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Sunday, January 8, 2012

U.S. Agents Aided Mexican Drug Trafficker Beltran Leyva to Infiltrate His Criminal Cartel

Ginger Thompson for New York Times

Note from Chivis:
An interesting series of twists and turns, as DEA assists Beltran-Leyva in an effort to infiltrate the cartel.  El Conejo was Beltrans primary Colombian cocaine supplier.  A tale of money laundering by DEA, narco subs, a mansion with lions, how corrupt Mexican Federal Police allowed Conejo to escape, in exchange of a huge payoff, and the ultimate death of Arturo Beltran Leyva.  After the times story, you can read more of the apprehension and "escape", and second capture following NYTs post.
WASHINGTON — American drug enforcement agents posing as money launderers secretly helped a powerful Mexican drug trafficker and his principal Colombian cocaine supplier move millions in drug proceeds around the world, as part of an effort to infiltrate and dismantle the criminal organizations wreaking havoc south of the border, according to newly obtained Mexican government documents.
The documents, part of an extradition order by the Mexican Foreign Ministry against the Colombian supplier, describe American counter narcotics agents, Mexican law enforcement officials and a Colombian informant working undercover together over several months in 2007. Together, they conducted numerous wire transfers of tens of thousands of dollars at a time, smuggled millions of dollars in bulk cash — and escorted at least one large shipment of cocaine from Ecuador to Dallas to Madrid.
The extradition order — obtained by the Mexican magazine emeequis and shared with The New York Times — includes testimony by a Drug Enforcement Administration special agent who oversaw a covert money laundering investigation against a Colombian trafficker named Harold Mauricio Poveda-Ortega, also known as “The Rabbit.” He is accused of having sent some 150 tons of cocaine to Mexico between
 2000 and 2010. Much of that cocaine, the authorities said, was destined for the United States.
Last month,   TIMES ARTICLE reported that these kinds of operations had begun in Mexico as part of the drug agency’s expanding role in that country’s fight against organized crime. The newly obtained documents provide rare details of the extent of that cooperation and the ways that it blurs the lines between fighting and facilitating crime.

Morris Panner, a former assistant United States attorney who is an adviser at the Center for International Criminal Justice at Harvard, said there were inherent risks in international law enforcement operations. “The same rules required domestically do not apply when agencies are operating overseas,” he said, “so the agencies can be forced to make up the rules as they go along.” Speaking about the Drug Enforcement Agency’s money laundering activities, he said: “It’s a slippery slope. If it’s not careful, the United States could end up helping the bad guys more than hurting them.”

Shown copies of the documents, a Justice Department spokesman did not dispute their authenticity, but declined to make an official available to speak about them. But in a written statement, the D.E.A strongly defended its activities, saying that they had allowed the authorities in Mexico to kill or capture dozens of high-ranking and midlevel traffickers.
"Transnational organized groups can be defeated only by transnational law enforcement cooperation,” the agency wrote. “Such cooperation requires that law enforcement agencies — often from multiple countries — coordinate their activities, while at the same time always acting within their respective laws and authorities.”

The documents make clear that it can take years for these investigations to yield results. They show that in 2007 the authorities infiltrated Mr. Poveda-Ortega’s operations. Mr. Poveda-Ortega was considered the principal cocaine supplier to the Mexican drug cartel leader Arturo Beltran Leyva. Two years later, Mexican security forces caught up with and killed Mr. Beltran Leyva in a gunfight about an hour outside of Mexico City.
Arturo Beltran Leyva "EL Jefe de Jefes

As for Mr. Poveda-Ortega, in 2008 he escaped a raid on his mansion outside Mexico City in which the authorities detained 15 of his associates and seized hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with two pet lions. But the authorities finally captured him in Mexico City in November 2010.

According to the newly obtained documents, Mexico agreed to extradite Mr. Poveda-Ortega to the United States last May. But the American authorities refused to say whether the extradition had occurred.

“That’s how long these investigations take,” said an American official in Mexico who would speak only on the condition that he not be identified discussing secret law enforcement operations. “They are an enormously complicated undertaking when it involves money laundering, wires, everything.”

The documents, which read in some parts like a dry legal affidavit and in others like a script for a B-movie, underscore that complexity. They mix mind-numbing lists of dates and amounts of illegal wire transfers that were conducted during the course of the investigation.

