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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

US anoints Chapo as most powerful, as Mexican actress urges him to be a hero


US DOJ anoints Guzman, while Mexican actress, Kate Del Castillo composes a 800 word post declaring greater trust in Guzman than the government, she calls on Guzman to become a hero "Go ahead, dare to, sir, you would be the hero of heroes, let's traffic with love, you know how," ...Paz, Chivis

The U.S. Treasury Department called Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman "the world's most powerful drug trafficker" Tuesday. The fugitive Sinaloa cartel leader also got a boost from Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo, who said she believed in Guzman more than in the government.

It was the latest in an odd series of encomiums for Guzman, who was included this year on the Forbes list of the world's richest people, with an estimated fortune of $1 billion.

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City issued a statement saying three of Guzman's alleged associates had been hit with sanctions under the drug Kingpin Act, which prohibits people in the U.S. from conducting businesses with them and freezes their U.S. assets. The two Mexican men and a Colombian allegedly aided Guzman's trafficking operations.

The statement quoted Adam J. Szubin, director of the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, as saying the move "marks the fourth time in the past year that OFAC has targeted and exposed the support structures of the organization led by Chapo Guzman, the world's most powerful drug trafficker."

Guzman, who escaped from a Mexican prison in 2001 in a laundry truck and has a $7 million bounty on his head, has long been recognized as Mexico's most powerful drug capo. Authorities say his Sinaloa cartel has recently been expanding abroad, building international operations in Central and South America and the Pacific.
Del Castillo, who played a female drug trafficker in the TV series "La Reina del Sur" ("Queen of the South"), offered grudging praise for Guzman in a posting Tuesday on the social media site Twextra, linked to her Twitter account.

"Today, I believe more in El Chapo Guzman than in the governments who hide truths from me," she wrote.
Del Castillo

The actress did not specify whether she was referring to the Mexican government, or what she meant when she accused "governments" of "hiding the cures for cancer, AIDS, etc. for their own benefit and enrichment."
Del Castillo's publicist, Marianne Sauvage, confirmed in an email to The Associated Press that the actress wrote the posting, and that the account belonged to Del Castillo.

The 800-word posting ended with an impassioned plea to Guzman:

"Mr. Chapo, wouldn't it be great if you started trafficking with positive things? With cures for diseases, with food for street children, with alcohol for old people's homes so they spend their final days doing whatever they like, trafficking with corrupt politicians and not with women and children who wind up as slaves?"
"Go ahead, dare to, sir, you would be the hero of heroes, let's traffic with love, you know how," the message concluded.
Also Tuesday, Mexican authorities said they had seized 32.6 metric tons of a precursor chemical used to make methamphetamine at the Pacific coast port of Manzanillo.
Mexico's navy said the chemical methylamine came in a shipment from China, but did not say whether Manzanillo was the final destination of the shipment. Mexico seized almost 675 metric tons of the chemical at sea ports in December alone, all of which was destined for Guatemala.

Experts say that when another chemical is added, methylamine can yield its weight in uncut meth.

Also Tuesday, federal police reported they had defused a car bomb left outside the state detectives' agency offices in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of the northern border state of Tamaulipas.
After detectives reported the car smelled of gasoline, specially equipped federal officers opened the trunk and found 10 sticks of explosives, two jugs of gasoline, wires, a cellphone and what appeared to be detonating devices.
There was no immediate information on who left the car bomb.

Tamaulipas has been the scene of bloody turf battles between the Gulf and Zetas drug cartels, and the gangs have attacked police and police offices with car bombs in the past.


The following is the complete translation of the tweet from Spanish to English :

"Today I say what I think and how I feel, if it suits you good if not oh well. Today 2012 I have more fun. I listen to more of my favorite music like @ChavelaVargas @manuchao @Calle13Oficial @BuikaMusic leo @lydiacachosi #Galeano #sabines #Neruda •#carlosfuentes and I have stop listening to politicians. The truth is I'm tired of doing what I don't want to do. Many times I have been happy but I didn't realize that. I love others and I love you myself. "

"I don't believe in: Manipulation, is exhausting. The government. Religion. Politics. Media. Society. Those who judge me and talked about me and then demand from me and applaud me."

