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Friday, February 3, 2012

AG Continues to be Grilled by Congress over "Fast and Furious"

More on the Congressional hearings of operation "Fast and Furious" were the AG is grilled on what he knew, what he did about it and if there is a potential cover up? Why hasn't anyone been held accountable?

Video of the US Attorney General Eric Holder responding to questions by Republicans at a House committee hearing Thursday over operation "Fast and Furious."

How Can Taxpayers Know Fast & Furious Truth If Holder Won't Deliver the Facts?

Congressman Labrador Questions Attorney General Holder on Fast and Furious:

Buerkle to AG Holder: You Must Be Held Accountable For Fast & Furious Failure & Agent Terry's Murder:

Farenthold to AG Holder: No One Disciplined, No One Fired - That's Bad Management:

Kelly to AG Holder: How Will You Regain Trust of American People After Failed Fast & Furious?

Fast and Furious: Management Failures at the Department of Justice :


  1. It is terribly sad that this agent was killed. Killed in a line of work that he had hoped to make a difference on some level. Sad because no on will miss him more then those who loved him the most. I don't want that aspect of my post to be missed at all. These who were close to him cried a painful sorrow that we ALL know would feel bad if we were them.


    What troubles me more then this mans life being lost is how badly things seem to be getting out of hand on both sides of the border.

    I keep reading comments from both sides of the border who often blame the other side for the problems. Mo so, these words come out with a level of spite that frankly makes me sad for those who have these tense emotions. Sad because if you strip away the anger and hate, what are you left with? Do you know? Try looking at this situation and take away the anger and hate away, can you do it? What does it feel like?

    If we can learn to look at the crimes being committed in this “drug war” with an open mind and an open heart and some level of forgiveness towards ourselves and forgiveness towards those committing these crimes (not to be confused with being pardoned), we would have a MUCH better chance at beating this issue in the BEST possible way.

    I believe it would be a lot more simple to solve then we realize. If we just looked to helping the people who live close to us, we would see that the issues are a lot smaller then we have them pictured. We need to help out the people who live next to us. Literally helping out our next door neighbor, the guy across the street from us or the old lady at the end of the block.

    We all have neighbors. My neighbor has a neighbor and so on and so on until you are part of that pattern. Pay it forward sort of speak.

    I write these words now and I fight with the view of why should I even bother saying anything? Why should I even spend the few minutes to write this now when I will probably get mostly remarks that are putting me down. Telling me how I don't know how life is where they themselves live when they themselves know nothing of who I am and where I have come from and how my life as been that got me to where I am in my life I mostly consider hard, painful, and an emotional roller coaster.

    I will get people on here who will read this and disagree or agree but will read on to the next posting on here and never look back.

    I might get a comment or two who support me and hand a few words of encouragement my way...

    So why bother even trying?

    I think I have two reasons for this. First reason is because I feel there is a selfish side for me to say this. That some how I will write down these words thinking I have tried and I have talked from the heart. So I get a meager bit of pride. I personally HATE thinking this but I know there is truth in these words.

    The second reason is this. I know that once the idea popped in my head to write something that I could not just walk away myself from this blog with out evening trying to put a positive view on our time on this earth. I knew if I just give up thinking someone else will do all the work and succeed or fail in making the world a better place, be it a individual or government etc. I knew that if I truly am interested in a better world. If I didn't do ANYTHING even in the smallest of ways that I am no different in practice then someone who watches crime happen and then turns and walks away thinking I shouldn't get involved that it does not concern me. I knew I would be no better.

    At what point do we say enough and actually do something, ANYTHING! I am making a choice that I hope I can keep that I will try to do one thing for someone else each day. No mater how small. I have to try. I have to do a part. I have to because my entire being is screaming for the desire to live in a better world. If I don't try I have NO RIGHT to bitch about it, NONE!

  2. Eric Holder seems to have a poorer memory than an Alzheimer patient. Can't remember who he has talked with, when he talked to them, or when he became aware of anything. It seems he should be unable to even live on his own without assistance, let alone head the Department of Injustice. Obama steadfastly supports this rat. The most corrupt administration in U.S. history.