Conejo's "Mansion"
One scene described in the documents depicts the informant making deals to launder money during meetings with traffickers at a Mexico City shopping mall. Another describes undercover D.E.A. agents in Texas posing as pilots, offering to transport cocaine around the world for $1,000 per kilo.

Those accounts come from the testimony by a D.E.A. special agent who described himself as a 12-year veteran and a resident of Texas. There is also testimony by a Colombian informant who posed as a money launderer and began collaborating with the D.E.A. after he was arrested on drug charges in 2003. The Times is withholding the agent’s and the informant’s names for security reasons.

In January 2007, the informant reached out to associates of Mr. Poveda-Ortega and began talking his way into a series of money-laundering jobs — each one bigger than the last — that helped him win the confidence of low-level traffickers and ultimately gain access to the kingpins.

A handful of undercover D.E.A. agents, according to the documents, posed as associates to the informant, including the two who offered their services as pilots and another who told the traffickers that he had several businesses that gave him access to bank accounts that the traffickers could use to deposit and disperse their drug money.

In June 2007, the traffickers bit, asking the informant to give them an account number for their deposits. And over a four-day period in July, they transferred tens of thousands of dollars at a time from money exchange houses in Mexico into an account the D.E.A. had established at a Bank of America branch in Dallas.

According to the testimony, the traffickers’ deposits totaled $1 million. And on the traffickers’ instructions, the informant withdrew the money and the D.E.A. arranged for it to be delivered to someone in Panama.

Testimony by the informant suggests that the traffickers were pleased with the service.

“At the beginning of August 2007, Harry asked my help receiving $3 million to $4 million in American money to be laundered,” the informant testified, referring to one of the Colombian traffickers involved in the investigation. “During subsequent recorded telephone calls I told Harry I couldn’t handle that much money.” Still, the informant and the D.E.A. tried to keep up. On one occasion, they enlisted a Mexican undercover law enforcement agent to pick up $499,250 from their trafficking targets in Mexico City. And a month later, that same agent picked up another load valued at more than $1 million.

The more the money flowed, the stronger the relationship became between the informants and the traffickers. In one candid conversation, the traffickers boasted about who was able to move the biggest loads of money, the way fishermen brag about their catches. One said he could easily move $4 million to $5 million a month. Then the others spoke about the tricks of the trade, including how they had used various methods, including prepaid debit cards and an Herbalife account, to move the money.

(Video is the aftermath of Beltran-Leyva's death)

The next day, the informant was summoned to his first meeting in Mexico City with Mr. Poveda-Ortega and Mr. Beltran Leyva, who asked him to help them ship a 330-kilogram load to Spain from Ecuador. The documents say the shipment was transported over two weeks in October, with undercover Ecuadorean agents retrieving the cocaine from a tour bus in Quito and American agents testing its purity in Dallas before sending it on to Madrid.

The testimony describes the informant reassuring the traffickers in code, using words like “girlfriend” or “chick” to refer to the cocaine, and saying that she had arrived just fine. But in reality, the testimony indicates, the Spanish authorities, tipped off in advance by the D.E.A., seized the load shortly after its arrival, rather than risk losing it.

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First apprehension:   From Mexico Institute read here
Second Capture:  Follow link here       NYTs article edited with photos and video by Chivis


  1. Nice article Chivis, many people think Chapo snitch on Mochomo but in reality Mochomo was infiltrated by the Army, same thing happened to Arturo.

  2. It would make sense if Chapo did give him up lets break down a few good reasons why he may have:

    Edgar's death
    add Chicago
    and the Beltran-Los Zetas near alliance.

    Seems to me it is a possibility that Chapo would be his "wind"....but I have never been solid on that, as it has 3 years and no conrete proof has surfaced. SO you may be correct.
    Thanks for the comment... Paz, Chivis

  3. Good story here, Sna Chivis-Saw earlier NYT version of this story in another paper and it had the tone that the US was doing something terribly wrong here. But it didn't spell it out. Can you spell it out? It ended up with the death of Beltran Leyva and US helps Mexico confiscate many tons of coke though it is unfortunate the method needs to let in so many tons. But it takes time to infiltrate, same with money laundering.

    It is too bad the method of proper investigation involving building false trust is so time consuming. Being deceptive is obviously complicated and dangerous. There isn't a better way is there unless you torture witnesses for info. and that isn't allowed.

    What area of this process is so bad? Tons of drugs keep getting in anyway.