"I don't believe in marriage, I believe in love. I don't believe in the idea that I should be with someone for the rest of my life, it will only create guilt and unhappiness on me when I failed in a relationship, in fact, I don't believe in failure, I believe in getting ahead, making decisions good or bad, I believe in changing your mind as often as is necessary. "

"I yearn first time of everything. I think no matter how much love my partner feels for me I need to feel the stomach sensation that runs to the body like the first time, I need that feeling to which I am addicted to. We all yearn that, but many don't dare to speak about it.

"I do not believe in monogamy, I believe in loyalty."

"I do not believe in divine punishment or sin anymore, I grew up believing that everything was a sin, in fact I do not believe in the Bible as it manipulates people in some passages for remorse, guilt, and above all, fear. Moreover, I do not think anything that has been made by the man will make me feel wicked, feel less, guilty or ashamed of my sexuality .. "

 "I do not believe in the Church, I do not believe in religion, but I believe in God because I see it in my eyes every day in the mirror."

 "I don't believe in diseases because I have learned how their cures are denied, or hidden from us."

"I don't believe in any institution or law that are dedicated to make me panic to take my money."

"I do not believe in the Pope or the Vatican with all their wealth, I don't believe in a priest because I think human beings should enjoy sex without hiding or hurting anyone."

"I was born naked without laws or religion, these were created by the man, same as the Bible and I have a sneaking suspicion that it was invented just to manipulate people and to benefit a few with profits."

"I believe in what I feel and that is why I believe in fear, it keeps me alert, all that I experience with my 5 senses is what matters, that's what's is real."

 "I do not believe in society because it has made me feel ashamed of who I am, but it is a fact that I have tried with all my desire to understand and live in peace within it. I believe in myself and in my only truth because I am who I am and I have to deal with myself every second... "

 "I do not believe in judging others because I alone am responsible for my own actions."

"I do not believe in morality because it varies from person to person, I believe in what makes me feel good or bad about myself so I can go to sleep peacefully and I will not believe in what society wants me to feel."

"I believe in good."

"Despite everything I have just write, I believe in the human race, because I love,I hate, I feel bad, I make mistakes, I have hurt people, I have helped people, I have feelings," I have fail ", I cry, I suffer, I envy, I have deep pain, I have sex, I have dreams, fantasies, desires, I have ask for help, I receive, I give, I fight, I go on, I forget, I get mad, I laugh, I hope, I'm patient, I am impatient, ... I'm alive and I thank God for all that, for who I am, good or bad. "

"Today I believe more in Chapo Guzmán that on the government that hide some painful truths, they hide the cure for cancer, AIDS, etc. For their own benefit and wealth."

"Mr. Chapo, wouldn't it be great if you started trafficking with positive things? With cures for diseases, with food for street children, with alcohol for old people's homes so they spend their final days doing whatever they like, trafficked with corrupt politicians and not with women and children who end up as slaves with no end. Burn all the whore houses where women are worth no more than a pack of cigarettes, go ahead DON , YOU WOULD BE THE HERO OF HEROES, let's traffic with love, you know how,"

"Life is a business, the only thing that changes is the merchandise" right or wrong?
  • Not to blame
  • No remorse
  • Not to shame
  • No to impunity
  • No to racial differences
  • Not politics
  • Not religion
  • Not noted
  • No silence
  • No to corruption
  • No illicit enrichment
  • Not stifle our dreams
  • No more blood
  • Yes to life
Love, Kate

 For full original tweet in Spanish link on here

 Thank you to Texcoco of BB Forum for the Spanish to English Translation


  1. I hope that dunm bitch get kidnapped or extorted for saying some dunm shit like that thats the biggest problem peope seeing pr beliving anything bout drug trafficing is good it posins r earth I use to love corridos and even kinda admired these animals then the war brole out and saw how big of worthless pile of cow shit they all r

  2. WOW. Mexican actresses are crazier that the ones in the US!! Has she ever seen what crystal meth does to high school kids? How many families are ruined over that shit? This bitch is certified shit nuts! These fuckers cut heads off on video and hang them from bridges. They kidnap kids and turn them into sex slaves. They flood nations with the most addictive shit there is. And she wants them to give booze to old people so they can go out drunk off their ass? We have Hospice in the US were if you about to die, they keep you well medicated. Is that Mexico's version? This bitch needs to have a few loved ones turn into tweakers and then see if she still thinks he can smuggle love. Retard.

  3. Kate del Castillo, I would post her up..mmmmm.:0
    Ignorant comment, none the less.
    Chapo has support from only the ones who aren't contras and by those who were not affected by his actions.
    Not like anyone cares what she says.

