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Friday, February 24, 2012

Capo of Hidalgo "El Chivo", Lazca's "Primo Hermano" Apprehended in Hidalgo

Following the first article is a translated article from the Hidalgo, Mexico Policia website.  It is an interesting read of the investigation, apprehension and a list of some of the crimes, kidnapping, fuel theft, extortion, murder, beheading a rapist among others...Paz, Chivis

Mexican authorities say they have arrested a cousin of the leader of the feared Zetas drug cartel and the local chief of another gang.
"EL Chivo"
Humberto Canales Lazcano, aka “El Chivo,” was arrested in an operation early on Thursday in the central Hidalgo state along with 12 other men accused of being Zetas hitmen, local public safety secretary Damian Canales told reporters.

Canales said Lozcano is considered the leader of the Zetas in the state.

The Zetas are believed to have been behind the bludgeoning of 44 inmates in a weekend prison riot that screened the escape of 30 gang members.

The cartel - founded in the 1990s by former army officers turned hitmen - is believed to have been behind some of the most brutal acts in Mexico's long-running drug war, including beheadings, kidnappings and mass killings.

The Mexican navy meanwhile announced that a local leader of the Jalisco New Generation cartel was arrested in the eastern state of Veracruz last week.

Previous arrests of senior cartel leaders have done little to repress the drug violence that has plagued Mexico in recent years.

About 50 000 Mexicans have been killed in drug-related violence since the 2006 launch of a military crackdown on the cartels, which are engaged in brutal turf wars over smuggling routes and key ports.


The following was translated from Spanish:

Pachuca. Feb. 23, 2012: Humberto  Canales Lazcano, “primo hermano” (first cousin) of Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, was presented today after being arrested along with 12 other men.  They were apprehended as  they held a “meeting” to discuss matters of the organization of the Criminal organization Los Zetas.
Damian Canales Mena, Secretary of Public Security in Hidalgo, reported that during the operation, they were able to capture the cousin of the Zetas leader, and that Humberto is the capo of Hidalgo, and was in charge of the state. Also apprehended were  other members of the zetas, including number two of the organization, who served as commander of the region of Tula Allende.
Mena Canales, gave a press conference to make public the arrest of the two main bosses of Hidalgo, as well as  the other 11 men.  They were at a meeting of the organization held at a restaurant near the community of Matilda, Pachuca.
Full Press Conference
After arduous work of intelligence, supported by the implementation of an undercover operation carefully designed, finally,  yesterday in the evening , Humberto Canales Lazcano aka El Chivo, Pedro Alonso Salinas aka El Teclas or El Dandy, Miguel Ariyacob López Aguilar aka El Pariente, Juan Carlos Plata Cano aka El Borrego, Marco Antonio Cuevas Becerril aka El Orejas, J Guadalupe Ayala Padrón aka Ayala, Gabriel Caballero Del Avellano, Lidio Hernández López, Jorge Ayala Alarcón, Eduardo Ayala Padrón, David Vázquez López, Pedro Pérez Portillo aka El Pilo, and Antonio Rodríguez Sánchez were arrested in  Pachuca. Weapons were also secured, such as 3 long guns, 5 short guns of different calibers, 4 trucks and 3 vehicles among them, a VW shielded red Jetta.
Pedro Alonso Salinas aka "El Teclas" or "El Dandy" said that in 2008, when he was working as taxi driver in the municipality of Tepeapulco, he met “Commander Eight”, which asked him to work as look out. Among the jobs that he realized, he remembers “El Gallero” (person who breeds fighting cocks) and another person that accompanied him in August of 2008. “El Teclas” said that El Gallero was a drug dealer on his own. They kidnapped him and held him for 15 days in a security house in Tulancingo, then transferred him by orders of the “Conta Asesino” to the back of the race truck of Pachuquilla, where they executed them because the y were asking for One Million Pesos for ransom and they only received Eight hundred thousand pesos.  
He also participated in the kidnapped of the chicken farmer of the community of Santana, municipality of Metepec, at the end of 2008. They shot him in the head. In 2009, he participated in the kidnapped of a person whose last name was Franco who dedicated to sell stolen cars. They picked him up at a car lot that locates in front of the Mall of Tulancingo. They receive ransom of seven hundred thousand pesos and a monthly quota of 20 thousand pesos. 
In November of 2009, he participated in the kidnap of  “el Guero Pecas”, who was dedicated to buy stolen trailer pieces, releasing him after receiving one million pesos and the promise of a monthly rent of forty thousand pesos, in December 2009, in the kidnap of “El Guerito”, in front of Aurrera Store in Tulancingo, for which received ransom of two hundred thousand pesos to release him.
In January of 2010, he kidnapped the father in law of “El Chota”, which El Chota himself participated and along with El Toro he disappeared. He also points out that in February 2010, he was transferred to the state of Puebla as Commander of Huachinango, doing his first job in Villa Juarez by kidnapping a person nicknamed “Cornelio” whom supposedly transported marijuana, releasing him in exchange of a pay of eight hundred thousand pesos and a monthly rent of 50 thousand pesos; subsequently not remembering the date, they kidnapped another chicken farmer who sold cocaine on his own and released him after paying three hundred thousand pesos.
He also points out that as a Commander in Puebla, he had functions as money collector to huachicoleros  (people that steal hydrocarbon), activity in which he gathered two million 500 thousand pesos per month.
After being in Puebla, he was transferred to Pachuca as first substitute of El Sapo, that after being in Hidalgo, he left to the war in Tamaulipas and afterwards was sent to Alamo, Veracruz as Commander, in which he had two military confrontations and was sent back to Hidalgo State by the end of 2011, which he ordered the attack to the police elements of Sahagun city and san Jose Tepenene in retaliation for the arrest of El Chota.
Pedro Alonso Salinas aka El Teclas or El dandy, stated that he is the Commander of Tula and reports directly to Miguel Ariyacob Lopez Aguilar aka El Pariente, since he is number two and that number one in the State is Humberto Canales Lazcano aka Commander Chivo, who says that is first cousin of Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano aka El Lazca.
Miguel Ariyacob Lopez Aguilar aka El Pariente, said that effectively, El Teclas reports to him and Number 1 in the state is Commander Chivo, that by Commander Chivo’s order, last year two local persons of Tellez were executed and burned.
In midst of December 2011, by orders of “El Chivo” they kidnapped outside of the night club Foxis, two people which were decapitated and left in a vehicle close to Trebol La Paz, also by Chivo’s order, they kidnapped and decapitated a presumed rapist, whose body was burnt and the head was left in a public transportation station among boulevard Santa Catarina with the banner of “Happy Police Day”. El Chivo is who authorized the attack to the State Police in Sahagun City, San Jose Tepenene, and the recent one in Municipality of Tulancingo.
Humberto Canales lazcano aka El Chivo, pointed out that by orders of his cousin Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, since six months ago, he is number 1 in the state.
Juan Carlos Plata Cano aka "El Borrego" or "El Viejo", works as a sicario of the Los Zetas. He was arrested by police officers of the state on august 4 of 2011, with possession of 50 bags of cocaine and leaving his case to the competent authority, which assured that, was subject to process and is now in probation and is signing on the Third Jury of Federal Penalty Processes of the Districts of the State.
Marco Antonio Cuevas Becerril aka "El Orejas", said that he worked as RT(Supervisor of hawks) for the crime organization of Z’s in the city of Pachuca, in the night shift.
The rest of the detainees, most of them refer that they work in the buying – selling of illegal fuel (huachicoleros) and that they were with the above mentioned because Commander Chivo wanted to know directly the amount they were paying El Teclas for rent, so they will not be bother or kidnap. However, investigations are being made to establish the real participation in such organization.
Hidalgo.Mex Policia