  4. @10:12
    I am not the author, but I did not take it as being a negative or positive, simply an overview of an operation. I found it intriguing, and you are correct, time, money, colaberation is required to infiltrate. Historicallyy this has been effective investigative tool. It takes vasts amouts of time so targets have to be worthy.

    The article gave us additional insight to Beltran-Leyva take down and an op to revisit that entire hollywood like scenario. I thought the video was exceptional, hearing the shootout then entry into the apartment.

  5. Chivis when people get arrested in Mexico, police usually tell you how they got them (by an anonymous tip, by intelligence work, or by so and so)

    No one knows the truth about El Mochomo's arrest but I read an article about his arrest, and according to the article the army said El Mochomo was infiltrated.

    About Edgar's death, it is well known that there was some problems between Chapo and Arturo before El Mochomo was arrested. Arturo was an impulsive men, when his brother got arrested he was up for revenge, he accused Chapo the same way Hector accused La Barbie for Arturo's death.

    Chapo's son Edgar was killed, then Arturo's son Santiel Beltran was kidnapped and no one knows about him, his body has not been found, then La Puerca's son Marcial was killed while he was driving a white Ferrari (fucking kid was driving a $250,000 car at 16 or 17 years of age) and then Nacho's son was killed. All this death's are link.

    1. Ni saben el Gobierno es la cabeza principal de todo para que van tAn lejos

  6. Narcomics.......This is one of the most intence beafs of all time the BLO VS CHAPO no doubt and it continues as el mochomo is still sending people to fight even from prision have you guy read about el burrion? That was alfredo all the way even the corrido says it ....EL CARTEL DELAS TRAICIONES ESE DIA TOPO CON PIEDRA PAQUE VEAN QUE EL MOCHOMO NO TIENE QUE ESTAR AFUERA PARA HACER FRENTE A TRAIDORES EL 7 RIFA DONDE QUIERA....BAZOOKAS DEL MP ESE DIA NO DETONARON Y AQUEL MACHETE FILOSO QUE DICEN PORTA EL ONDEADO Y EL MENTADO 5.7 TAMBOPOCO DIO RESULTADOS english THE BACKSTABING CARTEL HIT ROCKBOTTOM ON THAT DAY. SO YOU ALL CAN SEE THAT EL MOCHOMO DOESN'T NEED TO BE FREE TO FACE TRAIDORS ....BAZOOKAS THAT EL MP HAS WEREN'T HEARD ON THAT DAY WHERE'S THAT SHARP MACHETE THAT PEOPLE SAY THAT EL ONDEADO CARRIES? AND THE SO CALLED 5.7 WASN'T EVEN AROUND. So yeah the beltrans are still fighting no matter what let's see how this ends

  7. This news story is a moral dilemma for the New York Times editors: Is it right for law enforcement to allow a crime, for the ultimate purpose of stopping crime? The politically liberal implication is, that if it is "okay" in this instance, why is Gunwalker not also "okay"? I will not insult your intelligence by explaining the difference to you, but there are elements in the USA which can't understand the difference. To review what has been said many, many times for their benefit: illegal drug use is a choice, violence is not. The so-called victims of illegal drugs use them of their own free will -but nobody gets shot by choice! That's the difference between this operation and Gunwalker.

  8. What Corrido is that?

  9. January 9, 2012 12:44 PM Blah blah blah, you and your songs, El Cartel de las Traiciones(THE BACKSTABBING CARTEL) I'm sorry which cartel is that? Every one of them. Many of the ones you mention are were?

  10. Chapo and Mochomo never had beef and still dont. Everyone says that Chapo even admist all the drama with Arturo, his distant family member told Mochomo. Our beef is not with you, I will lay protection for your family. Mochomo was rumored to tell his brother, it wasn't him who flipped me. He protected his family who are his nieces and nephews and his sister who married Mochomo.

    Corridos can say one thing, facts from people that actually have info is another.

    They inflitrated the BLO's, at that time it was the most spread out cartel in Mexico.

    Arturo had alot of paper and power, he was pushing serious weight. They needed to calm him down. He was at that time of the federation split probably just as powerful as Mayo, Chapo and El Azul. When they split, many were told by Arturo, you are either with us or against us. Alot of lives were lost admist the split, some people chose the wrong side and died. Some people chose the right side and lived. There was no one true winner though. They should have stayed together. Mexico would be a different place right now, alot calmer.

    Just sayin,

  11. If you guys watch the interrogation video where "el Jabali" speaks about his criminal background he mentioned that he saw Arturo in Mexico city and they talked.When the guy interrogating him asked him,what did you guys talk about,how was Arturo Beltran Leyva?

