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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Narco-Horror Murder Rituals of the Mexican Drug Trafficker

by David Martínez-Amador*

The killing of a Juarez policeman who was burned alive on a city street could signify a new escalation of “narco-horror,” with criminals committing ever more grotesque acts in order to intimidate their rivals -- and for fun.
Juarez policeman burned alive execution

In the last two and a half months I made a journey that covered more than 1,200 km sq. The route included the cities of Culiacan and Mazatlan in Sinaloa, Gomez-Palacio in Durango, and Juarez in Chihuahua. The intention of this journey was, in sum, to understand the changes in the murder rituals of the Mexican narco-trafficker. To put my conclusions concisely: their ways of killing say a lot about the strength or weakness of the person or group that carries out the violence.
This article was inspired by a concrete act: the·burning alive of a police officer in Ciudad Juarez·in December. Why was this done? Why commit such a grotesque act? What kind of sense does this killing make, and what can it tell us? According to the current logic of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, the spiral of violence that is hitting Mexico (by the end of 2011 46,000 had died as a result of the militarization of the battle against drug trafficking organizations) are desperate actions of people who are losing the war.
The truth is quite the reverse; after speaking with forensic scientists and journalists in local canteens, where “narco culture” has a strong presence, I believe the situation in Mexico is evolving. Narco-horror is transforming into a type of narco-snuff, because criminals enjoy the act of killing. A brief history of Mexican drug violence can help us understand this situation.
During the period of peace between the big drug families (before the imprisonment of the old bosses: Felix Gallardos, Juan N. Guerra, Caro Quintero) the forms of killing in the drug trafficking world were very clear; death was the way to keep order in a world that normalizes violence and pathology. New phrases emerged, like “Rafageados o bautizados en plomo,” “entambados” (the dead would be placed in an oil drum, which was then filled with cement), or the famous “encajuelados” (the dead were stuffed into the trunk of a car). And, in cases of extreme hatred, once the victim was dead, the killers would continue the torture by disinterring their dead relatives (preferably parents or grandparents) in order to hurt their families as well. They call this "segunda muerte," or second death. This is peculiar to the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, and was also practiced by the Sicilian mafia.
But today, with a narco-society that is increasingly urbanized, the new forms of killing are atrocious: cooking a victim until their meat and bones become soup, cutting them in pieces and burning them to ashes, decapitating them with saws or wooden knives, or crushing them under the hooves of cattle. Women are increasingly targeted, like in the case of political aide Adriana Ruiz, in Tijuana. She was kidnapped and tortured, a broomstick inserted into her anus and then, in response to her own pleas, killed. She was decapitated. Her crime was to be the girlfriend of an undercover soldier.
Adriana Ruiz
The increasingly violent nature of these messages sent by drug traffickers tells us something.
We place emphasis on the militarization of the national armed forces and little on the militarization of the drug cartels. If a soldier dies, he is replaced by another. If a narco dies, he is replaced by many. Both sides live in a state of paranoia; they make mistakes and harm the civilian population.

 The case of the policeman burnt alive in Juarez could be an isolated incident or it could be a new trend in killing. In the streets people say, in lowered voices, that the war in between the Juarez Cartel -- via the gang La Linea -- and the Sinaloa Cartel is reducing in intensity.

The neighborhoods are being split between the groups, and it is necessary to keep in line police who interfere. Burning this man instead of using an AK-47 is only an aesthetic tweak of the form of murder.

This story fits with the history of humanity. The crucifixion, called supplicium servile by Seneca, is characterized by control of the body at the moment of death. This control carries with it the humiliation of the slow destruction of the body and the lack of dignity at the moment of death. Under this logic the scenes in the narco territory are telling: the dead (men or women) often appear with mouths open, with pants and underpants down, buttocks in the air, humiliated. In other cases, as well as the exposure of the private parts and the coup de grace (and many hundreds of shots more); the skulls are shattered, faces mutilated, penises and clitorises cut off and the body burnt.