  4. Then why doesn't the USDOJ have a telephone number available. In this day and age the only way a person will collect a reward is if they hire an attorney to act as a go between. That short little shit should have been behind bars years ago. And how about an updated photo so members of the Mexican public can recognize him.

    In other words is the USDOJ doing all they can to catch the guy?

  5. So let me get this straight, first you star in a novela glamorizing the narco culture, now you send out a plea to the world's most wanted trafficker. Por eso estamos como estamos. I have seen what tweaking does not just to the tweaker, but to the tweaker's offspring. I am raising two kids who were for all intents and purposes left motherless due to crystal meth and who themselves have cognitive difficulties as a result of their mother's lifestyle, to mention nothing of the abuse they suffered at her hands before the State stepped in.

  6. She is not condoning the trafficking of drugs or the violence. She is only saying that with Chapo's power, money and influence, he could do more positive things for Mexico. Hence, food for the poor, cures for diseases, and some good old whiskey. That is legal you know. Did you read the article?

  7. Lol!! Capo you beat me to it, I was thinking the same thing about all these post?

  8. calladita se ve mas bonita.

  9. Eventually they will find her body nude, tortured and splayed out in public on a bridge or something, with some stupid cardboard message saying, 'this will happen to everyone who loves Chapo, atte Z'

    Chapo turned Tijuana into a hellhole for almost three years through his wonder boy, el Teo. Body parts all over town. Brains splattered in the streets. Gore and fear. Chapo sent his love to Tijuana.

    Then there is Chapos blood splattered playground in Juarez. Little kids forced to carry drug loads. Death everywhere. 70% of business' closed down from extortion. Chapo the wonder boy rides again!

    She must get her 'news' from the narco corridos. Chapo and his friends have shut down the media. She seems to fall for the 'Chapo sold oranges when he was a kid' romanticized version of the viscous asshole.

    She seems to think that Chapo will drop his bloodthirsty empire and start smuggling in 'toys for tots' and set up free taco stands for the people. Hate to tell you this you dumb bitch, but your hero boy is a bloody fucking serial killer.

  10. Bet she lives in LA or miami and the only time she goes to mexico its to san angel or polanco

  11. Wow, maybe she should donate some of her money to the poor murdered victims families as a result of "Chapo" criminal enterprize. I guess some people will do anything to get attention or get in the lime light. Could you imagine if some one said that about "Hilter"

  12. a ver a ver actricita de pacotilla que no sabes que el chapo es socio de los gobiernos mex-us y que tu misma con tu actuacion en reina del sur estas contribuyendo a la corrupcion y la descomposicion social y moral de nuestro pais ,si no puedes con tus propias desiciones como pretendes influir en una mente criminal????????????? burra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ay mija, Kate,keep your mouth shut. The Zetas are going to get mad at you babe, you don't want them to get their hands on you.Don't praise ANYONE, remember what happened to the narco corrido singers ??? Your case is no different.

  14. I read her article in Spanish and it is totally different from the one here, at 3:30 pm I will do the translation and I will post it in the forum.

  15. This perosn is full of it, she should go back to live in Mexico and see how long she last, I hope the U.S. confiscates her visa and sends her ass back to Mexico. Its easy to talk B.S. when your in another country.


  17. Vivan los catolicos pinches cristianos vale mierdA. Viva la virgen. No se agan pendejos si ya saven que es puro show pa que la jente pague impuestos. O ya se les olvido que en mexico la jente se ase guey i no paga. La conquista sigue viva. La tele yena de gueros, tv azteca con puro guero i la indiada que. Esto es una limpia indijena mejor planeada que la de hitler. Vajita la mano se acava la raza indijena mientras mas blankitos salen adelante. No se duerman, manden llamar las naciones inidas

    1. Haha sige adorando a tis Santos falsos idiota .Catholicos creen EN lo que les pongas enfrente.DE SEGURO Cuando se muera el CHAPO lo van queer hacer Santo haha ignorante.y los DE la virgen los respeto pero SI me llegaria a enferma prefiero ir con el doctor que con la mama del doctor.EN Este caso digo mejor le pido a dios que a la. Virgen

  18. Any sort of Addiction is a brain disease so why criminalise it? everyone here spewing nonesence about you were once an addict or you know an addict from some trailer park somewhere
    are neglecting their own responsibility.
    Why does a brown kid have to pay for the White Mans Prohibition? if Bobby Sue and Billy Bob are on the meth shouldnt counseling be in order?
    instead we have Dead Pedro on the street for Bobby Sues addiction, she will be addicted to anything, lets face the truth and quit hiding behind big broke ass Uncle Samuel to save you from yourself.