    He said that someone had taken him to a restaurant to meet with Arturo,he said that Arturo was a normal guy,calm.He said that Arturo asked him how are things going in his pueblo,town,El Jabali is from Santa Ana Sonora.El Jabali replies good.Arturo then asked him are things good between you,"El Jabali", and my brother?most likely referring about Alfredo,to which El Jabali answered,"claro que si",of course.

  12. That mansion looks exactly like the one where 15 members of the Beltran Leyva Cartel were arrested in Mexico City in 2008. Is this a misprint or just a similar looking mansion?

  13. Narcomics@ 2:33 and to all that don't think mochomo and chapo aren't fighting the corrido is NO RESPETARON LA TREGUA you can find on youtube as well as images of that gun fight in fact they left a narco sign alomng with a desmembered body signed by the one and only ALFREDO BELTRAN LEYVA to mayo and chapo I would tell you what it says but I much rather you guys look it up your selfs on youtube or just google it BALACERA EN EL BURRION SINALOA

  14. Anyone could dismember a body and post a narco cartolon. Flip it and make it like there is beef. Contras due it all the time.

  15. Narcomics@ 8:07 you are right but what about the corrido that's aimed at sinaloa cartel in fact you should read anabel hernandez's work don't belive us

  16. Law abiding Citizens of the U.S of A will tell you,their government would never ever do such a thing as aide or allow a Drug Cartel to keep functioning.Verdad gringos,que su gobierno no es corrupto como lo es en mi pais?(Mexico)yeah,right!!!hypocrates!!

  17. Mira, its common knowledge that el chapo told Arturo and Alfredo they were attracting too much attention, they were too loud and flashy..... If anyone on here could actually look at this whole drug war open-minded and also from various points of views, you would see that el chapo is actually very smart. He has chosen to operate in a very dangerous and very serious industry. El Chapo never actually snitched on mochomo, but he was right to let it go down the way it did and they should have listened to him when he warned them to keep a low profile.....Outside of high-level mexican and American officials, I dont think anyone would ever believe how advanced el chapo is as far as his conveys, the level of protection, and just how smart he really is. I know everyone can call me a "cheerleader", but Im simply telling you to look at the facts with an open mind.

  18. Capo is a good thing you are not an Indian from Oaxaca like me.
    The house is the same one where 15 people were arrested in 2008, the main Capo pay his way out the same day and he was let go, only him.

  19. @12:41 you are right in so many ways the beltrans where indeed warned by mayo and chapo and according to a few publications they decided to give away el mochomo because of there family relationship with el chapo plus el mayo loved him like a son so according to those publications that's why they just turned him as far as arturo goes well he was hunt down by the goverment wich every body knows that its chapos special forces because of arturos reaction when he was denied to rescue el mochomo so in the end it don't matter if mochomo was rated out or not the truth is that there's a war going on no doubt

  20. @4:54

    Re: Mansion foto. I thought I had seen it before as well. fotos of the mansion is not well represented however I ofund this in the achieves. it is identified as where Conejo lived, that he had ownership and had a zoo on the grounds.

    At his first bust he was preparing for a NARCOFIESTA. They found the zoo reminicient of Escobars with tigers, lions etc.

    It could be similar or the same one that traded hands. Not sure.

    What I am sure is: money doesn't buy class or taste....Paz. Chivis

  21. @1:21

    Bravo..well stated. It is perplexing to me that if one states facts as known, they are supporters/cheerleaders.
    There are cheerleaders for sure, which is sad to me, because those people play right into the hand of narcos.
    I can say to you, never mind to those folks, state the facts as you know them to be, and time will usually bear out right or wrong.

    I have something I say, "State your opinion, own it and be true to it, BUT keep an open mind for one day someone may come along and prove you wrong"

    always keep the mind opened

  22. Always keep the mind open.....that's the liberal thing to do.

    What it boils down to is that most of these gangsters are backstabbing hypocrites with no morals who can't trust each other and at some point will turn on each other or snitch in order to avoid being murdered or going to jail.

    And then you have the U.S. always sticking their noses into everyone else's business.

  23. @ January 10, 2012 12:17 PM .You sort it out then pendejo.Hermano you talk some shit,you and your cheer-leading crew."Are they moving major weight"?Culos chewing middle class clique.