The story of the policeman burnt alive in Juarez, then, could be an isolated case, or could mark a new trend in murder rituals. Still, it is clear that this violence always has a point, and generates pleasure. Narco-horror is becoming a type of narco-snuff, because the criminals enjoy killing and putting the results on display in public places where the other war is fought -- the media war.

Adriana's Killers caught with video of her torture and alive decapitation
*David Martinez-Amador is University Professor of the course of blood rituals in secret societies, cults, sects, fraternities and mafia.
Photos added by chivis & additional comment
from the Catholic Encyclopedia ,Servile supplicium:
It was in Rome, that from early republican times the cross was most frequently used as an instrument of punishment, and amid circumstances of great severity and even cruelty. It was particularly the punishment for slaves found guilty of any serious crime.  It was considered the punishment most degrading and infamous.


  1. She was probably braver than the motherfuckers who killed her.They got a hard assignment,pick up a woman,and beat and torture her till she pleads for death.You poxy little motherfuckers.Fuck dudes,they can take care of themselves,but don't start fucking with women,they caught these little men.And i swear to god,i hope they get raped,beat,then their fuckin head cut off slowly.You think i,m kidding?Fuck no.
    I got no problem with violence,but somethings go beyond the pail.Like this.Burn these pieces of shit alive,that would do.It,s very rare that a female deserves torture of this kind.Dudes,fuck yes we deserve it.

  2. Good article..but was Juan N. Guerro ever arrested. Just nephew Abrego I think (and then extradited). In comes Osiel..and ultimately the Zetas

  3. What a nice good looking lady killed by cowards that could never have those type of women. You have to be a real scumbag to do that to a women. Women are the most beautiful things God created, they are God's gift to men and you murder/torture them? Hope those guys get what's coming to them.

  4. When I first read the story of the burned (alive and to death) policeman on Borderland, I hoped this new low would never be repeated, and sadly it has. It is such a cowardly act, it results in making all participants look like little wooses armed with gas and matches. Who can respect that behavior. No one! everyone is ashamed of that horrific behavior even just reading about it. Mexico deserves better.

  5. Mexican men.Are you proud of yourselves?

    1. You do understand its not all mdxicam men right? You generalize to easily. What are white men proud that The holecost happened.

  6. Mankind is worse than animals.

  7. The truth is quite the reverse; after speaking with forensic scientists and journalists in local canteens, where “narco culture” has a strong presence, I believe the situation in Mexico is evolving. Narco-horror is transforming into a type of narco-snuff, because criminals enjoy the act of killing. A brief history of Mexican drug violence can help us understand this situation......

    Really, say who the U.S. citizens who killed almost one million Iraqis with bombs because they were afraid to go in and fight one on one.


  8. @Big Bend
    not for what your are most likey speaking of. The "El Capone of Matamoros" got away with it all. unless we count when he killed his wife in a jealous rage over the good looking actor, he was detained for that but alas he was given his liberty as it seems "a lack of evidence"

    I am thinking of writing a post about this fascinating guy. the whole era of prohibition etc and the beginnings and interworkings of the operation reads like a novel.

  9. The Adriana Ruiz thing was El Teo's people, his brother, Manuel, 'El Chiqlin', maybe for associating with Sanchez Arellano people, or some other perceived or real slight, El Teo and his people were really vicious and indiscriminate with the murder and torture. Three young women from Mexicali were smothered and dissolved in acid around 2008 in Tijuana, and three young Americans from San Diego were found tortured and murdered in TJ in 2009. Also, the Adriana Ruiz thing could have been some form of payback because Inge's people killed Teo's girlfriend (another model) about a year before.

  10. This is a video of Adriana

  11. Adriana Ruiz. She was kidnapped and tortured, a broomstick inserted into her anus and then, in response to her own pleas, killed. She was decapitated. Her crime was to be the girlfriend of an undercover soldier.