  3. 12,000 pages of documents were sent to the Inspector General, and now the Congress wants to review the same documents. So far the AG has stonewalled. The next steps by the Congress need a floor vote and a majority to investigate contempt charges by an independent investigator. This must be voted on by the end of the year. The Inspector General has had 13 months to file a report, no report is coming soon, and there is little talk of when the report will be made public. The only way this standoff changes is if more agents come forward, other wise it is an extremely divisive election issue. Sadly this is a victory for Mexican Organized Crime,ultimately they are the only winners.

  4. That Representative Labrador really destroyed Holder and I do not see how this man can still hold his job..He must have some serious dirt on Obama!

  5. hey you are just picking on him because he is black...well not really black..more brown...light brown, from barbados, but can he still play the old race card?..seems a little too white for that he an american citizen even?...dosen't matter ..either way it is obvious he is innocent, right ...i mean just listen to him..thats is an innocent man if i ever heard one..still waiting for Obama to fire him or prosecute him..

    OHHHH!!!!..i forgot it only harmed Mexico..not israel...sheeshhh how could i forget ..Mexico dosen't matter

    1. I'd like a source where Oboma played the race card where he was not defending himself from someone who used the race "card" first.

      Seriously. You will not find it. It will be difficult to find the source. Make sure the source is showing where they got this information if it is just text. Lol.

  6. @February 4, 2012 8:57 PM

    ohh i thought this was about eric don't read well do you

    1. Lol. Actually I didn't read well on that one. My apologies.

  7. @ February 5, 2012 2:41 AM

    no prob it happens ..i try to inject a little humour shows character for you to admit the little foopaa..faux pas false pass..actually i am neutral on Obama..leaning pro....but this Holder ..what an unmitigated ass..have a good day

  8. @lito"brito- You say you are Pro Obama?
    Please tell us what he has done to further Democracy and what he has done to help Mexico?
    I don't want to hear shit about that Socialist Health Care..
    What has he done to make the world less corrupt and more secure?
    And also don't dare talk about drone strikes and Killing Osama Bin laden,because that was all a result of the groundwork laid out by his predecessor George Bush,which by the way when he was President,Obama condemned him and called him Un-patriotic for using airstrikes..
    Maybe you are happy that he has brought the economy of the USA to a Crippling 16.2 trillion dollar deficit?
    That is 16,200,000,000,000.00 dollars which just 3 years ago before he came into office was at 10 trillion from all the previous Presidents combined..
    Please do tell,enquiring minds want to know?

    1. Do you have sources for those numbers? I would love to see them.
      - Kind Regards

  9. @February 5, 2012 3:31 PM

    mira cabron..i only said leaning ...i don't think he has done much of anything ...what are the options.. Obama ..Mitt Romney...knuet gringrritch...or don't vote like i did last time .....actually I am a Ron Paul supporter...and will probably register repub to get to vote for him in the primary...but before i will waste a vote and let Rom the total corporate shill/yid tool get in there i will vote for the big O

    in this real me it is a choice of the lessor of the evils

    so now does that help your inquiring/enquiring mind

    so now you have looked up my ass ...who do you propose to be the next kommander in theif

    who did you support last charade? ..mack cane ?...and mebbe bush before that..

    if so please don't even bother to respond

    1. I am sure there are some political differences between you and myself. I do think you are more open minded then most people I see talking politics.

      The very fact that we choose sides has decided this country. This has and can happen to any country where people are told to yell out their differences and not simple talk AND listen to our differences.
      Don't back down ever from an open mind. Not ever!

      Kind Regards

  10. Holder's AK-47s kill people.February 6, 2012 at 11:20 AM

    In trying to obstruct inquiry of the Attorney General, and in trying to gloss over the Attorney General's activities, the democrats on the panel, and their surrogates in the media, are demonstrating a depraved indifference to human life.
    If I were on that panel, I would read the names of those killed with guns supplied the cartels by their partners in Eric Holder's office.
    Only problem would be whether it could be done in 5 minutes of alotted time.

  11. @ - lito"brito - You are a very ignorant little kid..
    You try to be funny,but you are nothing more then a hate filled person.
    You say you support Ron Paul?
    That is the proof that you are an idiot!
    You need some help kid...


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