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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More of the Same so Far for 2012

Posted in Borderland Beat Forum by Havana

Translated from spanish to english

Not that anyone would expect anything different just because the calendar changed.

19 executions in five states

Miguel Cabildo
January, 2012

Police authorities in five states of the country reported deaths of 19 people in the last hours, events presumably most linked to organized crime.

In Jalisco Tlaquepaque police reported that a man about 35 years old was executed with bullets while riding on a motorcycle in the direction of the colony Los Cantaros. His body was found this weekend at the intersection of Artesanos and Los Cantaros.

In the same locality, the body of another man identified as Antonio Ramirez, who in recent days was reported missing, was recovered from a sewage canal in Las Pintas, near the intersection of 12 de Noviembre and Nardo, in El Salto.

At the junction of Alvarez del Castillo and Guamuchil, the colony of Huertas, also in Tlaquepaque, Carlos Martinez Birseño died. Witnesses said that the murderers arrived at the home of the victim, pulled him out of his house and then shot him to death.

In another development, Ruben Sanchez Guzman, 52, found dead, located in the area where Villa Corona joins Atotonilco ranch near El Cantarito. Man's body had several bullet wounds.

In the municipality of Amacueca, also in Jalisco, local police reported finding a man identified as Jesus Sepulveda Sanchez unofficially. Sanchez, who died inside a burned car rental, in the municipality of San Gabriel.

Finally, Hector Arteaga Delgadillo, 35 years old, was shot early Sunday at the intersection of Boulevard and Zarape and Charros, in the Colonia El Vigia de Zapopan.

In Durango, authorities reported eight dead at the beginning of the year in different parts of Durango, including two young women and beheaded.

In the municipality of Santa María del Oro body was found Nelly Carrasco Hernandez, 30 years old. Forensic Medical Service of the Prosecutor General's Office reported that she was strangled and also had signs of hits or blows in various parts of the body.

The body was in the place of Los Juncos, the 224 kilometer road from Durango to Parral.

The second woman killed was identified as Miriam Arenas Brenda Solorzano, 19 years old. His body was found in the April 10 ejido in the municipality of Santiago Papasquiaro, with various blunt blows to the head.

In the ejido Santa Teresa in the same municipality, locals reported finding a decapitated body, whose identity has not been achieved.

Another man, approximately 25 years was executed and his body found in the road that leads to the colony El Huarache, municipality of Lerdo. There were strangulation marks on his neck and he has not yet been identified.

Nearby, in the town of Gomez Palacio, another male body was found. This is a man between 35 and 40 years old, murdered by blows to the head. So far he has not been identified.

In the town of San Agustin de Ocampo, of the municipality of San Juan del Rio, Arturo Amador Ochoa died, 38 years old, due to gun shots in the abdomen and thorax..

Witnesses say a murderer like Armando Padilla, 43, argued with the victim outside a bar.

In a similar incident in the municipality of Mezquital, Quirino Bartolo Diaz, 28 years old was killed. He argued with Sabino Flores Santillan, 25, who carried a 22 caliber rifle, and used it to shoot in the head the victim.

Another crime, left a toll of two dead cousins ​​Juan Antonio Cano Ruiz and José Luis Cano Efren Saenz, 24 and 26 years of age, respectively. Died in the town of Guanacevi due to gun shots. They discussed and then shot each other. They were killed on the spot.

In Sonora, a person, with three bullet holes was found dead at kilometer 37 of the Caborca-Desemboque road. Police say it could be the dealer missing for a week.

In Aguascalientes, heavily armed gunmen killed Jorge Rodriguez Garcia, 18 years old, who had a criminal record for theft.

The subject was executed in a "riding" in the site twherehe sold and consumed drugs, reported the State Ministerial Police (PME).

According to the agency, assailants apparently suffocated the young man with a plastic on his head, then beat him and shot him in the left shoulder.

Garcia Rodriguez's body was found Sunday night in a residential street in the colony Genaro Barbosa Progreso, located in the east of the capital, reported the PME, which is investigating the causes of the murder.

In Sinaloa, two dead and one injured was the result of an attack that occurred at a business dedicated to buying and selling of used parts for vehicles, located off north of Mazatlan.

Police authorities reported that gunmen fired on people in the business were located in the Venadillo, which killed one employee and a customer site. Meanwhile, the injured person was taken to a local hospital.

Expert personnel department of the Attorney General in the southern shells collected about 50 AK-47 shells, which were scattered in front of the business.



  2. México is not at war. Criminal groups are involved in tit-for-tat nonsense, but it's not a war.

    Many countries, including Honduras, Venezuela, and even Ecuador have murder rates far above México's. I was surprised that Ecuador's murder rate is so high, because I've driven all over the country in a jeep, and I felt much safer than in the highlands of Colombia or Perú.

    This is not a good start to the new year, but hopefully things will cool off.

  3. its only gonna get worst as long as the American economy is bad, people will want to get high and when its get better, people will still want to get high, by the end of this year it will be zetas VS Sinaloa, Sinaloa cartel stands no chance without help from the us because the zeta will take any criminal wanna be gang banger, anyone in their organization they have have numbers an unlimited numbers

  4. The end of the World for Mexico

  5. @9:36 PM no one expects anything different for 2012. Nothing is different, you are still visually impaired and use all caps. We can hope things go better for Mexico but they probably won't cause of the nature of the struggle.

  6. January 4, 2012 5:09 PM no one expects anything different for 2012. Nothing is different, you are still visually impaired and use all caps.


  7. I am chocked to read all this. We are quiet happy to decided to move to Panama, which is certainly one of the safest places in latin america and middle america. Come to Panama and find out yourself. We run a small B&B in Boquete, where you can even walk on your own at night, even as a woman and no one will touch you.
    Caren from La casa Romantico in Boquete


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