  19. Fuck El chapo and the rest of the cartels your day will come to all murders of innocent. Judgment day is coming and every minute u live is your last day of life.

  20. Texcoco

    as for her words being "totally" different this is not her statement in total but they are accurate.

    in the full statement she lists the many things she DOES not believe in:

    religion etc
    she is ashamed of the society and government oblivious that she IS the society and goverment. She is a Mexican that shakes off all culpa for what exists. and therein lies the heart of the issue. The statement is odd at best.

    "Mr. Chapo, don't you think it would be great if you could start trafficking with positive things? With the cure for diseases, with food for the kids on the street, with alcohol for old people's homes so the elderly can spend their final days doing whatever the hell they want; trafficking with corrupt politicians and not women and children who end up being slaves? To burn all those 'whorehouses' where women are not worth anymore than a pack of cigarettes, without supply there is no demand. Come on Mr. Chapo, you would be the hero of all heroes, let's traffic with love, you know how to do it".

    here is her complete statement:

  21. All these posts crying about how their kids are addicts and blaming it on the narcos. All they do is supply a desire for drugs. If your messed up kids are determined to ruin their lives they are going to do it one way or another. I'll be dammed if my tax dollars are going to go to a drug war to stop your kids from doing meth. They can do all the meth they want as far as I am concerned. Hell let them do heroin!

    1. And when one of those meth heads or heroin addicts veers his car into your wife's lane and hits her head on, then how do you feel? What about your son or daughter buying bread in a 7-11 and a crack head robs the place and they die for being in the wrong place at the wrong time?
      I got family so I would prefer these people NOT do all the drugs they can... But that's just me.

  22. There you have it a ignorant bimbo actress makes news in Mexico,such authority,yes sir we can expect old CHAPO to attack any minuite,thank you Ms Castillo.

  23. One dumb whore who has no clue about anything other than being "pretty." maybe she should shut her mouth reflect on the thousands brutally killed and those responsible.

  24. You know Chivis, you were right, I totally miss the two paragraphs. I'm sorry for jumping the gun before knowing all the facts.

  25. Jajajajaja she will criticize calderon any chance she gets, her very close friend is runing for first lady,, la paloma another oportunistic actress forPRI and televisa, they will steal this election. As for her coments on chapo 'bitch are stupid? The man HAS COMITED GENOCIDE AND STILL DOES along with others, she still tripping from her coke days, se acuerdan?

  26. Classic example of upper class people in Mexico who don't have a clue what's going on in the streets in this all out war. Any CDS enemy would love to get their hands on her right now. I hope her security detail is locked and loaded.


  27. Here come the street rat chearleaders!!!!

  28. Didn't know el chapo reported his income taxes.

  29. @January 11, 2012 7:37 PM

    He sometimes forget it.

  30. January 11, 2012 5:55 PM

    Genocide? im not trying to rewrite the deffinition here, but wouldnt George Dumbyah the cokehead take that one by a long shot?

  31. So Carlos Slim has the most money in the world, has the wireless communications " monopolized" and is a Mexican. I could name about a 100 " billionaires " that exploit there people or other people for money! Plenty in America, China, India, Russia etc. People that work in sweat shops, build shit, coke fields, poppy plants! All the same! Greedy " drug lords " are no different than your common " corporate moguls "

    Greed and money, root of all evil.

  32. chapo could b found, but .....the mexican economy would collapse ,,,, he seems to b the less of the evils .... zetas are out of control ,chapo has a better shot of taking them out than the govt,( that by the way trained them) I think drugs r gonna keep flowing as long as their is a need and who's the least evil is who the mexican govt goes with, so yeah, why not traffic with love instead of hate use ur millions u made hurting people to help people ?????it's only fair,think of it as a tax

  33. "Capo said...

    She is not condoning the trafficking of drugs or the violence. She is only saying that with Chapo's power, money and influence, he could do more positive things for Mexico. Hence, food for the poor, cures for diseases, and some good old whiskey. That is legal you know. Did you read the article?

