning Oct. 11.

Most are alleged “straw buyers” – U.S. residents with clean backgrounds accused of buying the guns for someone else. One of them, Salvador Martinez, age unavailable, is accused of being a facilitator because he obtained four DTI-15 rifles despite having no legal immigration status in the U.S. and having a domestic violence conviction.

Also charged are Abigail Sabrina Treviño, 22; Wayne R. Dixon, 53; Rey David De La O-Rodriguez, age unavailable; Jasmine Leeann Gordo, 22; Frank Hernandez, age unavailable; Louis Christopher Martinez, 24; Jessica Marie Cortes, 22; Patricio Nova, 32; Amanda Lopez, age unavailable; Denise Ordaz, 19; Elisa Hernandez Ramirez, 24, of Devine; and Jonathan Paul Barrera, 28 of Del Rio.

Sheriff deputies seize assault rifle magazines

PRESS RELEASE - On Wednesday, Februrary 1st, the Maverick County Sheriff's Office responded to an anonymous call regarding a green duffle bag by the side of the canal located on Eidson Road near Leonard's Orchards entrance gate.

Upon arrival, the Maverick County Sheriff Deputy responding to the call was able to locate the green duffle bag by a brush area of said location. Further investigation by the deputy resulted in the discovery of several AK-47 assault rifle magazines inside the green duffle bag. The green duffle bag and magazines were confiscated and brought to the Maverick County Sheriff's Office where a total of 95 Ak-47 assault magazines were discovered.

Case pending further investigation by the Criminal Investigation Division


  1. It is great you people arrested some of this criminals, to bad many more criminal operations like this one are happening all over the place and many more people are getting away whit doing this type of crimes.

  2. Those are not Americans. Wayne and Abigail should be sent packing south with the rest of them.

  3. The US has to clean up its own criminal government now. I don't want to see anything happen to these Z scum until something is done with those piece of unamerican filth obama and DHS. When there is justice enforced on the criminal ruling class in the US then we can begin dealing out justice to the Zs. Until then we are like little children laughing and pretending and living in a fantasy world.

  4. Mexican Americans trying to make a easy buck. There loyalty,their sympothys etc are with Mexico, not the USA. Calderon blames the USA for guns in Mexico,hell its Mexicans smuggling guns into Mexico, not Gringos. Texas is being overrun.


  6. del rio pinche pueblito cagow

  7. i believe the people involved deserved what they got but i do feel sorry for some people who didnt know what was going on and got mixed up in the whole scheme of it all. i know one guy involved "LCM" had no idea what was going on and Abigail and Frank used him and Screwed him over. LCM tried to the right thing by doing what he did


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