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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mexican Soccer Star Arrested for Working in Kidnapping Ring that Took Pop Singer's Husband

More on El Gato Ortiz:

By Associated Press
Arrested: Omar 'El Gato'Ortiz was arrested for his connection to a kidnapping ring that targeted wealthy Mexicans.

Suspended soccer goalkeeper Omar 'El Gato' Ortiz has been arrested for alleged participation in a kidnapping ring, Mexican police announced Saturday.

Ortiz, whose nickname means 'The Cat,' has been under a suspension after testing positive for steroids in April 2010, when he was playing with the Rayados of Monterrey.

Jorge Domene, the security spokesman for Nuevo Leon state, where Monterrey is located, said Ortiz worked with a gang responsible for at least 20 kidnappings.

Band of bad guys: Suspects (L-R) Luis Alberto Tamez Hernandez, Cesar Acosta Canchola, Omar "El Gato" Ortiz, and Hector Eduardo Trevino Urbano.

Mr Domene said Ortiz's job was to select wealthy victims because he moved in the same social circles.

The gang's victims allegedly included the husband of pop singer Gloria Trevi.

Mexican pop diva: The kidnapping ring focused on wealthy Mexicans, like Ms Trevi and her husband, and demanded 1million pesos.

Ms Trevi, described by VH1 as the 'supreme diva of Mexican pop', has avoided commenting on the abduction, which reportedly occurred in October, but comments by Mr Domene and state Attorney General Adrian de la Garza appeared to confirm that kidnapping.

Her husband Armando Gomez was apparently quickly freed.

Wedded bliss: Gloria Trevi and her husband Armando Gomez were married in 2009, and he was kidnapped brielfy earlier last year.
The officials said Ortiz and three alleged accomplices were arrested earlier this week. They appeared to have no lawyer of record.

Ortiz is alleged to have become active in kidnappings that occurred in the second half of 2011.

The gang allegedly demanded around 1 million pesos ($72,000) for the release of each victim.

Some local media in Monterrey had speculated that Ortiz himself had been abducted after he disappeared from view Wednesday. But prosecutors said he had been arrested at his home in a Monterrey suburb that day after two kidnapping suspects were detained Monday and implicated him in the crimes.

Prosecutors said that the suspects confessed to the abductions and that four criminal complaints had been filed against the gang.

If convicted, Ortiz and the others could face prison sentences of up to 50 years.

On and off the field: Ortiz was suspended from soccer in 2010 because of repeated steroid use and was arrested Saturday


  1. Gloria Trevi's Husband has close ties with the Gulf Cartel, thats an other reason he got kidnap, Gloria Trevi has perform for Gulf Cartel parties in the past, there have been multiple reports of such performances. San Nicolas de los Garza where El Gato is from or living is under controlled of LOs ZETAs Cartel.

  2. They didnt kidnapp her cause nobody likes childmolesters. She is a 5 pesos lady gaga, diva hell no. hey she made her money corrupting very young girls, look it up, she was also a regular in narcofiestas for las zorrillas. Ni pedo gato thats what u get for hanging with golfas. He was a good goalie ni modo.golfos finish the zorras.....then get the fuck out of monterrey a chingar a su madre a mamaulipas.

  3. My friend and I once ran into Gloria Trevi at a restaurant in Acapulco.......Hard to believe the stuff that goes on in Mexico and everyday brings another shocker...A famous soccer player involved in randsom kindappings.....WTF Total breadown in society.

  4. Que goooooolasooooo!!!!!!
    Y si es muy sierto el esposo de gloria trevi trabaja bueno ayuda a el C.D.G y gloria Trevi si canta en narco fiestas

  5. Check your math- 1 million pesos is not equal to 72,000 dollars

  6. Though CDG didn't kidnap people! lol yeah right!

  7. January 8, 2012 9:09 PM You said she was a child molester, she was in jail 4 years but she was set free for lack of evidence.

  8. So the Sinaloa Cartel the "good guys" are buisness partners with kidnappers,CDG??
    People will slowly start to find out what a backstabber,snitch the Sinaloa Cartel really,specially El Chapo.El Mayo and El Azul are by far more respected.There is a reason why El Mayo has never gottten locked up,in his whole lifetime,and theres also a reason why you never hear about El Azul.

  9. Chicharito es Zeta

  10. Nicolas de los Garza= CDG

  11. people all cartels kidnap just because one group of cdg members say they dont kidnap does not mean members from another plaza dont stop putting that shit you guys sound like idiots

  12. 11:58 lack of evidence? my god are you 5 do you really believe de judicial system en mexico? so naive or guey<

  13. @ 1:11 Gloria was arrested in Brasil.

  14. January 9, 2012 1:11 PM 11:58 lack of evidence? my god are you 5 do you really believe de judicial system en mexico? so naive or guey<

    No I'm not naive or guey but you probably are uilontli.

    Sergio Andrade was found guilty and Groria Trevi was found innocent.

  15. 1 million pesos OR dollars?

  16. When she gave birth to a baby girl in Brazil, didn't she kill the baby and Mary Boquitas disposed of the body? She was a hoe and got pregnant either by Sergio Andrade or a corrections officer. Down here in McAllen, Tx we hate that bitch, everyone knows she and her husband worked for the Gulf Cartel. And in every private performance for drug traffickers she is up for sale to the highest bidder.

  17. And now they've arrested "Estrella Dorado" for being involved in kidnapping. So, I will say it again - too many Mexicans are making too much money from crime. Why change anything?

  18. So Gloria Trevi aka The Golden Nose Girl is making the front pages again?

  19. Golden Nose or Gold Twat.

  20. I think i'm one of the few people who thinks that Gloria Trevi is Hot. For an older woman, I think she's pretty. I would'nt mind getting kidnapped for her.

  21. Its more like a rust twat not gold!

  22. If the whole team is like this guy then soccer might not be as gay as I thought

  23. 1:23 I bet u r the TIGHTEND on u r FOOTBALL? (W.T.F.?) Team jajaja now that GAY JAJAJA


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