  1. What do we expect to hear next?

  2. Some body must realy hate los lazcanos because he got his ass whiped. In some other blog you can see his face all fucked up

  3. Great news, now the army has someone of value to torture. Hopefully he leads them to Lazcano.

  4. Ese grupo es pesado! Pero por gordos!

  5. What a parasite on society.

    His list of alleged crimes is fairly large. Even if he only did 5% of those crimes he needs to be thrown into a pit for the rest of his life.

    It never fails to surpise at how out of shape & dull eyed these cartel ghouls are when brought into the light. It is a disgrace that these losers are poisoning civil society.

    He has info buried in his simian shaped head. Let's hope they extract every last bit of it before they lock him up for the rest of his miserable life.

    Your reckoning is coming, gangsters.

    Thanks for the story.

  6. not even a shot fired no que bien vergas

  7. H E L P!!!
    Ok I am having a frustrating time here. "EL Chivo is being foto ID as three different suspects. I will post the three at bottom of post and anyone who is SURE pls help me out. Vanguardia says guy in orange vest....CNN Mex says guy highlighted in purple, most other Mx papers I have seen says guy with black eye.


    1. The orange vest is el lucky he was the one caught in veracruz and the one that smells like shit

  8. Torture the shit out of this fat fuck for valuable info, then put a bullet in his forehead!!

  9. I bet it is difficult to keep the photo ID's straight on people you don't know and even when public records are rarely helpful.

  10. Very well done Chivis. Nice work!!

    Like I said before, too many people in Mexico are making too much money for anything to really change.

    The chicken farmer sells coke. Everybody kidnaps everybody else. Not only do they collect ransom they also collect a monthly protection fee.

    Plus, they are stealing their own country's natural resources (petroleum).

    Ignorant, uneducated dullards are making more money than they ever dreamed of making - and if they get caught they escape or are released by authorities who make 10x more = why would anyone want to change anything?

  11. they will escape prison just like the rest of the vermin have. the only real end in mexico is a death penalty.

  12. Who cares about these guys...lascanos sister is smoking hot! She looks like a model! I sooooooooi would let her kidnap me:)

  13. February 25, 2012 1:53 AM ."too many people in Mexico are making too much money for anything to really change"Are you for fuckin real?Isn't it the precise reason people go into other cash streams because they cannot get legitimate work?
    The whole point is,there are no fuckin jobs,and not enough people are making money.
    I don't believe the idiocy of some people.Ever heard of poverty=crime?So Mexico is in great shape because to many people are making money?
    Unfuckinbelieveable,what a clown idiot.Who the fuck are you?

  14. I think they got dude right this time.
    He even got a resemblance to the lazca.
    Fat boy,why are they always out of shape?I know why i get pissed about it,its because i keep in shape.You know a little bit of effort.

  15. Take a look man,i bet the lazca looks a bit like this guy now.The Lazca will be getting fat and baldy,and all the bitches will be disappointed.I,m talking about the male ones,the hero of our Mexican times.Remarkable yes,inspiring,nah the state Mexico in because of his tribe,and his crew.Its funny people on here saying why don't they catch him,take a wild guess?

  16. Big pieces of shit, that's what they are.


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