  24. Chapo que no se le duerma con los zetas. Mande al ejercito a buscar en las brechas y montes acuerdese que son unos muertos de hambre y pueden vivir en el monte sin comer mas que sopas

  25. @ 1:33 pm

    It's a free country. I can say whatever I want cabron. And if you don't like it, TOO BAD hermano.

    This senseless war will all come to an end one day. Nothing lasts forever and every major JEFE has been stopped. Eventually El chapo, El Lazca and Z40 will be eliminated......just like Arturo Beltran Leyva.

    El Jefe de Jefes

  26. Some people idk where they are getting it from say the Beltran Leyvas were attracting to much attention and Chapo asked them to calm down that is straight BS.You hardly ever heard about the Beltrans in the news.After El Mochomo.was locked up thats when they didnt care.The Sinaloa Cartel received alot of heat not because of the BL but because Chapo was a fugitive,and Chapo wasnt going back to jail,so when the goverment stepped up their effort to capture him,lets remember that they captured his first son in Mexico City.You guys think the Mexican Goverment couldnt have tortured him to give up his fathers location??

    So Chapo knew his time was coming so what does he do?

    In my opinion he makes an agreement with the Mexican Goverment I will give you the location of someone just as powerful,El Mochomo and a very large amount of money for the release of his son and so they can allow him to continue to operate with no problem.

    Edgar Guzman was killed as revenge for Chapo being a traitor and Saltiel Beltran,(alot of people think he is Arturo son but in reality he is Alfredo Beltran Leyvas son)was kidnapped tortured and kiled his body was found near a river close to Culiacan.So the war continues because the Beltran Leyvas want to kill Chapo or his son as revenge.

  27. In the picture, Arturo Beltran looks like he's wearing panties.

    But that dude was a real Bad Ass. Tony Montana has got nothing on this dude. He went out like a real gangster. They should make a movie about him. I bet it would be an interesting movie.

    It takes a lot to walk in Arturo's shoes.

  28. Before mochomo was captured everybody thaught he was the leader of the beltrans because out of all the beltrans he was the most knowed he was the only one that was being loud that's why instead of having him killed they decided to turn him in because of mayos affection towards him and the family line with chapo .....hell some people say that arturo himself knew he was gonna be turned in for a while and when he wanted to rescue his baby brother la federation said that time was not right and bla,bla,bla to this arturo reactedthe way he did and so there we have a non stoping war to this day la mochomera is still active in sonora wich is beltran leyvas turf all the way!!!!!......why do you think chapo is smuggleing thru tijuana and is fighting for juarez and nuevo laredo?? Don't get me wrong he does do business in sonora but not as much as he does in tijuana either way the beltrans and chapo will never be the same again

  29. @3:56 jajajaja bro you dont know what the fuck you are talking about. Did you make up that story all on your own? Anon 12:41 has it correct. Honestly I cant even pick apart your ridiculous theory, I would be here all night and I'm too tired. Keep dreaming up new stories and share them with us, you provide valuable entertainment you dumbass.

  30. Narcomics@ ajulio oh bro then you are gonna love the first issue of narcomics I couldn't agree more with you how arturo went out he just honered his nick name ...he was a boss....the boss of bosses no doubt

  31. @9:15 If i didnt know what i was talking about i would of never commented.Im not like you that just likes to comment just to hate on other comments.You could believe whatever you want.
    Eventually everyone will know the truth.

    And thanks for calling me a dumbass it shows how smart you really are.

  32. @ Narcomics

    Yeah I noticed how you put Arturo in the middle of the front cover and el chapo on the side. You beat me to the punch. I should of thought of that one. If you play your cards right, you can really become successful from this comic idea. Trust me. Just like the AMC show the Walking Dead. It started as a comic and the creator made it big. Also the movie Kick-Ass, I believe was started by a young guy and it became a movie. Very clever Idea. Much props to you.

    I'll check you out.

  33. @9:15 You seem like a very smart guy,girl that knows exactly what happened,why dont you

    enlighten us all as to what YOU think happened?

    I seriously want to hear your point of view.Stop hanging off 12:41s nuts and tells us your way of thinking about this topic.Dont be scared.Im not gunna insult you,like you did to me.

    And if you are serious about supporting 12:41s theory,i got one question,why is that?

    Exactly thats what i thought,im ALMOST sure your response or next comment is going to be a dumb,pointless one.

    Yeah i commented 3:56.

