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Monday, February 27, 2012

10 more dead found in mass graves in Durango

By Chris Covert

Ten more dead bodies have been discovered in Durango municipality, Durango, according to Mexican news accounts.

According to Durango Fiscalia General del Estado, Sonia Yadira Fragoso de la Garza, further exhumations were in the village of Cristobal Colon in Durango municipality after ten were discovered last December, 2011.  The total discovered in that area is 50.

Durango FGE Sonia Yadira Fragoso
The Durango mass graves most of which are concentrated in Durango municipality, are the worst mass graves in Mexico.  Discovery of the bodies began in April of 2011, and have since risen to 290 until last December, 2011.  The new discoveries could raises that toll to 300 dead.

Proceso has reports the total exhumation is 322, going by official counts.

Yadira Fragoso is quoted saying no other graves are expected to be found.

A similar mass grave find was made in Tamaulipas last summer, where authorities found graves with 193 individuals who were killed during a terror campaign by a Los Zetas armed group operating out of San Fernando municipality in Tamaulipas.  Between July, 2010 and when those graves were found in April, 2011, the San Fernando Los Zetas group  hijacked buses and abused and killed passengers, reportedly as part of a recruiting drive.

The original discovery in Durango was made from an apparent interrogation of a detainee, who led authorities to the first of four grave sites in Durango municipality.  Graves have been found as far away as the La Laguna region in far eastern Durango near the border with Coahuila state.

Many of the dead were not shot, but had been killed by various means.  Some of the dead were killed as long ago as 2005, well before the late 2006 start of Mexican president Felipe Calderon's war on the drug cartels.

According to previous news reports of the 300 dead found to date only, 37 have been claimed by relatives.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. Wasn't there a narco manta by CDJ saying that El Flaco and El Inge were getting turned in bc of these narco graves..

  2. I find it very funny that the Cartel is not named in the article. If it were Zetas, Juarez, Tijuana, or Golfo, their names would be splattered all over the articles. Since it is the XXXXXXX Cartel, the name is withheld in hopes that the average reader will assume it to be "those damn Zetas" again.

  3. I usually try to provide informative and insightful commentary on this well respected site. Upon seeing a photo of the Durango FGE I must digress and say "I'd hit it!".

  4. Flaco and el inge werent part of the chapo group anymore, ive heard different stories, some say they still kept it cool, others say theyre enemies, but ine thing is for sure, they were not with el cho anymore. Goes to show you how the govt and media truly try and manipulate these sort of things. When they were both arrested all we would hear was big time leaders in the organization arrested, when they werent even a part of it anymore

  5. Media and government both still showing support for el chapo, all media outlets made a huge deal of the San Fernando graves when almost double of the amount of bodies have been found in these graves that el chapo made, im on nobodies side, none the less the people should get the facts

  6. I didn't include naming the Sinaloa Cartel, although news reports have surfaced last summer which linked them to these killings.

    It was a sin of omission, not deliberate. No agenda, no secrecy. I just failed to mention them.

  7. @ badanov from 11:16 AM...No prob...We cool...

  8. Corruption at its best these are made by chapos people why lie everybody.ohh but if it was zetas doing this it would be the biggest news in Mexico.I cant wait for the cds nutthuggers start claiming that all those bodys are pf guilty people haha u cds guys are a joke n HIPOCRITAS to Mexico!! they kill 5 antraxx,n the nutthuggers start talking scourge how they kill him 5 cds kills them 15 haha you guys are cowards you call the military right away in a topon!!

  9. Cds is on the same leavel if not worse then zetas


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