    I read several articles about her death, as far as I know, she was raped, mutilated, and it was El Chiquilin the one who give the order for her to be killed because she kept on saying she didn't give information to the authorities because she didn't know anything. She wasn't dating anyone her crime was El Chiquilin saw her as a rat.

  12. People of Mexico Unite together and fight this evil moster called the cartels. You'll are getting killed just standing there minding ur own business any ways. Why not fight for what u believe in. It is better to die fighting for rightious and honor then to live like a coward and die like an animal!

  13. @8:19PM

    She was decapitated alive, she was brutally tortured and it is known exactly what happened because the bastards video taped it all.

    I did not tamper with any of the text written by Mr. Martinez, but I did research it and could not find anything about a rape though rape does not necessarily mean "by human" it could have been by broom handle, I am just not sure.

    I have an article from el universal and reports that say she was romantically involved with a narco. (per PGR) and thus the murder was ordered by Teo. any notion that she was a "rat" is not a fact that is available, if you could send me a link that would be great.

    I have quite a bit on the murder I will try to put it together and add to my addendum.

    But bottom line, broom or no broom, boyfriend or no boyfriend, she was brutally tortured, and was decapitated while alive, and dumped in garbage bags.

    she lived with her parents, was divorced and had a 4 year old son.

    Thanks for your comment! Paz, Chivis

  14. Me January 18, 2012 8:19 PM my comment was not directed to you Chivis it was directed to the person who wrote the article.

  15. @ ME :)
    not sure if he will see your comment, but I just was offering my "dos"

    If you have anything I can read further I am interested.

    It is so horrific, I saw the funeral vid and listened to her mother and she is also a beautiful lady, dignified in her grief. I can not imagine the pain Adrina;s little son will have to go through knowing and the world knowing how his mother suffered those last moments of her life.

  16. Me January 18, 2012 10:45 PM Chivis you are numero uno in my book. I read extensively on what happened to her.

    What I hate the most is that she was innocent and didn't know anything about El Chiquilin drug activities and until her death she told them she was innocent.
    El Chiquilin was arrested and without torture he was singing like a canary, well ain't that a bitch.

    If it was me the one being torture the way she was I will probably say anything to get a quick dead.

  17. post 7:12pm

    Don't blame Mexican men for this crime. We are just against the cartels and crime as you are. This pisses me off too. The blame goes to criminals.

    To Mr. Martinez, what are you saying. Are you saying that the Mexican government is responsible for the violence. I like to blame the people who move away from good values and decide to do what they want. Crime use to be eye for an eye. You kill you are executed for that crime. But now we have a compassionate government that wants to just lock men up for a little bit.

    How much is a human life worth? I believe in America it is worth about 4 years of the murderers life.

    If you are going to imply fault being Mexico government then offer a alternate tatic. Just don't point the finger.

    I suggest teaching kids in school to respect others and Mexico. Teach morals and values in school since they are not getting it at home.

    All you God hating people don't comment on this. I never said teach about God I just said values and morals. Ofcourse it would do them some good to have Gods love in their life.

  18. @ January 18, 2012 7:04 PM ."Women are the most beautiful things God created, they are God's gift to men"BROTHER,i couldn't say it better myself.What would we,as men,be without women.We as men are supposed to look after and keep women safe.I don't care about politically correct bullshit,about equals.As far as i am concerned,women are superior to men.But that is my opinion.We as men,we are violent,its in our nature,but women?Of course there are exceptions.But to me,when would a female deserve treatment like this?Doesn't this show what kind of men these are?I believe rape should be punished with execution,no exceptions.If we ran around taking women because we lusted after them,what kind of world would that be."WOMEN ARE GODS GIFT LIKE CHRIST-MASS"Try to live up to her expectations,she gives you everything that is important in life,children/family.She goes through the pain of childbirth for us.How do we repay her for these sacrifices?If there is a man on here who has violated a woman.YOU ARE A WORTHLESS MUTT.

  19. Chivis why get defensive? You are not the actual author, why a need to defend another's persons opinion? and lastly why do you find it necessary to respond to everyone comments? You did that to me in another of your posts, you are starting to do here what you do in the forum, which I avoid like the plague.