  34. Arturo was the leader of tgat old federation before el chapo left jail with help from his distant cousin el tio . Chapo could not stand the Beltrans power they had they had control of nearly all of Mx , so Chapo is smart but a traitor non the less he had la federation invade laredo with almost all man power from arturo even though arturo was never a conflicting man he wad more a buisness money making man but a ruthless killer non the less . After a while he abandond the fight at laredo all together leaving arturo by himself to fight with his people arturo soon saw this side from his cousin & problems soon arose , chapo would send la barbie perhaps the most admired hitman at this to do his dirty work but valdez firmly stated he only takes orders from arturo . Chapo then had a shipment of coke intercepted in mx city airport by arturos people arturo told him he cannot transport any shipments in his territory without his acknowledgement for security purposes so unbeknown to many all these things were taking theyre toll on the primos , chapo did decide to take heat away from his neck by turning in alfredo these are all facts also what kind of idiot stats arturo was causing alot of attention ? Arturo was unknown to the media until the mid 2000's while he was already one of the biggest capos by the mid 90's controled monterrey acapulco df sonora morelos thats why he was called el jefe de las plazas chapo mayo all reported to him at a time . Also not widely known the betrayal tho chalo araujos family after he died chapo & mayo sent theyre men to kill off the charritos but thats another story
    Indeed arturos life would be the thing a hollywood blockbuster is made of

  35. January 11, 2012 12:50 AM To much blah blah and at the end you are right and you are wrong on so many things.

  36. Narcomics @ajulio thankyou man we do what we can thanks for your comment it means a lot to us you are welcome to join us on facebook its Narcomics SA we are uploading exclusive art work!!!! So when ever you want well be there thanks

  37. People call Chapo a snitch, but in reality, he's just smart. If your in the drug game, and someone else rivals you in power, and you perceive them as being a problem, get them killed any way possible. Its a lot easier to have the navy do it then to have your own hit squad do it. Did he rat him out? Ya, technically. But dont act like Beltran never ever gave up anyone to the cops. This happens all the time. As soon as your not useful anymore, expect to turn up dead or in hand cuffs. Its the name of the game.

  38. you are correct 12:24

  39. Yeah 9:07 knows what he is talking about.

  40. @ January 11, 2012 12:50 AM wrong in about 80%

  41. Narcomics @ 1:45 pm are you talking about us?

  42. @Narcomics Yes me 1:45 pm I'm talking about you, and everything I said is true. Everything I wrote about you people is the cold, hard truth.

    1. Narcomics@ 1:45 pm Well thanks man you should look us up as well

  43. 12 50 is right not many people know these stories especially not the ones who get their info from movimiento alterado lol

  44. @Narcomics and 8:02PM

    I cannot find a 1:45 comment.

    What are you speaking of?

    My curiosity is getting to me....Paz, Chivis

  45. Ja ja're funny Buela. I tried to find the comment too.

    Another thing about narcomics. Is it already a full blown comic or something like that cuz i checked it out and i'm getting the impression that they are like paintings or drawings of the narcos.

    I'm interested in learning more.

    1. Narcomcs......What would you like to know?? We will be more than happy to answer any question you might have

  46. @ Ajulio

    Dang I looked several times before confessing I could not find it. still don't.

    I will check them out. Are they only on FB?

    1. Yeah chivis we are only in fb for now but we do answer any question you might have thanks sincerly.....narcomics

  47. @ narcomics

    If you guys have already published a comic, Let me know how I can buy one because I'm inteterested in looking at it.

  48. Buela, I found them on FB. I googled narcomics to get a possible website but found another comic co. website with the same name narcomics.

  49. Narcomics @ ajulio thanks man for your interest here's the deal we just started like 2 weeks ago we are working on a full comic book!!! Not just drawings of capos and such like you may think the cover for our first issue was featured here and we thankyou guys for it very much we are aiming for the first issue to come out on the 21st I should also say that we don't have a website yet but we will eventually so please wait as when the first issue comes out will be the first to know but like I said before look us up on facebook Narcomics SA thanks and see you there

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. El Mochomos son is el Chapo Guzman's sobrino mochomos son named alfredito beltran or el tito isn't from a side he just wants to become big i think he is smart unlike his brother who chose the beltran side and he paid the price and was killed.....what amases me is how can family back stab each other the way el chapo and los beltran did now they have a bunch of innocent dudes who are going to hell.. killing each other for nothing ....pendejos sicarios arriva mi sinaloa sin violencia


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