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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Badanov's Buzzkill Bulletin for February 29th

Since February 23rd Mexican Army units have seized 5,164.38 kilograms of marijuana, 40 kilograms of opium gum, 30 kilograms of poppy seed, two kilograms of marijuana seeds and MP $361,299.70 (USD $28,170.86) in cash.

  • In Veracruz and Puebla states, army units with the VI Military Region seized a number of contraband in five incidents February 23rd. The incidents took place in Tempoal, Chicontepec, Minatitlan and Martinez de la Torre municipalities in Veracruz state and San Martin Texmelucan municipality in Puebla state. Materiel seized included four rifles. three handguns, one weapons magazine, ammunition, MP $11,429.70 (USD $891.18) in cash, communications gear and three vehicles.  Six unidentified individuals were also detained.
  •  A detachment of the Mexican 35th Military Zone seized drugs and weapons in Guerrero state February 22rd.  The unit was on patrol near the village of Otatlan the village in San Miguel Totolapan municipality when soldiers found three partially buried containers with 40 kilograms of opium gum. Also found at the scene were 30 kilograms of poppy seed, two kilograms of marijuana seeds, two handguns, one rifle, eight weapons magazines, communications gear and one vehicle.
Mexican Army units with the 29th, 26th and 19th Military Zones seized contraband in four separate incidents in Veracruz state February 24th.
  • In Naranjos municipality, a Mexican Army patrol came under small arms fire by an undisclosed number of armed suspects.  Army return fire killed one armed suspect. Seized following the encounter were three handguns, one rifle, four grenades, 46 weapons magazines, 1,300 rounds of ammunition and four vehicles. One suspect was detained at the scene.
  • Near Minatitlan, Veracruz, an army patrol on the La Antigua-Minatitlan highway seized two tractors, seven tankers, 110,000 liters of gasoline and three metric tons of polyethylene granules.
  • In Coatzacoalcos municipality, an army unit detained one individual in a traffic stop.  Soldiers found personal quantities of marijuana.  The vehicle stopped has been reported stolen.
  • In Xalapa municipality, an army unit seized one armored vehicle, stolen armor plating and seven rounds of ammunition.
Mexican Army units with the 15th Military Zone in Jalisco state seized several contraband in four separate operations.
  • On February 23rd, acting on a citizen's complaint, in the village of San Miguel Cuyutlan municipality of Tlajomulco de Zuniga municipality, soldiers detained three unidentified individuals and seized 1,550 liters of fuel, two 1,000 liter containers, one tank with a capacity of 20,000 liters, five vehicles, MP $7,870.00 (USD $613.63) in cash, one suction pump and 10 meters of hose.
  • While on patrol near the village of Carranza in Tototlan municipality February 23rd, a Mexican Army unit seized 7,000 liters of fuel, one tank with a capacity of 31,000 liters and one vehicle.
  • Also on February 23rd acting on a citizen's complaint near the village of Santa Maria Transportina in Encarnacion de Diaz municipality, soldiers seized 73 packages of marijuana, 37 packages of glass methamphetimine, three handguns, 220 rounds of ammunition, five weapons magazines. Three unidentified individuals were detained at the scene.
  • On February 24th on the Ojuelos-San Luis Potosi road in Ojuelos municipality soldiers detained one unidentified individual and seized  155 psychotropic pills, 136 rounds of ammunition, MP $342,000.00 (USD $26,666.04) in cash and one vehicle.
On February 25th a detachment with the Mexican 10th Military Zone appeared at a safe house near San Juan del Rio in Durango state after receiving a citizen's complaint about a kidnapped individual.  Three unidentified suspects were detained.  One handgun was seized. One unidentified kidnapping victim was rescued.
  • On February 26th Mexican Army units with the 26th and 29th Military Zone on patrol with Policia Federal, Mexican Naval Infantry personnel and Veracruz state police agents found a vehicle in Banderilla municipality with four rifles, 23 weapons magazines and 600 rounds of ammunition.
  • On February 26th in four separate incidents in Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, Jaltipan, Cosoleacaque, Coatzacoalcos, Xalapa municiplaities in Veracruz state,  army detachments with the Mexican 26th and 29th Military Zone seized 960 grams of marijuana, one rifle, two weapons magazines, 17 rounds of ammunition, seven vehicles and one motorcycle. 
  • On February 26th units with the Mexican 8th Military Zone seized drugs found in the ejido of Los Cavazos in Ciudad Reynosa municipality in Tamaulipas state.  In an abandoned building soldiers found 365 packages of marijuana weighing a total of 1,753.4 kilograms.
  • In Veracruz state an army unit with the Mexican 29th Military Zone came under small arms fire while on patrol in Melgar colony in Cosoleacaque municipality February 28th.  Military personnel returned fire and ended the firefight.  Two unidentified individuals were detained at the scene with three firearms, three hand grenades, 17 weapons magazines, 405 rounds of ammunition and two vehicles.
  • On February 29th a  Mexican Army unit with the 9th Military Zone while on patrol in Culican municipality in Sinaloa state located 148 packages of marijuana weighing 1,500 kilograms hidden in nearby brush.
  • An army unit with the 8th Military Zone seized more than 1.5 metric tons of marijuana February 29th in Tamaulipas state.  The unit was on patrol at a remote rural location in Camargo municipality when it discovered a pit covered with plywood with 321 packages of marijuana weighing 1,910 kilograms.


  1. Since February 23rd Mexican Army units have seized 5,164.38 kilograms of marijuana, 40 kilograms of opium gum, 30 kilograms of poppy seed, two kilograms of marijuana seeds and MP $361,299.70 (USD $28,170.86) in cash.

    SO......... Since February 23rd, Drug cartels have sucessfully moved 94378543 kilograms of coacine, 3897953765 Pounds of methamphetamine, 83475835 pounds of marijuana, made $ they REALLY think they are putting a dent in what is REALLY happening in the world? HONESTLY.

  2. This "DRUG WAR" is probably the biggest piece of shit the world has ever seen.

    I give the USA government this ultimatum: You've got thirty days to "win" this war or I am going to shut you down and close your doors.

  3. Sounds like something is going on,I'm sure we will hear about how it is a failure and waste of time to arrest and kill criminals,BUT it sounds really good anyway. What if Mexico created Fed courts took jurisdiction from states, on organized criminal activity,rotated judges,had sentencing guidlines,and a strong Judicial oversight organization that could fire judges and or overide, An effort to remove prosecution from the HOMETOWN Boys.

  4. What's the deal with 3 tons of polyethylene granules?

  5. What's the deal with 3 tons of polyethylene granules?

    It can be used as a sealant for cisterns, or as flux for welding. Sounds like someone got tipped about the raid and removed welding equipment and cisterns being built.


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