    It is WAY, WAY, WAY to late for the scum bag "ChaPUTO" to EVER do ANYTHING to try and redeem himself! ALL the money in the world could not EVER fix the damage that he is PERSONALLY responsible for that has harmed Mexico and its people. The ONLY thing he could possibly do to help Mexico is either turn himself in or kill ALL of his scum bag partners and then put a bullet in his own head... ALL these "ChaPUTO" nutriders need to get real! The only good cartel member is a DEAD cartel member!

  34. I thought that Obama would end all wars and bring peace to the planet? Wasn't he going to be our saviour? :P

  35. 8:37 the economy will collapse? Thats a very ignorant comment. 9:37 nobody likes political comments here ,is just childish and leads to nada,

  36. Our us government does the same shit as the cartel if not even worse but do we hear about NO of course not the oligarchy Controls the media Which is why we live in mass confusion ....

  37. She has a few valid points, but I ask what is SHE doing for the impoverished, or the least of her fellow citizens?
    However, she most certainly is condoning drug trafficking because of the basic fact there derives the financial resource. One cannot pick and choose at whim, it’s the whole package. His power and influence stems from two elements, violence/terror and money. Without such there is no influence or power from this criminal.
    Guzman is an uneducated illiterate in a country in which 60% of its populous is impoverished. You tell me where/how would he possibly gain any “influence” and power as such if not for the path he has cultivated? The is no sugar coating her words, she is not so stupid to think that without the drug trafficking he would be in a position of power.
    I am posting an update to include Texcoco’s translation of the complete Del Castillo tweet.

    There should be no praise in any sense for criminals. It would have been nice for her to call on others such as her peers to to come to the aid of Mexico.



  40. hahaha ppl are SO sensitive and don't properly read as if they only see what melodramatic sh1t they want. I understand her message I like her message. I like the anti religious sh1t as well. aaand she's hot. ok gotta go, go play in traffic sissies =o)

  41. Chapo's response:

    Kate, tanks fer ur warum words! I to believe in cerztan dings as well, like:
    1. A drug lord shood share his luv with as many biotches as possible!
    2. Dinero, Dinero, Dinero
    3. De goberment shuld leave me be and go after de otro drug lords cuz I do only good dings por de peeples
    4. Dinero, Dinero, Dinero
    5. I to belives in me
    6. Jes da goberment can not be trusted day lye to da peeples! I speak da truuth!
    7. Dinero, Dinero, Dinero

    Kate, mi amor..dees are just a few dings, I would berry mooch like to meet you! To discus your free luv beelif. PS..don't let my nickname fool u "El Chapo!" I'm grande below the belt...JaJaJa

  42. Artists express themselves differently than most. She indicates she believes in chapo more than she believes in government. That is like saying she believes both bee stings and snake bites to be painful and may find less favor with one over the other. Indicating chapo could do better things is hardly praise for the man. Some might have preferred her to have said nothing but there is the old saying of there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  43. January 11, 2012 9:37 PM chapo could b found, but .....the mexican economy would collapse.

    Don't be stupid, the Mexican economy is not based on drug or tourism, tourism is a big help and the cartels have affected the economy big time with the violence, kidnapping, and extortion.

  44. @12:52 She's an actress who gets paid to read lines and act like other people. Not an artist. She expresses herself like an emotional person on drugs with an average or below average IQ who think they are smarter than they are.

  45. dumb bitch played a drug dealer now she think she got in with them....... i'll beat it up though

  46. wow,so lets say the government shut down ALL the cartels!Americans would still find a way to get high!Plenty of American kids begin their drug use from a medicine cabinet at home.An observation I have made is that in America lots of parents use drugs & share with their children.NOT a common practice in my country(Mexico).Americans,dont blame Mexico for your drug problems.Dont forget,meth was brought to thee American continent by your own people!

  47. What an idiot. This is why people shouldn't idolize celebrities, because most of them have lost their minds. I think she scored some good sgit from Chapo to go on that loca rant.

  48. @9:46
    No, the common practice in your country are massacres, mass graves, kidnapping, beheadings, corruption etc

  49. I think everyone can talk shit but the cartel is nothing to talk against i think meth is the best cure for cancer and yes people act crazy because they fear getting locked up and hiding it so nuch it will drive u crazy the government controls people with fear if meth is so bad why can you get a prescription of desoxn which is methamphettamine they r a reason they want you to hate meth could it be because it is a cure for cancer?


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