  20. Mexico is in the hands of a terrible evil. It has destroyed the souls of many and the lives of many more. It is growing and consuming more and more people and spreading to other lands. It could well destroy society and civilization. At some point, there is no return.

  21. Anon

    Don't be silly.
    My journey is for the truth, no matter where that truth is. I do not know if Mr. Martinez's truth is 100% accurate, I can only offer an opinion and what my research finds. If You want to start a war here you need to move on. I will not stop answering questions or asserting what I know. it is up to the readers to accept or inestigate further.

    I have asked for further info from you because nowhere is anyone saying what you are offereing as fact. That deos not mean it is not accurate, just contrary to what the professor and PGR concluded.

    As for forum, why would you avoid that and zero in on my posts here? Makes no sense, you are here to be abtrusive, but it will not work, somethings are far more important than for me to care what you think about my style.

    That said, I really did take you comment in good light and tried to find supporting information. and I do welcome you to read my posts or not at your will. Paz, Chivis

  22. Man u no they raped her! I mean did u c how fine she was. Plus if im choppin heads off left to right raping the broad would b a walk in the park

    ~El Motero~

  23. What a shame who would do something like this. I really feel bad for the family my respect to you guys let's see what the faggots supporting la linea have to say about this is just wrong and hope god will burn these faggots in hell for ever....

  24. The most that will happen to these pieces of shit is they will get deported and then come back in two weeks. Three words "Fucking Broken System"

  25. Nuke 'em from orbit. It's the only way.

  26. what punishment for these bags of filth?

  27. Time for the US to seriously enter this war in an all out effort to eliminate these very evil men once and for all. No shirking back we must deal with this head on.

  28. These two vatos are nothing but mierda...once they get into la pinta se lo cojen at los dos muguerozos maranos....oh hopefully they get thier bolas cortadas.

  29. what is the president doing about this or for the that matter the legislative branch of the government..
    i say declare martial law and change the policy and have public executions..
    in this case have public execution based on the way the victim was killed (in this case the killers were in a video ) and do it in public just as they did to there victims....let the siblings or mother or mother or father of the victims do it to them! After a while the killers will know that if caught they may face the same torture....

  30. I'm not sure what all this feminine worship is about, if you watch a lot of the videos it is females doing the killing and cutting off heads. Just because she is beautiful doesn't mean her pain is any different than anyone else's. Some of you sound extremely pwhipped, I'm sure that makes your wife happy and your mother ashamed. If you want to argue this on religious grounds the bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. That's really what this is about, there is such a huge gap between the have's and the have nots that people are being forced into this situation. If you look at it this way, a lot of these men are being forced into this to provide for their families, or to take care of their women. If the boss tells you to cut someone's head off or shove a broomstick up their ass you do it, or it will be your family. The one's calling the shot need the punishment, and trust me they will get it. America need to stop spending billions of dollars on fighting the war on drug, and start spending that money on fixing the Mexican economy. I know a lot of you will say they should fix their on problem, but that money is just going to waste anyway.

    Anyway those are my thoughts.

  31. The lady was obviously involved with shit. No remorse here. The only thing sad is that the video was confiscated and not released for viewing. If i get killed by narcos deliberatly i must have spent some time with them and im retarted if i get angry if my life is taken by one since not literally i was asking for it. I hope they put a whole foot and a half of broom in her then snap it off

  32. A woman who felt she had the right to parade around as a sexy temptress showing her curves for men to desire her sexually, all while dating a dangerous psychopath (that's what all narcos are) got what she absolutely deserved. She was a sinner, a woman who spit in the face of God, a woman who loved evil instead of righteousness.

    1. Do you think your god ? And your so perfect yourself ? You cant judge only god can and you will and those creeps will stand before god as. Well thats who the judge will be i want to say what i feel but i nor anybody can judge .they will either end up in heaven or burn in hell for eternity


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